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March 11, 2013
Sheep and Goats: Learn the Difference by *The-Vol
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Sheep and Goats: Learn the Difference

Big image, whoah man!

I wanted to stretch my graphic designer muscles after having done little to no graphic design stuff for almost a year. Phew! So, I bring you a short and sweet guide to how to distinguish a sheep from a goat! Even though they appear very similar, they are actually very easy to tell apart.

Oh course, the facts here are mostly generalizations. For example, I'm sure there are some domesticated goat breeds that don't have horns, as there are domesticated sheep breeds that do have them, and stuff like that. These are just basic guidelines. (Fun fact: In 2005, a flock of Finnsheep were found in Jaala, Finland, that had reverted back close to the original, historical form of Finnsheep due to uncontrolled breeding and harsh living conditions. These sheep, dubbed as "Jaala sheep" came in variety of colors, had fur on top of wool and horns - traits that aren't common to modern day Finnsheep. Apparently this caused the entire Finnish textile archeology and middle age enthusiast community to implode on itself, as these sheep had the type of wool our ancestors used in their clothing. More info on Jaala sheep (only in Finnish) here and here)

Here are the sources I used as links for those who are interested:
Sheep 101: Sheep and Goats
Animal Planet: Why aren't mountain goats really goats?

Videos showing sheep / goats headbutting:
Domestic sheep
Bighorn Sheep
Domestic goats
Nubian Ibex

EDIT: Oh my goodness, guys! I'm drowning in faves! Thank you so much for the support, I do try to answer your comments but I'm not sure if I can keep up with them. I'll try! :heart:
EDIT 2: Corrected some info. Thank you, everyone who shared their knowledge!

EDIT 3: Gosh guys, a DD? That's definitely something I didn't expect. :faint: Thanks for the ongoing support, everyone, I'm glad this little guide has been useful for so many!
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I’ve wanted a poster of this for years. Where can I purchase this?

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I've never noticed the differences between the goat's and sheep's mouth before. I didn't know about headbutting and behavior either. Nice work.
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Cool. I need this because one day I want to make a tv series where the main characters are sheep. There are other animals and human like/humanoid beings ( no humans) too. The only animals that are sapient are the cervines and caprinas ( including sheep).
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Very useful and informative!
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This is truly fabulous. :D
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I really like it ^_^
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This was pretty neat to read and what you have about goats is so true.
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This is clear and usefull, thank you ^^
The horns chart is very intresting!
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Ha Ha! That's nice! :D
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Very useful! Thank you a lot!
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won't lie this is actually pretty awesome :D
i love reading these types of information poster things and you did great here on it, now i can tell the difference between these 2 little fellas :meow:
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Pretty firm analysis, but there is a breed of goat that grows significant wool and needs shearing - specifically angora goats
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Helped me a lot, thanks!
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Thank you! People always give me crap for being picky but they're different animals!
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I'm ashamed to say that all of that was news to me. Thank you for thise awesome guide!! :D
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We have 3 Goats and some Cameroon sheep~ They are both interesting to care for 8>
But personally I think it's funnier to have pet goats because they make so much nonsense and don't give a fuck about almost anything XD
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I'm sure you've seen the recent news that a living goat/sheep has been born alive and well. He's super healthy apparently and is faster in speed than the other lambs.

And holy crap it's adorable…
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As a matter of fact, I didn't! That's really interesting, thanks for sharing! :D What a cutie.
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