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Shaolin-Vagabond's avatar
thats crazy, you can't even tell where a seam might be
kilderok's avatar
This is your best one yet.
FrozenFenrir's avatar
kinda scary if they were swarms they were like flying piranhas D=
evil...i love it!
Imthenats's avatar
It's like the piranhas of the air. :P
fantasma2450's avatar
That's one scary... thing... Makes me think you should have been working on Starship Troopers specialFX-team. That would maybe have made those movies scary...
meREMY's avatar
perfect ! I love it
Hillariouse and great. i love it.
Anonymity105's avatar
i would hate to see a swarm of those things...they'd eat more than your crops. :+fav:
Komikino's avatar
Weren't these things in Starship Troopers?
Orange-Singer's avatar
Awesome! I would hate to have this on my windshield...
ika-siyam's avatar
if it comes in swarms...better run away as fast as you can...
Phoneix-Faerie's avatar
fantastic but a very scary concept.. they could do a lot of damage!
LovedRaw's avatar
Beast Wars: Fuzors!
El-Moppo's avatar
That Is Awesome! I Loves It! :D <3 :)
smeagol92055's avatar
Oh, God, not only have you tapped into one of my most irrational fears with this, the fear of flying crocodiles, you managed to introduce a whole new element to my terror with the concept of flying crocodiles only as long as my pinky finger.

Great. Now instead of having my head chomped off mid-flight, I'll have a whole swarm of them slowly nibble me to bits.
shoeeater's avatar
But you'd wake up before they did real damage, and these are easier to squish. :D
smeagol92055's avatar
True, but Jeez, the nightmares I'd have for the rest of my life...
tscagonic's avatar
this one looks great!
texture transition is almost perfect
DiscordantDoodler's avatar
If that ever came to existence the world would end. D:
But great job and awesome imagination!
Ru-anna's avatar
Definitely impressive! You did wonderful on combing these two creatures. Kudos to you. n____n
The1Blur's avatar
wow... thats crazy... i really like this one!
glowworm56's avatar
This ones really cool.
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