Having Issues with Krita While Using Huion Tablet?

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Dear All,

Krita is our highly recommended free painting software, and our tablets have been proven working perfectly on it. In order to make them more compatible with each other, please list our your problem with Krita below, and we’ll try to get the problems resolved together with Krita.
example: OS+huion model+Krita version+detail problem

Thank you for all your kind support with Huion.

Best regards,

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OS: Windows 10

Huion: HS611

Krita: x64 version 4.4.2

Issue: Krita stops tracking the pen whenever I lift in on canvas.

I came because of this 2018's post: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=156392&p=444286 and I'd like to add that it ONLY happens when HuionTablet software is running and if you close (quit) it, the pen works fine on Krita, you can get in and out range and the cursor will just follow the pen normally.

So the problem might be on the protocols used either by HuionTablet when sending the pen signals or Krita when receiving it.

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I'm looking through the comments and am noticing that this seems to be a recurring issue with the specific tablet I am using.

I'm using the Huion Kamvas Pro 16 and am having major issues with the pen. It'll work perfectly for a while then suddenly start registering my pen as the mouse (not just losing pen pressure, the pen buttons cease to work as well.) After a while, the pen will work again but then my mouse won't do anything.

I was able to confirm this by checking the "Tablet Tester", as I mentioned earlier, the pen inputs would get registered as the mouse once the glitch happened. I am unsure what actually triggers the glitch, it seems happen randomly and the only way to fix it is by restarting the program. I have not been able to go more than 30 minutes using Krita without encountering the same problem.

I should also mention that my Huion drivers are up-to-date and I can use other software without any issues (Photoshop, zBrush, Blender).

I really want to make the switch over to Krita but this issue is far too frustrating. Please let me know if there is anything I can do, thanks!

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I've tried installing older versions of Krita as well, but the issue still persists

Hello, I don't know if you guys are still answering comments, but, I have been having this issues with Krita on my Huion tablet. Okay, first of all, here are my versions.

Krita 4.3.0

Huion Kamvas 13

Windows 10

My problem is that Krita is lagging so much. So bad that I don't think I'll be able to finish any artwork without spending lots of hours FIXING and redoing the strokes when it got lag. Another problem is that the pen pressure doesn't work (on Krita). I tried using my Huion device on Medibang paint and it works perfectly (pen pressure works & no lags).

I am switching between my XP Pen Star 03 because it is working completely fine with Krita. So sad because I wanted to buy a tablet with a display so I can paint on Krita (which is an app that I am comfortable with) on the screen display. I can only use it for my Blender projects now and having to switch between XP Pen and Huion whenever I am going to paint or do Blender stuff is pretty inconvenient. Thank you.

Sorry it's Krita 4.4.2

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OS: Windows 10

Tablet: Kamvas 13 pro

Version: Krita 4.4.2


The first problem I encountered was the GUI being too big when I tried to put krita on the huion tablet. It would only work when I put the screen on duplicate. And the pen when I tried to draw was off. I was able to fix the problem with the pen by calibrating the tablet and stuff. Later I also fixed the GUI, but doing that did something to the tablet or something because when I tried to draw something the cursor was way off from where I was drawing with the pen. I tried calibrating the tablet multiple times like I had done in the past but nothing worked. I also tried seeing if any of the settings in krita were doing anything but I wasnt able to see what it was. I have no idea what to do anymore


Os: Windows 10

tablet: Huion HS64

Whenever i lift my pen away from the tablet the cursor stays where i left it, it wont move and it wont let me draw anything. I can fix it by tapping somewhere outside of the canvas and it would start working again. But doing this is such a hassle since everytime im gonna lift up my pen to draw the next line art it stops working and i have to tap outside the canvas to get the cursor moving again. It hasnt been a month since i got this tablet and i doubt it has any defects because this is brand new. Is it krita that is causing this bug or is it my tablet? Im pretty certain both my krita and pen driver are updated so i dont know whats causing this.

does pressure sensitivity works on yours?

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Krita deletes my colorize mask whenever I open any krita art that I worked on previously. Krita makes the colorize mask appear fuzzy and by fuzzy I mean the image looks NOTHING like it had when I last drew on it. No matter what I do, I can't fix this issue and end up having to either delete the mask and start all over or spend countless time clicking on random buttons to fix the issue thinking that it'll make a difference. I've lost countless drawings over this...

