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As the title says, my premium is running out. I have absolutely no funds to buy a new one.
SO pardon the dullness of this page, pardon me in advance for any code help I can't give anymore, or skin help.
I might just skedaddle away from deviantart.

You can still find me on my facebook account
and from there all around the web :)


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Yes click that if you want it

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Just stepping in quick because I've been staying at the hospital the whole last week and just when I'm out (right now) I'm heading (3 days late) to my holidays abroad. Ok not a good idea but I'm pretty webless right now. Once I'm back from the holidays I must go back to the hospital and then I have an exhibition. Sorry, I'm quite busy busy.

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Hey hey, it's been a while. I'm not dead. Not yet.

I may seem inactive on DA but well I'm still very well alive and I have been working on big projects that are sadly not digital at all since september.

Currently, I'm getting ready to host some panels about drawing, animation and digital medias at a convention with my school and since it's anime/manga/video games, I've been struggling to pull out 2 cosplays for the 3days on the convention.

After this, I'll have a few exhibitions projects and a stop motion movie to make which will keep me away from pencils and computers for a while themselves. THOUGH if I can get anything good out of it, I'll make sure to show you guys.

To finish this little update on my life, since end of september, I have been writing a book about bookbinding. It will be released for free for the first chapter and I do hope to make the rest soon enough.

Big projects eats your life away but I still hang out of skype regurlarly and in chats and I consult my mailbox regurlarly here too.

EDIT: I have also created a patreon page. If you want to support my first book, become a patreon. Here are some previews.Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 09.47.58 by huina

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 09.48.09 by huina

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Hello everyone,

I thought this year was the year to do it, the my Deviantart story.

My account turned today on this 7th august, 7 years old and I am proud to be a deviant for so long now.
I cannot tell how much Deviantart has gotten me to improve even before I started studying arts. I don't think I would have headed to art college if I hadn't been on Deviantart to say the least. Now I'm an accomplished professional about to start a master degree to give art classes to younger ones and that feels even more exciting to know.

Deviantart at first was my place to showcase my little doodles done in class. Man, they were ugly but I was so proud of them at that time. I don't have any of them anymore with me or they are in my storage but I moved on quickly after these doodles. I started to do bigger pieces, taking maybe too long on each but enjoying them to bits. I received my first tablet so I really had to show everything I could do. I feel quite ashame of them now as they are replicas of poses or pictures that I was using either as book covers or desktop backgrounds. You could also notice how far I hated using a scanner. It was taking a lot of time to scan at that time.
Fanart - Soushi  from Fafner by huina naruto-let's begin-unfinished by huina fanart tieria by huina

Then I joined my first rp group. And Wow that was hella rad for improvements. I was put together with such great artists. They became my models. I've gone through a lot of improvement. I looked for higher levels quickly and my tablet became an extension of my arm. It was quite strange. And then I modded my first rp group. I made friends there, wonderful friends. We kept in touch the most we could and at times we took different paths, it doesn't mean the memories are erased though, I keep those years deep attached to my heart. You helped me grow as a person and as an artist and I can only be thankful about this. I wouldn't be here without you all.

TC - Huina in Luka pajama by huina TC - Chibi Crazy Luka by huina TC - Frederica by huina Huina rules the war by huina Happy birthday DM by huina TC - Kiriban by huina

My rp group mayhem never stopped. I visited many others, met many people to who I still look up to. I made my 'inspiration' list become way bigger just by doing all this 'gaming' while keeping up with art classes. Assignments for the groups combined with my homeworks made it a complete.

I learned CSS with eCSSercise, a great group that was mentoring young coders to become better coders. I can only thank you GinkgoWerkstatt and gillianivyart. You both had been my CSS models and I can't think what I'd be in life without your group, your ressources and your help/teaching.

In the end, The-Accession-Epoch stays my place where I improve the most nowadays. It is almost a must for me now. I wish to bring better content for my members everyday, I want to use the new technologies Deviantart gives us. I learn new codes, stimulate myself to do new things, face off my fears and keep myself active no matter what.

Now I have come to the time I must face off more fears like color use.
Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 23.49.45 by huina

Until then,
Usagi Punish Icon 

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