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I have made select images available for sale on
Check it out at this link here:

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Well Ryan and I won third for our entry "GunsGunsGuns BangBangBang"!!!! And it will be featured in the online game zOMG. See it at the link below.

It was a fun contest and my first truly collaborative piece ever. Great experience and I'd do it again. Ryan was a great help! Thanks!
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I'm really excited to to say I am being interviewed by a popular young trends magazine in China. The magazine is called Yoho and serves 600000 readers every month. That's so many people. I was for sure surprised to be interviewed my a media source in China, since I have not done any work there or really anywhere. I actually am very newly out of college and consider it a great honor to be interviewed at all. Hurray!

Below is my interview typed out as well as a link to the site. (The questions are poorly translated.)

1.What have you done in this summer?And Which things do you interest best?

This summer I spent the majority of my free time traveling. After spending a semester studying in Florence, Italy and traveling to the Mediterranean countries of Europe I thought it would be best for me to explore my own Country. I visited cites that would both inspire my art and could possibly see myself relocating to in the near future. I visited to Chicago IL, Miami FL, Austin TX, Toronto, and Las Angeles CA.

I chose these cities because of they support the lifestyle and interests I want to live. All of these cities had at least one of the elements that create my persona. I love to explore the natural world, amazing feats of the human race, individual characters and people, and art and free expression. I feel like all of these cities had their own unique way of telling a story and showing me how beautiful the world is.

2.Look at you artwork,we have a refreshing feeling. Why do you like to draw this subject and effect?

I love the new and the old. I find the world full of opposites, all of which are beautiful and amazing, but need balance. My art mixes classic and contemporary. It takes traditional methods of drawing and painting but uses digital tools, such as the camera, computer, and a wacom tablet, to complete them. I was trained to draw and paint traditionally. Ever since I was  child drawing in my room I used pencils and paper. But when I got older and learned the power of the computer I was amazed at what I could accomplish. I love to paint digitally. But I also love to reference the past in both subject and material. I use scanned images of my own drawings, natural textures, and photographs. I find it more natural and time saving. I see the subject I am painting in shapes of colors, much like pixels. So each color I apply is a solid color juxtaposed to another one to create an image, just as the computer does. This is the fastest and most natural way for me to paint. My work is highly detailed and it is important to me to tell a complete and rich story in all my work. So it is very important for me to save time whenever I can. It also saves me from wasting paints and paper. The computer helps me to create a fresh new look in a practical timeline while still referencing an history and master artists from the past.

3.Detroit is Motown,so we can't link the mythology, history, art with this city?Why do you like and put these stuff in your illustration?

I grew up in the safe suburbs of Detroit, MI, not in the city itself. Detroit is not a city I identify with. However the suburbs and beautiful nature of Michigan and it's coasts and very much home to me.

My parents both grew up in the thick of race wars and the decline of Detroit. They were exposed to hopeless educations and urban decay. My mother and father were very young when they started a family, only 16 and 21. However my parents grew up quickly when my mother became pregnant with me. My mother wanted to shield my two younger brothers and I from the harsh Detroit environment. So my family pulled together the little resources they had and worked very hard to move to a place that was more fit for raising a family. We moved to medium sized house in Livonia, MI; a safe and quiet suburban city with good schools and big backyards. In the house in Livonia I never knew how we were poor and struggling to have food. My parents protected me from everything. My mother read to us amazing stories and fairy tales and encouraged us to dream. We were taught to think for ourselves and question the normal. My brothers and I developed impeccable imaginations and took our adventures to our one acre lot. It was in this big backyard full of trees, flowers, animals, and what I like to call "magic" that I developed my interests in the subjects I draw today.

I credit my mother and grandfather for exposing me to as much of the world as possible at a young age. They surrounded me with tons of books and magazines showing far off places filled with amazing wildlife and people. I was educated of the worlds many cultures. I listened to world music and eat many kinds of food. My mom took us to many natural wonders in the US and I grew a large appreciation for the earth and it's beauty. My Italian grandfather took me to Operas, Ballets, and Musicals where characters from all walks of lives were glorified on stage. I was a good student and always listened to the amazing things that I could learn. I loved history, science, and art. Art was always a part of my upbringing and so was story telling. I would draw characters and make up their stories. My brothers, cousins, friends, and I would then act out their stories with hand made weapons and costumes in the shelter of our backyard.

