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Suzumiya Haruhi

Like I promised here is the colored version of this deviation [link] enjoy, it took me a few hours to figure out the best way to vector the slice of bread in Haruhi's mouth.. I never vectored anything like that before so it was new. Oh yeah and one more thing... Haruhi FTW! :P

Credits: ©KyoAni.
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Could you possibly do Nagato-san?
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Nice vector, very well drawn.
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You are very talented.
If you put your effort, you might easily professional!
A good job.

Sorry, my english isn't very good.
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Nice! I really like how it actually looks like it's from the actual show. :ilikeitplz:
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Awww! So cute with the bread in her mouth. :3
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awsome i luv haruhi!! :O
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LOL miyuki-chan much? xD Love it, especially the coloring.
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oh my gad mi diosa ^^
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Really great job! I thought she had a pop-tart in her mouth though xD;;
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thats so haruhi ^^
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oown Haruhi is a cuuute anime girl, i'm cosplaying her, if u want come and see my cosplay
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Haruhi \o/ love this pic
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nice :)

"to get the fish, break the ice, jump the checkout, and RUN"
Hugh dennis-Mock the week
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If thats Fan Art then all I have to say is ...'Thumbs Up!'
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Wow this is amazing,i love the pose!:D And i'm the 2000th viewer i think!:dance: This is a awesome pic!^^ :+fav:
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Wow~ I love it. Haruhi is so cute in this picture! Haruhi is amazing~ <333
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haruhi is runnin late cos shes goin to meet me for our date of course ^.^ another kute job of haruhi <3
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The Nostalgia Haruhi: I'm running late because I have a lot of catching up to do, review-wise. I have no intention of dating you. Hell, I'm still getting used to being female!
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