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Commission Listing ( PROMO! )

Fri Aug 16, 2013, 1:49 AM

Hello everyone,
like you can guess, I need money.  The money will be directed to pay my art supplies for my school projects and also for the printing fees of my final project as I do not want my parents to take those expenses on their shoulders anymore. I will never close my commission status, I will just limit the "currently on" to 5 slots.

Now, your big question is "How do I pay you?". Well, it's easy, you need a paypal (I will accept some commissions in points as it will be noted) If you wish a commission, please note me. Paypal informations will be exchanged privately.

I will not draw hentai/porn, erotism, mecha. Everything else is fine if you provide a reference of what you wish.

Little tip for you. If you really insist on paying the right amount of money with paypal counting the fees etcetc, follow this link paypalfeecalculator.paymentpro… It will help you out. Now, I don't look at these few cents being taken away that much. It's all in your freedom.


I'm releasing this promo to be able to afford my first conv expenses but also to have more products.

10.00 USD

Fanart Posters

Anything that goes within the range of fanart under 'poster' format. It means one character and one background going from simple background to complicated. It could be done in watercolors or digital. The way the character is represented goes to my complete appreciation but it will always be under the poster format. This promo goes under the sell-able type of commission. See the end of the journal for an explanation.

Price List:

Pixel Icon

2.00 USD
160 Points


A deviantart icon non animated in pixel.

3.50 USD
280 Points

Animated (blinking eyes)

Different kind of pixel icons with blinking eyes.
Alone pixel ava by huina AE family icons Sasha by huina AE family icons Isen by huina AE family icons clotho by huina AE family icons Seint by huina AE family icons Aiden by huina AE family icons Chronos by huinaClotho by huina


5.00 USD
400 Points


Sketch stage of a chibi. Only on computer. Can be messy or almost linearted.
commission chibi monochrome by huina

6.00 USD
480 Points

Flat colors/toning

Linearted and basecolored chibi. Can be done with computones instead of colors.
commission sample 2 by huina

7.00 USD
560 Points

Cellshaded / Softshaded

Full chibi colored and shaded. Either in colors or computones.
Happy cookieday awa .u. by huina Happy birthday DM by huina

8.00 USD
640 Points

Flat with simple animation

Animated chibi in base colors.

6.00 - 8.00 USD
480-640 Points


 Chibi's made in vector. Price depends on the level of details mostly.

6.50 USD
520 Points


Special styled chibi, shaded and colored. +3.00 USD per additional character.
TC - Kiriban by huina DAMMED - chibi set 2 by huina


10.00 USD
800 Points

Flat colors/tones

Linearted bust with either flat colors or computones.
Erza Scarlet - Holy Knight by huina

15.00 USD - 17.00 USD
1200-1360 Points

Cellshaded / Softshaded /Gradient tones (undetailed background)

Example bellow.
DAMMED - Lietho by huina AB- fem!Shiranui by huina


12.00 USD
960 Points


Full-body sketch. No Background included.

Starts 25.00 USD
2000 Points

ModelSheet (flat colors)

It includes the character design, a front view, side view and/or other side/back view. Depends on complexity.

Starts 20.00 USD
1600 Points

Character Design

Either character design in a single view. Can be also outfit design.
Samira Ezelburn Nielirus by huina Huina Ezelburn by huina Gerald Ezelburn Nielirus by huina:thumb336104294: AE - Judas design by huina AE- Secret Santa by huina AE - Winter outfit Gawain by huina

Starts 30.00 USD
2400 Points

Cellshaded/Softshaded /Gradient tones

 Choose your prefered one. It can also be done in watercolor. Price will be custom on the number of characters, the difficulty of the background if there is.
End of chapter 1 mission collab 1 by huina SoC - Defense mission 06 by huina AE-mission1 by huina

Commissioner List:


Type:Regular Skin





Type:Front Page design




Waiting on approval





Not Started yet!

  • Any member for The-Accession-Epoch will get 20% off if they are requesting their character(s) from the group.
  • Any Sell-able Commissions will be half-priced. I do keep the rights to sell these at conventions. This only applies for other products outside the current promotion

What are Sell-able Commissions?

They are any fan-art commissions, characters that you don't own or one of your friend don't own. Sell-able content also applies on my own characters.

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August 16, 2013


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