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H610 pro

Huion H610 Pro -- the new model of the H610

Active Area: 10 x 6.25 '' 
Resolution: 5080 LPI (Line Per Inch) 
Report Rate: 233RPS 
Pen Pressure: 2048 Levels 
Express Keys: 8 
Function Keys: 16 
Reading Height: 0.6'' 
OS Support: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10;Mac OS 10.8 and Mac OS 10.10. or higher…

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hello! i got my H610 pro today and ive followed the manual exactly when downloading the driver! im using mac 10.14, and the driver is saying device connected and lighting up green when i try to use my stylus with it, however, the stylus isn't moving the cursor. ive tried to reinstall and restart my computer only to get the same results :-( i really need to get this issue fixed so i can continue the character designs for my game, is there any known way to fix this?

EDIT* i got it working!!
I just got the tablet today and I am having the same issue, how did you solve it?
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Make sure you charged the stylus as well! :-}
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Sorry for the late response! I installed both of the drivers available for H610 Pro and switched the USB into a different port. Worked like a charm! Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting any pen pressure so I had to switch back to my Wacom Intuos, but that’s just a usage error probably!
Thanks for the help, Huion support was able to help me and it turned out that I hadn't enabled the tablet in accessibility, I had only enabled the driver itself. Thank you for the reply anyway though.
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Something I want to know about the pen in general, the driver, anything about this issue.

Windows 10

 When I am lightly or forcefully (not breaking) pushing the nib down it constantly left clicks and this issue has been getting on my nerves since i've gotten this tablet before, and I got a new one of the same model and the pens and everything still does this.

 When I stop moving the pen whilst drawing, it CUTS the line and stops drawing, for or less than a second when i stop moving with the pen still touching the tablet.

 I hope this comment gets full attention, because this issue affects everyone and I really wish there something to stop it completely from interrupting work for me and possibly everyone else. Thank you.

 I did uninstall, press the tick for Support PC, i tried the basic stuff. I uninstalled other drivers, disc to online downloading, updating. I just want to know more about how to fix these issues.
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Hi, sorry for the delay getting back to you due to the time difference.

As for the issue you mentioned, please check if the issue still persists in the non-driver installed situation?

Also, does this issue persist in all programs?

Would you mind telling us, has the pen fallen off somewhere?

1) Please change a new pen tip and turn the pen tip;

2) Are there any electronic products nearby? Like laptop or mobile phone? we are not sure if the problem is caused by electromagnetic interference. If yes, please put them away and see if it helps;

3) Uninstall the driver, and try the tablet (without driver) to see if the problem persists. This can help us know if this problem is caused by the driver.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Nicnac610's avatar
Hey! I've had my Huion H610 Pro 2048 for around nine months now and it's worked pretty well until today. My drawing tablet's pen won't work, but the drawing tablet itself shows as connected. Also, when I try to charge the pen, the red light that signifies that it is charging won't turn on. So far I've changed the USB port for both the tablet and the charger, reinstalled the driver, tried to charge the pen for a day despite the light not showing, put in a new pen tip, and even reset the driver's settings. None of the results have worked. Any recommendations? Thank you!
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Hi, sorry for the delay getting back to you due to the time difference and weekend.

According to your description, we think this is a pen issue.

To help you fix this issue, please send the following information to

1. tablet mode+driver version+os;

2. product serial no (on the back if the unit);

3. the purchase link and the order number;

4. detail description of the issue and a video or some images that can show your issue clearly.

Thank you!
surpriisee's avatar
i've recently gotten a new computer which meant having to install everything to do with my tablet, i downloaded what i needed to from the site and got everything set up. ever since then the undo button has been closing medibang instead of undoing and the lines i draw are delayed and off. this has never happened before and i have no idea how to fix it 
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Hello, please provide us with more detail information by filling in the form of the following link so that we can help you

Adrian23082004's avatar
ive owned this tablet for some time now but i have run into a problem: i didn't use it for some time and didn't charge the pen now ive been charging the pen for over a day and it wont respond to the tablet or anything
the tablet itself isnt lighting up when i press but the buttons on the tablet respond
huion's avatar
Hello, please try the following methods to see if it helps:

1. Try to use another USB cable to charge;

2. Try to use another USB port to charge;

3. Try to use the pen with connecting charging cable;

Thank you!
Adrian23082004's avatar
after further inspection this seems to be a driver issue and i have reinstalled the drivers multiple times but it still doesnt work
NurseryBears's avatar
So today when i went to plug in my tablet, 
the light wont turn green and it just wont turn on

my tablet is a Huion H610PRO

serial number is
i believe my driver version is

i was working fine last night, im not sure what happened
it wasnt damaged in any way, nothing has happened to it in that regard
huion's avatar
Hello, please send the following information to

1. What do you mean by the light won't turn green? Do you mean the light of the tablet or the light of the pen?

2. Tablet model(8192 levels or 2048 levels of pen pressure)+driver version+os+product serial no

3. Have you tried to use another USB cable to connect?  If not, please try.

4. Have you tried to use another interface to connect? If not, please try.

5. A video that can show your issue clearly.

Thank you!
KuroSensai's avatar
Hey, i have had an issue all day and a half. The cursor doesnt show at all after 5 minutes and no many how many times i restart the laptop, charge the pen, i cant get the cursor to show so i can actually see where ill be colouring or where it is so i can change brushes/size etc 
huion's avatar
Hi, thank you for contacting Huion.

We are not sure what issue you are suffering, could you please provide us with the following information so that we can help you further:

1. tablet model+driver version+os+product serial no;

2. does this issue persist in all programs? 

Thank you!
JellyKat0's avatar
So I have a Huion H610PRO for xmas this past year and last night I halted drawing because my pen died. So I plugged it in like normal and when I took it off today there is, what looks like, battery acid inside my pen/on my chargertip. Not sure how to get a new one. Please help! Thanks!
huion's avatar
Hello, sorry for the late response due to the time difference and weekend.

If you want to purchase a new pen for H610Pro, please check the following…

Thank you!

I'm having problems with the lift-off-distance (reading height of 0.6").  Each time I lift the pen from the tablet to access a menu that's a distance away, for example creating a new layer in Photoshop CC, the cursor will automatically re-position itself in the middle/centre each time.  Any ideas?
huion's avatar
Hello, thank you for contacting us.

Please provide us the following information to so that we can know your issue further and give further assist:

1. tablet model+driver version+product serial no;

2. does this issue persist in all programs or just persist in Photoshop CC? If it only persists in Photoshop CC, please tell us the version you are using.

3. Please send us a video that can show your issue clearly. (it is better to upload to Dropbox or google drive)

Thank you!
DemFlyingUnicorns's avatar
Hello! My H610 Pro Pen light won't stay on while it's charging. I unplugged the charger a couple times and reconnected it to see if the light would turn on and it would for a bit but then it'll turn off. I unplugged it to see if it was done charging and tried to draw but it was still dead. Pls help me :^(( 
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Hello, thank you very much for contacting us.

For your issue, please provide us with more detail information so that we can help you further.

Please fill in the form of the following link to provide us the detail

Thank you !
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