So, about that kink meme....

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Would it be weird of me to post something here that I had filled on the Fallout kink meme?  It's a small thing, and I'm not the best writer, so I don't know.  Do people even read fanfiction on here?
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dA is where I keep all my fanfic, so I hope people read fanfiction here. :D

Go ahead and post! :heart:
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Hahahah, yeah, and I've read your stuff here. :heart: I just wasn't sure how many people aside from me read it here.
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Nah man it's a-okay to post it here. I'd read it. :3
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Well all riiiiight. I suppose I will post it once I'm all done. B)
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Huzzah! I will sit here consumed with anticipation til then.