Art Contest - June - Sign of Blue

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Hello artists, push your skills even further. Participate in my new monthly contest and win awesome prizes! :)
1 000 points give-away art contest + free photo references.


Theme of the contest is "Sign of Blue"

Artwork rules?

1) Must include a person or animal (full body or only head, part of body - this is up to you)

2) Artwork could be colorful or even black & white but must include at least one element of blue color (in any form - dark blue, light blue etc.) - for example blue eyes, blue background, blue clothes, shades etc.

3) Could be realistic or abstract - it's up to you.

!You must use one of my photo references for your artwork. You can use free stocks that I offer here on DeviantArt or can use photo references that you already bought from this profile or my websites!

You can also use your artwork that you have already created from my photo references.

What mediums are allowed?

This is the first contest so - ALL MEDIUMS ARE ALLOWED
You can draw, make a 3D Render, make photo manipulation, make a statue etc.

Who can enter?

This contest is open to everyone who wants to participate.

Start & Deadline?

Start of this contest is June, 1st, 2016 at 00.00am Europe time (Paris).
Deadline of this contest is June, 22nd, 2016 at 11.59pm Europe time (Paris).

Number of entries

Each person have only one entry with his/her artwork. 
You can change your entry before the contest is over if you send me a note, so I can change your entry.

How can I submit my artwork?

1) !Upload your artwork into your gallery!
Note me in your image (artwork description) with this thumbnail
: iconartistreferences : without spaces it looks like :iconhumananatomy4artist:

2) !Then you have to note me with your entry. (send me a message)! After that I can send you the discount coupon.
Subject - Art Contest - June - Blue Beauty
Text - must include the link to your Artwork

3) I will add your artwork into my favourites folder - Art Contest - June - Sign of Blue



1st Prize

700 DeviantArt points  
Exclusive interview about you.


1 Month of free membership on my sites (including more than 1 000 000 photo references) & 50% discount coupon
Exclusive interview about you.

2nd Prize

300 DeviantArt points  


1 Week of free membership on my sites (Including more than 1 000 000 photo references) & 50% discount coupon

3rd Prize and below

15% discount coupon for every membership on my sites.

See the list of my websites at the home page of my profile.


:iconhumananatomy4artist: :icongenivaldosouza: :iconladyadaia: :icononeoftheclan:

Judging will basically consist of this: After the deadline, I'll note all the judges with a link to all the entries. The judges will then choose their top 5 entries and rate each from 1-10, 10 being the highest. Then they'll note me back with their selection and rating and I'll add up all the ratings and the three highest will be our three winners.


If you'd like to be a judge, just note me and let me know that you'd like to be a judge. In that note, please tell me why you'd be a good judge.

Judges are still allowed to enter the competition. =]

Participation in this contest allows me to upload your Artwork with your ownership on my websites.


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