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B-Gone, Intruders! Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Bright Boy
Early the next morning while everyone else was still sleeping, Wattson was sitting on a dusty countertop outside the private room. He felt terrible about the way he acted and was unable to sleep.
"Me and my big mouth..." Wattson said with remorse. "I should have listened to Potter. I really hate it when I go off like that. Phil was only trying to be nice, but I don't want help. I can't let anyone know why I have those dizzy spells." He drooped like a wilted flower and had a large frown on his brass face. "Everyone else can talk about their quirks and owners without any problem, but I just can't…" Wattson let out a sad sigh. "But I still need to apologize for my behavior. It's a privilege for me to stay here in the shop with them."
Wattson hopped off the countertop and into the little private room. Everyone else was fast asleep on the shelves, tables, and cabinets. Wattson slowly shuffled his base on the floor as if he had small feet underneath. He didn't wan
:iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 6 2
B-Gone, Intruders! Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Wattever
It was late night at the Parts Shop now. Helga, Rover, Waffles, and Loudmouth were watching the movie, Poppi, Fannie, and Cassettro were playing a game of tag, Wattson and Potter were shooting the breeze while practicing their shadow puppets, Sketch was doodling on paper, Vinyl was playing a song with a familiar organ track, and Phil illuminated the entire room while reading the daily paper.
Sketch was sitting on the floor and drawing on a sticky note. Similar to how all lamps know how to read without being taught, all pencil sharpeners naturally knew how to read and write. During his doodles, Vinyl hopped over to Sketch. Vinyl was a mischievous brown phonograph who would play music whenever he thought the timing was right. It didn't matter if there was a happy moment or if Fannie was trying to eat a moth. Whenever there was something interesting, Vinyl would play his music.
“Yo Sketch!” Vinyl said. “I got a request!”
“Snork!” Ske
:iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 4 3
Seriously Silly by Human-Writer Seriously Silly :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 26 4 BOI by Human-Writer BOI :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 26 7
B-Gone, Intruders! Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Dorky Delinquents
Inside of the shop, which was completely covered in dust, dirt, and other debris, was many old corroded motors, plugs, tubes, and several other mechanical pieces either slung over the walls on hooks or in little glass cabinets. The lights in the shop still worked surprisingly. Was someone secretly paying the electric bill?
All of a sudden, a disfigured red cassette player with unwound cassettes for arms and hands, was timidly peeking out the front door. The cassette player, who went by the name "Cassettro," was an extremely shy and anxiety-ridden appliance. He had a speech impediment after being used so much by his old owner.
"I-I-I-It looks like you got them, F-Fannie." Cassettro stuttered. He turned around and smiled at his friend with his jagged, button-like teeth. "G-Good job."
Fannie, a mechanical blue fan who had her fan cage broken off on the back of her head, grinned back at Cassettro with her sharp teeth. She had round bluish eyes with red pupils a
:iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 7 2
B-Gone, Intruders! Chapter 1
B-Gone, Intruders!
Written by Lampi01
Notice: The Brave Little Toaster and its characters belong to Mr. Jerry Rees. "B-Gone, Intruders!" is one of the very first TBLT fanfictions that doesn't feature Toaster and the other main characters; this story stars the Parts Shop appliances from the song "It's a B-Movie." The character's fan names, personalities, and assigned roles in this story belong to me. For more Brave Little Toaster stories and fan art, be sure to visit TBLT-Fandom on DeviantArt. Thanks! Sincerely, Lampi.
In loving memory of Phil Hartman, the voice actor for Phil the Hanging Lamp.
Chapter 1: The Abandoned Shop
On a hot evening in the middle of July, way up a twisted, winding road, sat an old Parts Shop. The shop was a two-story building made of wood and was painted brick red; the colors had faded to a dusty mauve. Being on the outskirts of Buffalo, New York - The City of Light - the little shop hardly gained any attention when it was open. The gear-shaped sign, having the
:iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 7 1
*Sexy Jazz Music* by Human-Writer *Sexy Jazz Music* :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 13 5 Mom! Dad! You're Embarrassing Me! by Human-Writer Mom! Dad! You're Embarrassing Me! :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 15 5 It's the Mother Ship! by Human-Writer It's the Mother Ship! :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 15 5 Mommy Lamp and Baby by Human-Writer Mommy Lamp and Baby :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 12 7 Some Traditional TBLT Drawings by Human-Writer Some Traditional TBLT Drawings :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 42 25 Classroom TBLT Doodles by Human-Writer Classroom TBLT Doodles :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 18 4 How Lamps Feel When You Step On Their Plugs by Human-Writer How Lamps Feel When You Step On Their Plugs :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 27 8 Bright Boy by Human-Writer Bright Boy :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 29 6 Brave Little(?) Doodle Dump! by Human-Writer Brave Little(?) Doodle Dump! :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 22 12 When You Lack Motivation by Human-Writer When You Lack Motivation :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 19 10
Please check the folders! :dummy:
I saw a lot of people making these so I am going to make one too! :dummy: What I would really like to see is:

