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When Should I Select the Support TabletPC Checkbox?

Every now and then, we receive complaints from customers who cannot get the pen to response at all when the tablet itself works just fine (because the LED light is flashing when pressing the express keys). But in most cases, this problem can be magically solved by checking/unchecking the box "Support Tablet PC" in the Huion driver.

In order to help you better troubleshoot and improve your user experience, our technicians made the following table as an instruction of when to select the Support Tablet PC checkbox in the driver config software(windows 7 and 8).
Additionally, you may need to disable the Flicks Feature.

Hope the information given above is helpful to you.

Have a nice weekend!

Kind regards,


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Hi, Huion!

I just bought my Huion Kamvas 22 Plus around 4 days ago and I'm with a pressure problem in Zbrush while with Photoshop opened:

When I open Zbrush and Photoshop at the same time (I use Zbrush 2021.1.2 and Photoshop CC 2017), the pressure in Zbrush starts to misbehave. As you create a stroke, you get random spots of 100% strength which makes creating smooth line impossible.

I need both opened and I really don't know what to do, since I've read and a lot in foruns tried to reproduce it:

- Reinstalled the driver, tried all 22 driver versions, disabele/enabled all windows Ink properties, changed the USB port, run as admin...

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Dunno that anyone's gonna respond to this but

I use a Huion NEW 1060(Plus) (I think? idk it says that on the back lol I don't have the box on me) and the driver does one thing on all Windows 10 computers I've ever used - occasionally it will run (maybe every five or ten minutes?) and it will make whatever window I'm using go out of focus (literally just did it to me now as I was writing this. And if I'm typing, it makes it stop typing and I have to re click on the window which is SUPER annoying). Sometimes I have to just close out the driver, especially if I'm playing a game. My friend has the same tablet as me and also has this problem. Does anyone else have this and/or know how to make it stop doing this without having to always close out the driver?


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I have the H610PRO model, and the flick setting doesn't appear. Pretty much the only tab that appears is Pen Options. I am using the latest version of the driver, and any attempt to fix the flick setting, does nothing.

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I enabled express keys and it is still not working and I installed latest driver. Im usiong Huion h640p

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Hi! I have a Huion H420M Recently and after installing the driver to my 3-year old laptop, it works perfectly fine until it gets the Blue screen of Death while using the tablet at some point. Especially when I am drawing!

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The blue screen of death keeps happening everytime I plug and use the tablet. and does not happen when I don't use the tablet.

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Hi, i've just bought a gt-191 v2 and i've cpnfigured it as rxtended screen. The mouse is correctly changing screen as configured, the pen is not, it is remaining in the computer screen, so there's no way of using it for retouching is this configuration. win 10 pro.


I have a Kamvas gt-190 it's been 3 whole days that I try to solve my problem, everything works normally except when I zoom in photoshop instead of drawing it uses the hand tool and it moves my screen, when I check the box "support tabletPC" it solves the problem but a new problem occurs, I can't use the pressure of the pen, I am condemned to use a single thickness, I tried all the possible drivers, I turned my pc off and on again and again... help me please, there is no more driver available for this tablet, I'm going to be crazy


I have a HUION H420

It has been working fine with my macbook pro2011 {highsierra}

I recently updated my software and it is now not working, the cursor is getting stuck in the left corner when i press the keys on the pen it responds and can move around the screen.

I have turned of Ink, I have reinstalled the driver and the issue is still happening

Please let me know what steps i can take to fix this

Many Thanks

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I have a Huion H610pro with the newest drives downloaded and yet it wont work in GIMP or any other software I have on my laptop like paint or this sketchpad thing I have on Win. 10. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, updating, changing the battery, changing the pen tip and everything else. It'll draw, a single dot, occassionally. Most of the time it just drags the window around whenever I try to make a stroke. I've scoured youtube and forums and I'm at an utter loss. Anybody help?

