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My absolute favorite character from Strawberry Panic! her personality reminds me alot about me lol and she looks pretty sweet when shes laughing. Here my vector of Shizuma, enjoy!
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how to not to love ;u;
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How can you not instantly fall in love with that face?
Oh my gosh Shizuma's laughing! ~Drags picture to favorites~
I love her, she reminds me of me......well im least i think. Anyway, good pick! and yeah she's really cute when she laughts GOOD JOB!
oOoBlOsSoMoOo's avatar
what a sweet smile :love:
She's certainly a pretty one, though i don't know anything about the series.
Pyocola-sama's avatar
perfect smile *.* u gotta do more shizuma sometime :)
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Shizuma~ *_* Awesome Vector of this perfect picture. >///< She is so gorgeous. At the moment I try to possess the style of Strawberry Panic. (the anime not the manga style^^)
RuruCreations's avatar
yea I liked her too
Hujisaki-Yamato's avatar
isnt she beautiful? ^^
Bubbaman2491's avatar
i think her character design looks like Grune from Tales of Legendia XD but very nice!
Hujisaki-Yamato's avatar
Thanks for the favourite my friend
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she looks cute! I like her expression.
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Yeah, she's beautiful especially when she's happy
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that seems to be the case for most people.
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