With this diverse and pleasant upbringing I grew to love the idealistic and beautiful. I love the Earth and it's nature. I love the amazing things the human race does today and in the past. And most of all I simply love, love.

My art is an expression of the world's beauty and pleasures through my eyes.

4.What's meaning of the "Neo-Romantic" you labeled yourself?

I am most inspired by the art movement that occurred during the late 1800's in France. Examples of artists would be Klimt, Beardsley, Mucha, and Nielsen. It was named Art Nouveau and Symbolism. These artists painted idealized portraits of people in nature. Many of the characters where heroes and heroines from classic history and fiction surrounded by plants and animals that told their stories through symbolism. Sometimes the figures themselves or their pose on canvas was a symbol itself. These artists demonstrated human drama and meaning through symbols of all worlds cultures.

My art is a similar expression. Everything in my art has a meaning or reason for being there other than to look pretty. I show the beauty of nature, but I also use it as symbols to represent the human condition. My work is based in culture and history as well as the modern day meanings of symbols.

I also admire the classic work and stories of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Middle East. I studied in Italy The rebirth of the Classic Age, the Renaissance. I deeply admired Botticelli and Michelangelo. I also admire ancient asian art history, japanese woodcuts especially.

I also have an interest in graphic design and fashion. I love to see new art in magazines and in media. Contemporary Asian art is a huge passion of mine. I love the Final Fantasy Series and I also love many Anime.

I use the current trends and mix them with past ones to create my own distinctive voice in the art community.

I call myself a Neo-Romantic because I draw the ideal and the beautiful while referencing the classic eras.  But it is "Neo" (New) because I use modern contexts and fashions as well as old to create elaborate stories of love, loss, life, and death.

5.How do you think about use your loved ones to be models and is there any helpful for your painting?Do they like your artwork with their image?

The reason i create art is to show others my expressions of the world. People are my number one passion. And sharing connections and life with them is more important than anything to me. So when i draw my friends I draw them as beautiful as they are to me in real life.

Many of my friends are deeply moved and excited to be in my art. They know how much care and love I put into a piece and they know it means i love them deeply to ask them to be featured as a character. Many of my friends find it amusing and strange to see themselves glorified and turned into a fictional being. In the end everyone I have ever drawn loves it.

6.Can you summarizes the style of your artwork?And what is character of yourself the do you think about that?

(I feel I have answered this question in other answers)

7.Who is your main client and how about your collaboration?

Currently I am working for a large furniture corporation, Art Van Furniture, as a graphic designer and illustrator. I am working to re-brand their image and bring a fresh new look to their stores. I work on large graphic and illustrative installations each season. I also do window displays. The graphics are installed in all the stores across the state. It is a very rewarding job and I am happy to be part of such a huge project at such a young age.

However it is not my main passion as an artist. It is very different than what I went to school for and I am looking forward to working in the publishing industry in the near future. I am eager to do a book cover, I love taking on new projects. I am a cooperative artist and both lead and follow when doing a commission. I am very in tune with the wants of a client and I work hard to create their vision while expressing my own voice as well. I currently work free lance outside of my job and am available for hire.

8.Can you exemplify and tell us 1or 2 storys in you illustration ?

Yes, I would love to further explain one of my works.
My most popular work, featured in Spectrum 2007 is titled Bolero.
This piece is my depiction of a song. The song is called Bolero and it is from the film Moulin Rouge.
A Bolero is an instrumental piece with increasing tones. This increase of tones reminded me of fireworks.
The whole piece is based off this idea of fireworks and increasing tones. I saw red green and yellow fireworks while listening to the song some 500 times haha.
This is the scene that came into my head. It is a blend of east and west. Becuase fireworks are very eastern and Bolero is very western.
This theme continues in the two cultures I chose. Spanish and Chinese becuase they both have the colors green red and yellow in their identity.
The woman is western/spanish dancer and the raft she floats on is eastern/chinese dragon. The dragon is a composite of the 12 zodiac animals. The flowers are peoney and rose, both flowers that in blooming remind me of fireworks and are icons for the chinese and spanish. The flowers actually start at the bottom of the composition as buds and bloom in a increasing upward acendsion like fireworks. The chinese script is my best atempt at "bolero" in chinese characters. I have been told it actually says short skirt, not jacket.
The flowers and swans also mimic the ruffles in spanish flamenco dresses. The lotus are eastern and help to create the murky water world they are in.