Fan art of the Parts Shop appliances from The Brave Little Toaster (Here are some examples of them)……

Some fan art of Wattson (Please keep in mind that Wattson isn't my character. I just own his fan name and personality)…

Some fan art of my two Brave Little Toaster fan characters, Loumine and Sparx…

Some ship art with Loumine and Wattson

Some fan art of baby Fluora (Loumine and Wattson's child):…

Anyway, that's it! :dummy: Thanks for reading!
:new: : Contest end date is being extended again due to personal matters. The end date is now New Year's Day.

Okay! :dummy: I've been seeing a lot of people having these contests, so I'm going to do one too!

For this contest, contestants will be required to draw my Brave Little Toaster fan character, Loumine! (She is the pink lamp in the drawing). You can draw her by herself, with other characters (preferably Wattson and baby Fluora), or even as a human. Really! Go nuts! :dummy:

Loumine and Sparx by Human-Writer

The prizes will be:

1st place: Three free requests

2nd place: Two free requests

3rd place: One free request

You must be watching me in order to enter this contest and new watchers are welcome. Just don't unwatch me if you don't win; that's being a sore loser.

The contest will end on November 22nd.

Good luck and be sure to spread this journal! :D
Sparx and Loumine by SariSpy56

Sibling Rivalry by SariSpy56


Pronunciation: Loo-MIN

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species: Living lamp

DOB: April 4th

Alignment: Good

Name Origin: A play on the name 'Louise' and the light term 'luminescent.'

Appearance: A pink table lamp creature with a pink, rounded light bulb with a pointed tip, a round white nose-switch, hazel eyes (yellow in picture) with long eyelashes, a white cord in the back like a tail, and a pink plug. Her base is larger than her brother and Wattson's. Has a breast area, but they are not overdone or too obvious

Personality: Peppy, bubbly, social, friendly, optimistic

Talents: Can turn humans and animals into appliances and back, light flashes red if someone tells a lie (Also turns red if she's extremely angry and shouting), knows the names of others before meeting them if in close enough range, has 100 Sparklings that resemble Christmas lights and can grant wishes and talk in high-pitched peeping sounds (also turn red and buzz like angry bees while zapping others), zaps others with her plug similar to a wand, has female parts and is capable of having children, can control humans to either freeze or move them like a puppet but only one at a time

Quirks: Steals chocolate (Makes her have a sugar rush/drunk episode), weak stomach, hug-tackles Wattson while shouting, "Mine!" squeaks when she laughs, cries easily, will start bawling if someone "boops" her nose-switch, calls Wattson "Squishy" as a pet name, squeals and says "No pokey!" when poked, scares herself with her own flatulence, can't hear her brother's accent, early bird

Strengths: Friendly, diligent, helpful, affectionate, empathetic, very supportive of her family and friends, likes to help others, paitent when explaining things

Faults: Critical, tends to act childish, teases her younger twin brother Sparx, a tiny bit hotheaded, zero pain tolerance, can't get out of bed during "that time of the month," can't use her abilities on other appliances including appliances transformed into humans, light turns bright red if she loses her temper, becomes weak and exhausted if she uses her abilities too much, tends to compare herself to "normal" lamps, defiant and tends to break the rules

Likes: Singing, sewing, playing games, jokes, spending time with her family and friends, cats, reading, cleaning, bubble baths, hugs

Dislikes: Others staring at her or asking her questions about her body unless they are a family member or someone she really trusts, being teased, beans, pranks that are physically harmful, being poked, having her nose switched booped, hot weather, dogs (terrified of them)

Human Appearance (Courtesy to :iconsarispy56:)

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lbs

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Pink (Abnormal color due to chemical ingredients used for her filament in bulb) Hair is only pink on head and eyebrows. Loumine is blonde everywhere else.

