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HUION gt-220 Review [UPDATE]
Huion gt-220 Pen Display Tablet Monitor 21.5"
Right now I'm using the plastic that came with the monitor as a screen protector. I really doubt it needs a screen protector that badly, but I'm just paranoid about it. The plastic is p good to draw on and it doesn't get in the way. 
Updated with some points below!
Yes I got one. It's something similar to a wacom cintiq 22HD if you've never heard of it. Arrived just yesterday so I was pretty excited to try it out. I know display tablets are a curiosity to a lot of artists, so I'm just going to share a bit of my experience.
To start off though, if you're thinking this is the next level up from a normal tablet, you're off on the wrong idea. I bought it because my hand-eye co-ordination between my hands and the computer screen is absolutely horrible and the hit-and-miss when lining was starting to hurt my hand terribly. The discrepancy still exists with a display tablet, but it's one I could deal with. Display tablet vs normal tabl
:iconhuuni:Huuni 7 12
Mermaid - Portrait by chryssv Mermaid - Portrait :iconchryssv:chryssv 459 123
Huion H610PRO
So I've had a Bamboo CTH-470 for a minute, a little 6 x 4, and I've really enjoyed using it, but the time had come for it to be replaced. First, it was breaking. The mini-USB connection had gotten all loose and stupid, and had to be propped up with something for it to actually work. Second, I wanted more space to work with. I was ready for an upgrade.
I went with the Bamboo Capture for my first tablet because the price was right, and it was a Wacom. I've always heard such great things about this company's reliability. Refurbished, the CTH-470 cost me about $90USD, and I knew that if I wanted a size bigger, I was going to end up spending more money.
I don't know if you've ever looked at bigger Wacoms, but even used these things cost a pretty penny. When I discovered that the cheapest version I could find of the size I wanted was $500USD, I began looking at alternatives.
And that's how I ended up with a Huion H610PRO, in glorious 10 x 6 size.
I was nervous, worried that I'd taken some ri
:iconkivabay:kivabay 1 4
Huion tablet Review and art progress.
Feel free to share this journal. Since it show a small bit of my humble beginning.
I just thought that it might help a bit.
Don't be shy, leave a comment :D

A couple of weeks ago my new Huion Tablet Arrived, it's a monitor Tablet, that means that it has a screen that you draw on. I wanted to try it out for a while before giving my personal review, it took awhile to get use to but I think I have the hang of it now.
Please forgive spelling and grammar errors.
I don't usually do journals.
If you just want to skip all the Blah blah below, I'll just tell you now, yes, it's a good tablet.
Here's a link to a more detailed review on the same Tablet, a Huion GT 190 drawing monitor tablet ----> A Review of the HUION GT-190 Pen Tablet Monitor for drawing comic art!
My Review and art progress over the years.
Ever since I got into digital art, the number one thing I wanted was t
:iconathena-tivnan:Athena-Tivnan 2 6
My first Digital painting! by GaucheDroite My first Digital painting! :icongauchedroite:GaucheDroite 1 2 Chibi Jadey by Neketti Chibi Jadey :iconneketti:Neketti 58 8 My new monitor graphics tablet! by Zynthex My new monitor graphics tablet! :iconzynthex:Zynthex 5 3 Waterfall DAY by Ailantan Waterfall DAY :iconailantan:Ailantan 13 11 Burman VS Udstad by FontesMakua Burman VS Udstad :iconfontesmakua:FontesMakua 37 3 Mandala by Kute-Katt Mandala :iconkute-katt:Kute-Katt 2 0
Analisis de la Huion GT-220
Creo que es el primer análisis en español que hay de esta tableta, así que ahí va:…
:iconzeshou:Zeshou 1 0
Cheaper Cintiq Alternative, Huion GT-220 review!
The Huion GT-220 is a budget alternative to the Wacom Cintiq 22HD. The Huion retails at about $1,000 and the Cintiq is $2,000. So from a pure cost standpoint, at half the price, it’s already an attractive option, but how does it actually stack up?
Above is video review summary of what I’ve written below. In the written review, I’ll dive a little further into my thoughts about the tablet, including some of its issues and quirks.
The Build
The tablet itself is a really nice size, it sits comfortably on my desktop and offers plenty of room to draw. It’s substantially smaller than my Cintiq 24HD, which is a nice change, considering the Cintiq is like putting a desk on top of your desk.
It looks like it might be built out of metal, but it’s actually plastic. The unit itself is quite thin, but it has some nice weight to it, so it doesn’t feel cheap. The build isn’t quite as good as the Wacom products I own, but it’s not bad either, total
:iconrahll:Rahll 42 57
My workspace by Zeshou My workspace :iconzeshou:Zeshou 2 3



