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Check this out! Choose one of our four tiers and get artistic photo references of models. We add static models or also models in motion. Most models are nudes. 📸

Tier #3
We regularly release 12 new photos of female and

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We'd like to show you some highlights from our newly released A-POSE section which is now available on our site

Snmek obrazovky 2022-02-21 025631

We released two kind of products - Photo Reference set & 3D Scans.

Each model provides informations such as a name and character descriptions

(Type, Age, Height, Weight).

Photo Reference set

Each photo reference set contains 32 images which includes turntable photos of head, body and face, hand details in 4480 x 6840px pixels.

Snmek obrazovky 2022-02-21 030316

3D Base Body Scans

Finally raw scans comes with OBJ file of raw scan / 2 500 000 polys and 8k / PNG diffuse texture.

Snmek obrazovky 2022-02-21 030531

Check out our new free content ! :)


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Dive into the biggest digital reference library & with more than 580 000 male & female anatomy photos in various poses. Includes academical poses, fight poses captured as turntable, multiangle, dynamic or stereoscopic format.

Snmek obrazovky 2021-12-12 185417

In this blog post we will focus on SPEEDMAX - AKA PERFECT 4-ANGLES DYNAMIC POSES IN MOTION which is represented on both sites.

Speedmax sets will broaden your horizons of human anatomy in a huge variety of different movements. Each set includes a motion pose photoshooted from 4 angles with rate of 12 images per second. Photos are in high quality without any blur or noise.

Snmek obrazovky 2021-12-12 185827

Check out the highlighted sets down below and pick one out of (458 sets for Female Anatomy) and (475 sets for Human Anatomy).

Snmek obrazovky 2021-12-12 185656
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Biggest online source of hi res human and animal 3D scans & photo references for 3D artists and game developers.

01 Fa

02 Ha

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