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DawnDaMagicHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice!! love how the colours turn out
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ganjatime Traditional Artist
This is amazing! :D
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You know, the best thing about these sorts of images (which are all brilliant, by the way) is the potential reaction you could get if you printed them out and showed them to naive people. For instance, imagine printing this Nosferafrog and taking it over to a tribe or village that has little contact with the rest of civilization, like in the Brazilian rainforest or something. Show them a picture of this thing and tell them to keep an eye out... They would have no concept of how or why this thing couldn't exist, nor how or why someone would bother to create it!

It's commonplace for us in Western Society to understand the concept of not believing everything we see, but this is only a recent trait for us too - look how many people thought the Earth was being invaded by martians when Orson Welles did War of the Worlds over the radio. That was only about 70 years ago! Would surely be a fascinating experiment, if nothing else lol
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NumachiArtHobbyist General Artist
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IHambyHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, scary. :clap:
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ImthenatsHobbyist Photographer
Some of ur creations are really neat,,, go together, or are cute, some look like abominations lol. And this one, just a wee bit scary. :)
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MacSeamProfessional Interface Designer
Looks just like my cat :D
Rosella-of-Daventry's avatar
Rosella-of-DaventryHobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is a really unique one! I like it. Looks like something that could exist in Avatar. :rose:
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ParanaclownStudent Traditional Artist
Onyxthegreat's avatar
OnyxthegreatHobbyist General Artist
dafuq is dat?! :ohnoes:

Looks great though, very original! :)
FREAKKATT's avatar
FREAKKATTHobbyist Digital Artist
This is what happens when we dump out waste in the water.
jorankeyzer's avatar
very cool!! =) very original aswell! respect!!
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art4life217Student General Artist
lol, if that was a real animal, hopefully they would actually call it nosferafrog. XD
rusticART's avatar
rusticARTHobbyist General Artist
This is a stunning photo-manipulation. I actually thought, for the briefest of moments, that it was a legitimate creature.
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JinxWolfStudent Writer
Awww its adorkable! in a funny way!
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beeperNPSProfessional Digital Artist
aw. Hes cute.
coastral's avatar
now all this guy is missing is a little bat wing at the back and we got some troubling evolution.. a cute, troubling one.
V-3RT1G0's avatar
V-3RT1G0Student Digital Artist
I'm not going to touch frogs anymore in fear one of them will be like this :I

This is a pretty cool photo-manip. And I never comment on any of them.
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JosiePikaHobbyist Digital Artist
whoa o.O
Noaaa7's avatar
Noaaa7Student Traditional Artist
well, thats...
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kamon159Professional General Artist
... God, that's scary. But I love the detail. It looks like a legit cross-bred animal!

I bet this is what a ranidaphobic (frog fearing) person sees every time they see a toad or something.
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twixie09Hobbyist General Artist
If only you could have seen my face when I saw this... xD
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