huion's Profile Picture
People's Republic of China
Huion tablets are designed to inspire people's creativity with our patented pen so that you can naturally draw as you would with the real pen and paper.

If you have any questions or issues on the Huion products, please just contact us now.


Or you can find us on twitter, facebook, tumblr,instagram

Stamps and images made by Huion users:
Huion Stamp by SKrieck Everyday Item Contest : Pixel Tablet by leRedbird HUION Tablet user stamp by MadamStargate Huion 420 by lazylama12 Huion H610 Pro || Pixel by KyuEnglish Huion H610 Tablet smile by Razor-Moonlight Huion DWH69 Icon big by linux-rules Huion DWH69 Icon by linux-rules Huion DWH69 Icon mid by linux-rules Huion DWH69 Icon mini by linux-rules Huion DWH69 Icon ultramini by linux-rules

Back To School by huion

Another school year is starting soon! And we are having a GRAND SALE on! 
Discount up to 40% off! Come and check it out, time to fuel your digital art game~

1. 40% off list
H420(White), the original price is 29.99 dollars, now 17.99 dollars.
H610, the original price is 59.99 dollars, now 35.99 dollars. 
680S, the original price is 39.99 dollars, now 23.99 dollars. 
680TF, the original price is 54.99 dollars, now 32.99 dollars. 
K58, the original price is 59.99 dollars, now 35.99 dollars.

2. 30% off list
H610PRO(2048), the original price is 72.99 dollars, now 51.09 dollars. 
G10T(8192), the original price is 139.99 dollars, now 97.99 dollars.

3. 20% off list
DWH69, the original price is 99.99 dollars, now 79.99 dollars.

Coupon codeFREESHIPPING can be applied to GT-190GT-185GT-191GT-221 PROGT-220V2GT-156HDV2

To other models that are not included in the above lists, we are throwing in some free artist gloves!

Log in to another school year, let’s make it your best year ever!

Please notice that: 
* Free Shipping does NOT include any tax or custom clearance fee;

* Free Shipping does NOT apply to the models that not in the free shipping list;

* Huion reserves all rights to the final explanation.

Huion Launched a New Battery-free Pen Display KAMVAS Pro 13

Following the launch of the professional grade KAMVAS Pro 22, Huion, the world’s second-largest consumer digital graphics tablet brand and handwriting input technology provider, has launched a new 13-inch portable pen display KAMVAS Pro 13.

                                                                                                   Main features of Kamvas Pro13:                                                                                                      
                                                                                                1. Battery-free pen PW507 with 8192 levels of pen pressure
                                                                                                2. Natural ±60 levels tilt recognition
                                                                                                3. 4 Customized express keys and one touch bar
                                                                                                4. 3-in-1 cable with type C interface
                                                                                                5. The full-laminated anti-glare glass panel
                                                                                                6. 120% sRGB color gamut
                                                                                                7. Newly designed adjustable stand
                                                                                                8. Weight: 910g; Thickness: 11 mm

1 by huion

Better Screen Display Effect, Better Color Presentation

The Huion KAMVAS Pro series of digital pen displays are professionally designed for designers, illustrators, animators, video editors and other digital art creatives. As an important member of this series, KAMVAS Pro 13 features a 13.3-in IPS full view screen with high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation and high resolution. In addition, adopting the same color space as digital printing which covers 120% sRGB color gamut, this device cannot only provide users with a wider field of view but also present a wider color gamut, offering richer colors and more natural transition. The screen comes with the full 178°viewing angle, which can still display a clear and beautiful image even when viewed from the most extreme angles. No matter which angle you look through, it will always present natural and rich color effects.