Dress: A hot pink dress with lavender sleeves, a magenta headband, lavender leggings, magenta boots, and a round pink light on her chest

Something Always Carried: Wand in the shape of a plug on a stick; white handle part with a pink plug (Not pictured)

Misc.: Loumine can only use her abilities as a human if she is holding her wand.

Relationship: Wattson (Husband)

Offspring: (Fluora)

Voice: Glinda from Wicked (Kristin Chenoweth)

Fitting Song: Popular (Wicked)

First appears in A Battle of Watts; Voice is heard at the end of Crossover Catastrophe

Human Creator: Leon

Other: Loumine's cord is raised like a cat's tail when at rest.

Loumine Humanized by SariSpy56

POINT COMMISSION: A Battle of Watts by SariSpy56


Pronunciation: SPARKS

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Living lamp

DOB: April 4th

Alignment: Bad (A Battle of Watts)/Neutral (Post Lights Out!)

Name Origin: A play on the electric term 'sparks' and the name Marx

Appearance: A silver table lamp creature with a blue, cylinder-shaped light bulb, a rectangular black nose-switch, blue eyes, a black cord in the front of him, and a silver plug.

Personality: Snobby, sarcastic, smug, salty, quiet, mischievous, has a playful personality like a big kid

Talents: Can turn appliances into small animals of his choice depending on their height and weight and back, can control multiple appliances at a time by lighting up his light as if they were puppets (the amount of appliances controlled (C) at one time is multiplied by the mass of the heaviest appliance (M) and devided by height of the tallest appliance (h); E stands for amount of energy used up by Sparx (Formula: E = (M × C)÷ h), slightly stonger than Loumine, can 'bug' outlets and give other appliances flu-like viruses if they plug into said outlet, zaps others with his plug similar to his older twin sister Loumine, can 'brainwash' appliances to do his bidding

Quirks: Quick to fluster, often found hiding in places where people least expect him to be (he doesn't know how he ended up there either), grows silent if "booped" on the nose-switch, squeaks if picked up unexpectedly, steals food at night, often asks others to convert the imperial system to the metric system so he can understand it, will repeat someone's name over and over until they respond, says "hi", and then hops away while laughing in a playful fashion, night owl, laughs if someone falls over, runs into an object, or trips, but offers them assistance afterwards

Strengths: Aware of his faults, always willing to improve, obedient and respects authority even if they are not present, cares deeply about his family and friends, a good leader (post A Battle of Watts) a kind brother, extremely loyal, reliable, musically inclined

Faults: Hotheaded (intense anger for a brief moment and then calm as if nothing happened in the first place), overprotective of Loumine, savage, likes to tease others, suffers from the same flu-like bug he gave Wattson, but it only triggers if he's very stressed, uses too much of his energy, or just out of the blue, cannot harm humans (even if they have been turned into an appliance), causes the power to go out if his bug acts up, can't harm an appliance that he has 'bugged' already (Example: Sparx can control Potter, but can't control Wattson. Wattson also is immune to being zapped by Sparx while Phil can be turned into a raven), loses powers if his bug makes him too sick, struggles getting along with other male lamps, constantly squabbles with Loumine (more or less than Lampy with Radio)

Likes: Cheese, soft objects, turtles, tea, music, games, spending time with his family and friends, sleeping, harmless pranks, cats, memes, sleeping

Dislikes: Puns, waking up early, rule breakers, cheating, dogs (terrified of them), bullies or disrespectful people, the cold

Human Appearance (Courtesy to :iconsarispy56:)

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blue (Abnormal color due to chemical ingredients used for his filament in bulb) Hair is only blue on head and eyebrows. Hair is black everywhere else.