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Hi! I have a Huion GT-190 and it works on paint tool sai but it doesnt in Photoshop. It dont recognize the pen at all and I dont know how to fix it.
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I have a HS610 tablet. Recently, I bought photoshop. Yes at first it was working with the pen but when I installed the Huion Tablet Drive, I can't even put a single movie in PS. I can still use it in my laptop. Also I have this problem that before I installed the Huion Tablet Drive, I always get this straight line before I draw my desired line. Everytime I draw a curve live, it always starts with this straight line. I hope you can help me. Thank you!
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So I have a Huion inspiroy q11k had it for 5 months and it has worked well on other programs. However I recently got Photoshop cs6 and my tablet doesn't work with it. Is there any fix for this?
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Hi, I am currently using the Huion GT-190 on Windows 10. The driver version is 12.2.14. As you can see below, the right side is working perfectly. The left side seems to be pretty rippled and I can't get any nice lines on this side. Could you please help me with that ?
Hi, pls help me, my tablet works fine with other programs only adobe illustrator cant move the courser at all only if i click buttons on the pen and without pressure.  
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Hi. I'm using the Huion Inspiroy H610 Pro V2. The driver version is My Operating System is Windows 7 Service Pack 1. I can't get any pressure sensitivity at all. I've been using it with Photoshop CS6. I have the "Always Use Pressure For Opacity" option selected but I get no pressure sensitivity. In my operating system I have Flicks disabled. Can you help me?
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Hello, sorry for the delay getting back to you due to the time difference.

For your issue, please make sure you have installed the latest driver, the latest one on our website is V14.7.127(…)

Also, please make sure you have turned on the button shown in the picture:
Qq20190426105429 by huion  

If the above-mentioned methods cannot help, please change the agreement on notepad:

Click Start > Find %appdata%\Adobe > find the file of ps CS6 > change the agreement into the below one
Qq20190426110012 by huion  

Thank you for your time and hope it can help.
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Hello, where can I check/uncheck Support TabletPC? Was the option removed or is it only available for screen monitors?
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Hi, sorry for the delay getting back to you due to the time difference.

For your question, if you are using V12 driver, please check/uncheck Support TabletPC on the driver.

If you are using the V13 or V14 driver, the option of Support TabletPC was canceled but you can check/uncheck the option of Windows Ink on the driver which is the same as Support TabletPC.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
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Hi! I can't speak for everyone, but I know with my Huion Inspiroy Q11K V2 (non-screen tablet), there is not a checkbox for it and it should work automatically.
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Recently I bought a drawing monitor Huion KAMVAS 191-V2, but for some reason it doesn't work properly with 3D-Coat.

Initially I thought it could be a Driver issue so I updated everything possible, Tablet Driver, 3D-Coat, Graphics Card, Windows, but it still didn't work. It works fine in any other software, Photoshop, zBrush, Substance Painter. 

This is what is happening in 3D-Coat:

If I have "TabletPC" on my Tablet Interface preferences, every action with my Pen will have a very annoying "delay", where it kinda freezes the action of the cursor whether it is to make a brush stroke or simply rotate the camera. 

If I have "WinTab" on my preferences it works smooth BUT, every brush erases instead paint. I tried to find a way to change the "mouse button" for painting to see if it would "fix" it, but I couldn't find anything related. 

I don't know if anybody here have ever experienced something like this, but I'll be glad with any help you guys can provide. 

Thank you!

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HarmSHOW Any luck resolving the issue? I'm coming across the exact same thing in 3D-Coat (I'm using a Huion Inspiroy Q11K V2). Sculpting seems to work just fine with pen pressure, but when painting the brush erases (in WinTab mode) or has no pressure sensitivity (TabletPC mode). 
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Hello, sorry for the delay getting back to you due to the time difference.

Please send the following information to so that we can help you further:

1. tablet model+driver version+operating system+product serial no+the versions of the software you are using;

2. detailed description of your issue+the methods you have tried;

3. please shoot a video that can show your issue clearly.

Thank you for your cooperation!
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Hi there,

So.. I've had a problem where when I click and drag using my pen, it will scroll or when I'm selecting colours by dragging, it wont respond until I drag for a few seconds. It's really annoying. I figured it was from Windows Ink and I was half right (Maybe), it was still a problem so I tried unchecking "Support TabletPC" in the options, It works! BUT, the pen pressure then doesn't work. I'm really annoyed by both problems. Can you help me?
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