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Plum Crazy

Not sure it wants to be in a jam jar !

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"'AY!! What, you thank you gon' eat me?? I'M GON' EAT YOU FIRST, FOO!!"
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Creepily awesome! XD :+fav:
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if I am great at ps U must be the god of ps,, shortly: nice work:)
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I love Your pics.
How do You come up with this stuff??
This is another great one.
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I suppose most worrying is that they just come to me .. ;)
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haha im favouriting this coz it mades me laugh :) its awsome
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Maybe it's saying "Don't bite me!" instead of the usual one...

Oh, and Annoying Orange... :XD:

Nice work! :)
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:iconrueplz: oh don't worry I'm sure you shall make a fine jar of jam KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!
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Love the face on this! haha!
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lolz "plum crazy" XD
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very funny! lol
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This is how the plum feels after being around the "Annoying Orange" for too long: [link]
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I love this! It really does say (or scream) what a berry would do if it was about to get plucked for jam!
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It reminds me of the girl from Willy Wonka that ate that blueberry candy.
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What about bull goose looney? =] do that.
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