I have huion HS64, windows 10 and krita 4.4.2, I have 3 issues, I reprogrammed the buttons on my tablet to suit my needs better but krita doesn't recognize that and forces the old shortcuts that were on the buttons, and another issue is that a lot of times when I try to draw krita glitches with the tablet and sees as if I am clicking a shortcut to drag the canvas around, which is middle mouse button, and I can't draw anything unless I restart my pc. I tried many things people suggested on the internet but nothing worked in solving the issue. Also when I open up the driver settings it says there is a newer version of the driver but when I try to download it it always stops and says that servers are too busy to download it no matter the time of day.

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I use macos with huion tablet H430P and ı uploaded its software to be able to configure the pressure sentitivity and all but now it has massive delay when I use it on the app. For exemple I cant draw a circle because I dont see where the mouse is even when I finished it. Other programs dont have that its only krita. Do you know how can I fix it?

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OS: Windows 10 Home (Insider Preview)

Model: HS611

Krita: 4.3 (newest version)

Problem: Krita isn't showing pen pressure, and the unpressured lines themselves are very jittery. Pen pressure is working fine on Medibang, so it's not the driver.

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Os: Windows 10

Model: Kamvas 13

Krita: 4.3 (newest version)

Problem: Krita does not read the input as "Letting go" when I take the pen off the tablet, it will continue seeing every moving as part of a continuous line, even though the pressure reads as 0%. This also means I can't access certain functions while Krita thinks I'm still drawing. So trying to rotate the canvas, pick a different color, or even switch to erase mode simply don't function the way they're supposed to, because Krita still perceives the pen as being in contact with the tablet.

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Os: Windows 10

Model: GT-133 (Kamvas pro 13)

Krita: 4.3 (newest version)

Problem: Krita will not see the pressure from it and the mapping is all over, while I draw it takes forever for something to show up and I really don't understand...

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Os: Windows 10

Model: H420

Krita: 4.3 (newest version)

Problem: I don't understand why or how this issue started so out of nowhere and its honestly making me want to trash this drawing tablet and switch brands! It started after I got home from a weekend away and my tablet stayed at home in the same spot and the day after I got back to use it this crap happens. I originally thought maybe something was wrong with Krita which is why I just decided to update it and move on BUT im still having the same issue. Im trying to get art out but the pen keeps pausing or lagging and missing strokes whether its coloring my designs or drawing. This is the second drawing tablet from Huion I've had that is having an issue months after purchase! The first one just randomly stopped working/being compatible with my laptop one day! Today it's even worse then yesterday since its constantly pausing or lagging while im trying to draw out an outfit. I've replaced the battery for the pen, thought maybe it was the sensitivity so i turned that down a bit, been letting the tablet rest unplugged from laptop between my designs, and just about anything else I can think of. IS THERE A FIX FOR THIS ISSUE OR DO I JUST NEED TO CUT MY LOSSES AND SWITCH DRAWING TABLET BRANDS AND TOSS THIS IN THE FIRE?!

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I have no problem with my other Tablet. But What's the situation with huion HS64 in Krita?

Os: windows10

Model: hs610

Krita: 4.3

The tablet freezes Very Very much , but works good in the other apps

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gt-133, everything works fine and now suddenly when i touch the pen on the screen the stylus freezes

Im using Huion H1161. i have this problem in krita while i was drawing for like 5 or 7 minutes it just suddenly getting "Drag" i didn't program my pen buttons for "Dragging". im not touching any buttons too!! it always happen! i even try to uninstall and install it again and its still happening.. its Weird cause when you look at Huion Site and see what software its compatible, it shows many software and one of it is of course, krita and yet i can use medibang much more than krita (Medibang is not in the list in their website) Funny...

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OS: Win 10

Tablet: Kamvas Pro 16

Krita: 4.3.0

Everything works fine until sometimes krita doesn't recognize the pen/stylus. This only happens on Krita.

I've seen other kamvas pro 16 users with different problems that I haven't encountered myself. I hope these can all be resolved.

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Im havin the same issue with my Kamvas Pro 16

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I got a HS64 and it has the same problem. The pen pressure works for everything else, except for Krita.

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I just got a Kamvas pro 16 and I'm having the exact same problem

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