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I'm scared. Awesome job!
Clepty's avatar
haha nice Bullfrog! ^^
annag309's avatar
I want one as a pet.
inarasera's avatar
hehehe, love it!
Beltram's avatar
this is cute!!!

Russell-Reyes's avatar

and nipplez FTW
Imthenats's avatar
What's strange is that, to me, it looks so natural -- like it belongs in this world.
MonicaOFF's avatar
were can i get one of thouse :)
TheDeviatoor's avatar
Right on the money!:clap:
Rosella-of-Daventry's avatar
I WANT THIS ONE, TOO. XD Stop making creatures I want as pets., don't stop. I like them too much. ;__; <33
blasianonna's avatar
Hm... what kinda of offspring would it have? Amphibious or mammals?
Hippopottermiss's avatar
It doesn't look very happy with the result!
FrozenFenrir's avatar
all it needs are hypnosis skills and its perfect °_____°
glowworm56's avatar
El-Moppo's avatar
lol. Loves it! :D <3 :)
Hermione75's avatar
The advantage and disadvantage of this pic is that the dog and frog fit so well that I almost didn't notice that there was somthing wrong with the being.
ika-siyam's avatar
I've never seen a fur covered frog...
i wanna hug it! X3
Chromattix's avatar
Oh lawd, it even has 6 nipples :rofl: Hmm, and am I the only one who is reminded of the Hypnotoad from Futurama? :eyepopping:
Bast-Incarnation's avatar
Thats an awesme combo!! :D Makes perfect sense to me.
But I wonder, what kind of noise does it make?? :O
Djoseph's avatar
Now that's a pet I would consider. :D
monkeyzav's avatar
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