Dress: A blue shirt with white sleeves and yellow shoulder pads, a black belt, black cape (occasionally), blue pants, silver boots, a blue hat in the shape of his bulb (only lights up when he is wearing it), and a round blue light on chest

Misc.: Sparx can only use his abilities as a human if he is holding his wand (has a black handle with a silver plug. Not pictured). Can control appliances that have been turned into humans, but only one at a time and most of his abilities, like brainwashing and transforming, are absent

Relationship: None

Voice: Stewie Griffin (W's and all)

Fitting Song: You'll be Back (Hamilton *Character inspired by King George III in the musical* )

First Appearance: A Battle of Watts

Human Creator: Noel

Other: Sparx wraps his cord around his body when at rest. Puts his cord behind him when attacking.

Sparx Humanized by SariSpy56

Other Important Details: One of Loumine and Sparx's creators, Leon, has the ability to control electricity; however, Leon's electricity is extremely deadly to normal appliances, causing them to short circuit, malfunction, and finally perish. In order for Sparx and Loumine to survive without suffering such a horrible fate, the two were made to be part living creature as well as a lamp. Leon's electricity cannot harm living things unless he zaps them himself. This is why both Loumine and Sparx have organs and other features normal lamps do not. Both are capable of eating, breathing, and even reproduction. Plug electricity from a normal male appliance or sperm from a living creature can cause Loumine to become pregnant, but the details on how that whole process works will not to be discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Loumine your self-insert/persona?

No. Loumine came into my mind one day when I was planning A Battle of Watts. My self-insert/persona is Sparx's creator: Noel. Noel is not my name in real life (My real name is a mystery :3c )!

How did you come up with Sparx?

Sparx just popped up when I was listening to the smash hit American musical, Hamilton, while listing to my favorite song, You'll be Back. In A Battle of Watts, I wanted him to be a "yandere" villian who go as far as taking others lives in order to get his older twin sister, Loumine, to come back with him.

Why do you call Sparx "Twinkie"?

In chapter eight of A Battle of Watts, Phil calls Sparx a "twinkie-headed lamp". A lot of readers along with myself thought this was hilarious, so the nickname "Twinkie" sticks with him to this day (he doesn't mind this nickname though).

Why does Loumine have breasts/other lady things?

Because I like to sexualize lamps (hahaha NO). The reason Loumine was made like this is not because I wanted her to be Wattson's "sex toy". I wanted two unique characters with traits and abilities that no other fan character in this fandom possesses and I wanted a character that my female readers could relate to on an emotional and physical scale. Some women do not like the way their bodies look and want to look like others; Loumine doesn't like the fact she is different from normal lamps and sometimes wishes she could fit in. She gets extremely flustered if someone stares at her "assets", not because they are being perverted, but because most appliances don't understand breasts and other female things; they're curious electronics! Plus, I have never met one female who enjoys PMS or "lady time", so Loumine also suffers from estrogen poisoning and womanly mood swings. She would rather be liked for her personality over her looks/talents, which is why Wattson and her are a good match; Wattson would rather get to know someone before making a move and would still love Loumine even if she didn't have all those "extra features". And if Loumine gets certain parts/hormones, so does the Twinkie. Loumine and Wattson do have "romantic episodes", but they are used to express their love for each other and for comic relief purposes, not for other purposes that are meaningless.

Why can Loumine and Sparx eat and drink but Wattson can't?

Loumine and Sparx are part living creatures so they have a digestive system. Wattson is a pure lamp and can't eat or drink at all.

Would tears and water cause them to short circuit?

Nope. Appliances would only be in peril if they were plugged in and got wet. Loumine and Sparx are waterproof.

Do Loumine and Sparx use outlets?

No. Loumine and Sparx's plugs are not used to obtain energy like a normal lamp. They eat instead for energy. Plus, Sparx can bug outlets if he touches them with his plug or zaps them.

Can Loumine and Sparx's bulbs burn out or be changed?

No. Their bulbs are irreplaceable and shatterproof. They are a part of their bodies. If their bulbs were to be damaged, they would die.

Do Loumine and Sparx age?

Yes and no. They stopped aging after three years (baby to adult). Just like normal appliances do not age.

How does Sparx's bug differ from Wattson's?

Sparx's bug acts up randomly or if he is constantly angered and can't calm down. Unlike Wattson, who shakes, cries, and tenses up when he overheats, Sparx is extremely mellow and becomes very passive (almost an inverse of his normal self). Wattson's bulb tends to explode if he overheats too much, resulting in fainting and extreme disorientation. Sparx acts like a normal human with a fever: completely out of it and groggy. Sparx normally takes longer to recover than Wattson, whose bug clears up after a day or so.

