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The Old Dun

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Fanart of Rosemary Sutcliff's excellent 'Sword at Sunset', her interpretation of the King Arthur legends into actual post-Roman Britain. ('Sword at Sunset' is part of the loose series beginning with 'Eagle of the Ninth'; they're good stuff.)

This is Artos the Bear, Count of Britain, and his new wife Guenhumara; they are spending their wedding night in the old dun (=fort) of Guenhumara's people.

(A somewhat free interpretation, since the dun shouldn't really have Roman arches, and I think by this point the fire was out. But symbolism, symbolism...)
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Ooh! I wouldn't have known what I was looking at when this was first posted, but now I do. Very nice. I like how bright the moon looks, and all the tasteful blocking. {= )

Obligatory tip: the top line of Artos' leg should overlap the line of his torso rather than the other way around at this angle. But since it's been ~three years, you may have already realized this.