Real and Natural Drawing Experience

The KAMVAS Pro13 pen display uses the latest battery-free Electromagnetic Resonance Technology, which greatly improves the accuracy and pressure sensitivity; you are allowed to make more precise and stable positioning and creation. The PW507 battery-free pen combined with 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, it is easy to achieve pixel-level painting display. Besides, Huion introduces the industry's leading pen tilt technology, which can quickly and sensitively sense the gesture movement of the digital pen, support ±60 degrees of natural tilt recognition. The tilt function ensures that the accuracy of the pen remains the same when tilted, offering a real and natural drawing experience.

1 by huion

KAMVAS Pro13 adopts the full-laminated screen technology for the first time, bringing the 11mm ultra-thin body. Thanks to the latest full-laminated screen technology, KAMVAS Pro 13 has combined the protective glass with the screen in a seamless manner, which provides a better screen display effect and drawing experience. And also, the screen surface is covered with anti-glare glass, which can effectively reduce the "glare" effect. After handled by the delicate matte treatment technology, you will have a real paper-like feel when working on it.

3.1 by huion

Efficient Configuration

The KAMVAS Pro 13 has equipped with 4 express keys and 1 touch bar on the left side of the screen. You can set up the express keys in accordance with your habits. Thanks to the touch bar, you are allowed to have better control of zoom in and zoom out of images and brushes. The combination of 4 express keys and 1 touch bar cannot only save your time but also enhance your productivity. Whats more, it also comes with the right-hand mode and left-hand mode. No matter you are right-handed or left-handed, you can enjoy the efficient experience of express keys. The new 3-in-1 cable with Type C interface of Kamvas Pro 13 is a new feature, which solves the problem of messy and space-consuming, creating a tidy and efficient working environment. The newly designed adjustable stand is another time-saving configuration. With the integrated folding design, you are easy to open the stand, you dont need to spend lots of time to set up the stand.

2 by huion

Pre-sale Discount

The Huion KAMVAS Pro13 is priced at 399 USD and is available in on July 8, 2018. The pre-sale starts from July 8 to August 31, 2018. As usual, we are having big discounts for the pre-sale but this time, the discount will change over time. The detailed prices are as the following table:

Qq20180709090840 by huion

Follow Huion on social media for more information:



Glorious Upgrade! Huion Releases Multiple Upgraded Pen Displays and Graphic Tablets

Being a dedicated manufacturer of digital art input devices and as the second largest consumer digital graphic tablet brand in the world, Huion is always devoted to bringing our customers better products and better user experience.

Today, Huion has brought you a total of five upgraded products for creative beginners and professionals, of which three are graphic tablets (H610Pro V2, Q11K V2, and WH1409 V2) and two are pen displays( Kamvas Pro 22 and GT-191 V2). These upgraded products mostly have the same appearance as the V1 models. However, the new features and upgrades are more than you can imagine. Voila, let’s take a look!
                                           Banner by huion

Ergonomic Designed Battery-free Pen

This time, we have welcomed a full blast of the battery-free passive pen. Thanks to Huion’s latest battery-free Electromagnetic Resonance Technology, all the five V2 models will be matched with a battery-free pen. No more charging cord, no need to worry about the charging issues anymore. And to your comfort, we have also updated the design of the new pen and add a silicone rubber grip to the pen, not only does the new grip presents a more stunning hold but it also greatly reduces the fatigue caused by holding the pen for a long time. 
                                                                                  Wuyuanbi by huion

Tilt Function for Graphic Tablets

All th8ree upgraded graphic tablet models(H610 Pro V2, Q11K V2and WH1409 V2) have added this new feature. The tilt function can support ±60 levels tilt recognition, so it can perform like natural-looking traditional brushes, pencils, and markers in applications that support tilt-sensitivity. With the tilt function, you can enjoy a more realistic feeling of writing and painting. Just like drawing with a real pen. Please NOTICE that only a few new models have tilt support.