Can Loumine and Sparx revert to an inanimate state (without mouth, eyes, etc) like a normal lamp?

Nope. They do get confused when other appliances go inanimate though!

What are Loumine and Sparx's favorite food?

Blueberries! They fight over them all the time!

How were Sparx and Loumine made?

Loumine and Sparx were created with malleable metal materials (say that five times fast), electricity, and DNA from Shayden. They stayed in an artificial womb for three months until they were born.

What are Loumine and Sparx's anatomy?

Loumine and Sparx do not have bones; their metal is flexible and also serves as a skeleton-like system. They are soft in some areas (Loumine is soft on her breasts and underneath her base). They have tiny organs within them, have soft exteriors over their metal interiors, and their "wire" is their spinal cord. The wire travels from their bulbs, their brains, down the back of their stems, through their cords, and end at their plugs. They have blood and shuffle with their bases when "walking" and hop when "running". Unlike regular light bulbs, Loumine and Sparx's are filled with fluid. Their umbilical cords were connected to their plugs before birth. Their nose-switches are mor like buttons despite being called "switches". Loumine's genitalia is underneath her base which is why her underside is never shown in drawings.

How do Loumine and Sparx become human/how do they turn back to normal?

Leon can zap Loumine and Sparx and turn them both into humans; Noel can envelope them in smoke and turn them back to lamps.

Other fun facts:

Unlike their adult selves, Loumine and Sparx got along extremely well when they were infants. Baby Loumine was more fussy and shy while baby Sparx was all over the place, laidback, and extremely playful.

Cute Baby Lamps by SariSpy56

Both characters belong to :iconhuman-writer:
Artwork done by :iconsarispy56:


Hi guys! Sorry for the inactivity. I'm done with college for a while but now I am having trouble with medication again and can't see well because of it (yay). Anyway, my friend :iconlovely-redroses: is really close to 900 watchers. She had 900 the other day and wants to hold a contest or something, but people keep unwatching her at a the last second (Don't you hate it when people do that? :paranoid: ). Anyway, I'm pretty sure she would appreciate the support. She's been frustrated about this for a while and I just thought I would help out. That's all. :aww:
I'm going to be gone for a while. I don't know how long. I'm really sad and hurt. A lot of things that made me happy don't make me smile anymore and I feel like I can't trust others.
At this time next week, I will be off for winter break! :dummy: Is anyone doing anything fun for the holidays?

Based on the smash-hit crackfic novel by :iconmusicola:! Staring Wattson, Potter, Phil, Loumine, Poppi, Plugsy, Tandy, Sparx, and Ellie!


Human-Writer's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
[STAMP] Loumine by Musicola [STAMP] Sparx by Musicola
Hello! My name is Lampi! I love writing stories and love minor and background characters from games, shows, and movies. One of me and my friends' favorite movies is the 1987 animated film called The Brave Little Toaster. While most members in the fandom love Toaster, Lampy, and the other main characters, I love the appliances from the song It's a B-Movie! :dummy: I have written many fanfictions about these dorks and I love to draw them. I am also the owner of two Brave Little Toaster fan characters named Loumine and Sparx. I really love making friends and I like talking to other fan members, so don't be shy if you want to chat! :D You can also find me as Lampi01 on and human-writer on Tumblr. Thanks for reading and stopping by! (Sparx Support stamp and Wattmine Support Stamp by :iconwarpstars: Phil Stamp (Hanging Lamp) by :iconniftynautilus:
Avatar by :icontandy80:
Aspiesite Pride Stamp by Aspiesite I accept commissions, not requests. by MariposaBullet Long Artist's Comments Stamp by aque-mizuhara Art... by prosaix :: Love for every OC :: by LuaSentinel I don't support Encyclopedia Dramatica by lissygudiya That Moment When You Don't Like a Sacred Cow by Mintaka-TK I Have Trust Issues by Mintaka-TK It's great to see my art in other people's favs by SuperMarioEmblem I DUN LIEK UR OPINIONZ by Mintaka-TK Dove Stamp by Mavelle-Ealenyr Sly Crackle STAMP by SariSpy56 .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot


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