9.What's the hobby in your life except painting?

My first hobby is my social life. I am very, very social person and love to meet new people. I love to plan events and parties for my friends and I. We do all kinds of things, from going out to night clubs and bars to canoeing and swimming on the lakes. Every weekend I make sure I spend time with my friends because they give me a reason to create art.

I love nature. I am pro-environmentalism and believe in being in touch with nature. I love to read about nature and watch nature shows on TV. I take walks in the local forests by my house. When I visit a country or city I like to hike and bike in the local parks and wilderness. I study biology and ecology extensively on field and in books. In school I was the top of my Biology class and set the curve. Also I won medals in bird call identification in high school. I use this knowledge in the symbolism of nature and culture in my art.

My other passion in life is the western zodiac. I am an expert in this ancient art and it is a form of spirituality for me. I use it as a tool to understand the natural world and the human species. It is a very detailed art that most people don't understand fully. I am currently writing a fiction novel based on the complexity and nature of the Earth and the Zodiac. It is going to be illustrated and feature many unique characters that take on a non-stereotypical personification of the Signs in the Zodiac.

10.What's your next plan in the future and what's your "idealistic"?

If i could be doing anything write now, it would focusing all of my time on publishing my fiction novels. I am most passionate about these works because they are my view and message to the world. They are a tribute to the people I love and the beautiful place we all call home: Earth.

My favorite quote, which inspired my fiction novel is:

"We're all one thing, lieutenant. that's what I've come to realize. Like cells in a body. Cept we can't see the body. The way fish can't see the ocean. And so we envy each other. Hurt each other. Hate each other. How silly is that? A heart cell hating a lung cell."  --Adaptation
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Well it's the new year and I have been so so busy. I have a new job as the main graphic designer in the visual merchandising department of Art Van Furniture. The job has been an amazing experience and a really positive start in the creative side of the corporate world. I have had a lot of freedom and involvement in many projects. I have reccently posted some of my illustrations that are currently hanging in the stores.

The next set will be hung in February.

Also if you get a chance pick up a Spectrum 14. My work is present in this extreamly beautiful annual. I am so happy with this accomplishment. I'm on page 212.

I hope to be getting some free time this new year to work on my characters for my 4 part series, Octerra. Look for postings throughout the year.
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School is almost done FOREVER!!!!!
I'm so excited to graduate and start living the life of a professional artist.

Other good news is my work, called "Bolero," won two great awards. One in the society of Illustrators. Secondly and most importantly my piece was accepted into the science fiction and fantasy annual called Spectrum. It will be available to the public at the beginning of next year, in Spectrum 14 2007. This is a very big deal because the annual only accepts the very best art from this genera each year. My work will be next to the best artists in the entertainment industry. It was one of my adolescent dreams to be in the annual and I already am before I'm even out of school. Things are looking good.

I am now looking for an
agent and or job. If anyone has suggestions let me know.

I also would like to tell everyone I am open for commissions. My work is expensive because of the time it takes. Most full color illustrations cost $400-$500 USD.I work digital mostly but also have mixed media techniques if you desire an original work or wall piece. Sketches and line work is also available and the price for any piece can be negotiated.
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Happy New Year.

It's good to be home.
A semester in Italy was probally one of the best things I have ever done for myself.
For all aspiring and current art students: I reccomend more than anything to study abroad. Well everyone. It's easier than you think.

So now Im just ready to be positive and begin my last semester at school.

Now that Im home and broke who wants to buy some art??? I do commissions hehe.
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I have left the States and am somewhere in Europe....

Be back soon.

While I'm on my adventure you can see my website here:

My First Entry

Mon Nov 28, 2005, 3:55 PM
Well I must say I am becoming rather obsessed with this site. Way too much talent on here. I'm learning alot jsut from browsing... though I should be doing homework. Blah to school! Even if it is art school.

So I pretty much plan on using this site to let people see my art and help me improve. So constructive critisim is appreciated. But compliments are loved!

I basically am looking to be part of the art communities and explore what's out there. So here I go!

Make sure you look at my scraps. I actually post sketches and work in my scraps.

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