Anti-glare Glass Panel for Pen Displays

                                   123 by huion

Like the GT-221 Pro, the new Kamvas Pro 22 will continue to adopt the anti-glare glass panel as it can reduce harmful glares and provide better eyesight protection. Also, there is no need to struggle with the screen protector anymore. To catch up with the steps of the Kamvas Pro 22, the panel of GT-191 V2 will also be upgraded to the anti-glare glass panel as well. Also, because the glass has been finely etched by the exquisite Frosted Technology, so whenever you are drawing on these two V2 pen display models, you will feel like drawing with real pen on real paper. Enjoy drawing, once more.

Upgrade to the Industry’s Highest Report Rate

Besides H610 Pro V2 whose report rate has been kept at 233PPS, the report rate of the other four upgraded products have improved to the highest 266 PPS in the industry. The upgraded report rate will give you a fast response, reduce possible lagging, and present all your line work without any delay.

 With Huion’s Latest Driver

                               3 by huion

All the five upgraded products will be equipped with Huion’s latest V14 driver. In this latest driver version, there are some major upgrades and new functions. For example, if you are using the battery-free pen with the V14 driver, you can press the pen button and touch the active area with the nib at the same time now! Also, Mouse Mode is available! And if you are a big OSU! lover, make sure to check out the Game Mode for the pen(only available on Windows system). And guess what, we have added in the driver update notification now! From now on, you will never leave out on any driver updates!

Pre-sale Discount

Don’t forget to check out the grand pre-sale discount. These five upgraded products are up for pre-sale on both by June 29, 2018.

 If you like to make the purchase on, there will be 30% off discounts for the three graphic tablets and 20% off for the two pen displays from June 29 to July 31, 2018.

 The detailed prices of the five products are as the following table: 
                                      9 by huion

All the orders of the upgraded products on Huion official store will be delivered no later than July 26, 2018.

 You can also follow Huion on social media for more information and status update:

For detail comparison of the upgrade products, check out our Facebook album here:…


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SammfeatBlueheart Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Hello, Huion.

Your H420 was a really great product for starters like me and I do enjoy using it and done some arts with it.

However, I always keeping experience this problem. Sometimes it goes normal, but sometimes it does a dot then line, like the pressure sensitivity is not working.

Capture by SammfeatBlueheart
The lines on the right are the normal ones, and the ones on the left are not. What seems to be the problem here? 

It also has the feeling of the pen itself. When it does a normal lines, I feel the softness of the pen, but when it does not, it feels numb and gliding feeling.

Awesome tablet^^
huion Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hi, please fill in the form of the following link to provide us with more detail information so that we can help you further:

SammfeatBlueheart Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you, it was helpful^^
FunFreshNew Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Henlo Huion!

I have huion 1060plus (Recharge Pen) and i wanna upgrade it to free battery pen with tilt feature , but is it will works on my old version of the tablet ?
And yea thx for making a good product ^^
huion Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hi, thanks for contacting HUION.

If you want to upgrade to the battery-free graphics tablet(with tilt support), we suggest that you'd better use the latest driver.

Because the old driver might not support the tilt function or other new functions.

FunFreshNew Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ay thanks for replying 
so i can change only the stylus without changing the tablet ?
huion Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hi, kindly tell you that you cannot change only the stylus without changing the tablet.

Normally, each tablet model has their corresponding pen model, if you are using the wrong pen model, it may cause some issue and the compatibility of the pen will not good.

Monsteranity Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
Hello there! i bought a product from you a bit ago an i was using it an loving it but i was busy the last month or so i haven't touched it. Coming back to it I'm trying to charge the pens so i can use it again, every time i plug it in tho the light only turns on for a moment an it shuts off, an i cant seem to get them to turn on at all. i have been at it seance yesterday an have tried different USB ports and turing to use it well its plugged in an the light is on but nothing has worked, its happening with both of them. any chance you have any tips that can help me out with this? 
huion Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
Hello, we need you to provide us with more detail information about your issue so that we can help you further.

So, please fill in the form of the following

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