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DotW - Rifle

New UPDATE: New app art! Rifle has a new scar, new art and slightly updated info

Age: Adult (8 Years)
Gender: Female
Height: 34"
Weight: 100 lbs
Build: Rifle has a widely-built body and strong muscles (this isn't portrayed well in my art because I'm not always great at drawing it, but she is actually very big and muscley), but is an average height for a female wolf. Her left eye is blind and she has a few scars from Fenrir and the Hive wolves. Her coat is big and fluffy, giving her a big mane.
New Rifle is not underweight, but she is beginning to lose weight due to stress and overworking herself.

Territory: Aryn
Family: Xeadas (Jura)
Rank: Theta Warden


Rifle was always looking to explore the world when she was young, especially since she often wasn't allowed to be out on her own thanks to her imprisonment. The trait to adventure like a pup has grown into her adulthood. Now that she is free from imprisonment, Rifle loves to see new places.

Shy and Anxious
Rifle will often not approach other wolves; if she does, she often makes it as short as possible and tends to avoid talking as much as she can. This trait often disappears after Rifle gets to know another more, becoming more confident in speaking to them and generally being around them.
Once Rifle is close enough to another, this trait will turn into its opposite - she will ramble on about squirrels if she had the chance.

Rifle bottled up all of her emotions for the majority of her young life. She was afraid that if she said what she thought, she'd pay for it with her life.
The outcome of this has taught her that she should never keep in her emotions. She believes that she should 'rid the darkness inside of her' to be happy. However, sometimes these emotions cannot be controlled.
Rifle will vent to those she knows closest to get her feelings out, or she will do an activity she enjoys – usually a short walk, sometimes even swimming.

Noble and Loyal
Rifle will happily go out of her way to help others that she likes the company of, even if it means putting herself at risk. She often cares more for others' happiness, rather than her own.

Rifle is not afraid to hunt large animals or wolves. Though she'd only do it as a last resort, Rifle would harm another wolf to save the ones she loves. It is not easy to make her push her fear aside and attack when needed.

Rifle is constantly worried about what others think of her. She does not want to be feared, or hated, or seen as a 'bad guy'. She constantly worries that her pack-mates might dislike her.

Pre-Group History: Rifle and her sister were born to a small pack. Their mother was sick during the pregnancy and because of this, most of the litter were stillborn. Not long after the small litter of 2 was born, their mother had died - soon after, their father attempted to flee. Rather than take the pups in, Rifle and her sister were looked down upon by the pack for being orphans. The 2 pups were treated harshly as soon as their parents were gone. The pack believed that the 2 orphans were simply cursed because of their parents fate, but instead of banishing them they hoped that a harsh upbringing would change them into strong pack-mates - this involved violence, ending in Rifle being blinded by a pack-mate. Both of the pups were prisoners. Rifle and her sister grew up to be strong young wolves, but feared the world around them. Though they became what the pack wanted, they still did not gain respect. The pack still looked down upon them, but they would not free their prisoners.

The two started to overhear rumors of another pack, only a few days walk away. Their territory was full of herbs, seen as experienced healers, and were known to be kind and welcoming. The pack had wanted to take over the territory and kill the healers by taking advantage of their kindness.
It was as if as soon as they'd heard these rumors, there was more hope to escaping knowing there was a friendlier pack nearby. They could warn them, prepare them, and in return they'd provide the sisters a safe home.

Over time, the two noticed that the prisoners' guard was falling sick. They wondered why the pack didn't seem to do anything about it. Maybe they didn't care. Maybe they thought it wasn't as bad as it really was. But that didn't matter.

Rifle and her sister waited for the guard to fall. This was their chance to escape. The guard fell silent in the night. The sisters watched his last breath as they sneaked out of the territory. They were free. They ran as far as they could. They would not stop until they were away from this sick life they were raised into. They would find a peaceful place, a home. Somewhere they wouldn't have to hurt anyone and no one would have to hurt them. They would find a new life and they would heal. Surely anywhere would be better than here.

Their plan was cut short thanks to a sudden fire, separating the two sisters. They had only the choice of running away or risked death. Once the fire had burnt out, Rifle searched till her paws were red, until she could no longer walk. But her sister could not be found anywhere.

Despite the back of her mind telling her that her sister was dead, Rifle is determined to find her sister one day.

Group History:

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