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Welcome to the twenty-ninth issue of my weekly news article, Love dA Lit! :love: Every Sunday this news article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests, interviewing various members of the literature community and spotlighting a specific group every week. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.

Literature Links

:new::bulletpink: New Literature Forum
:new::bulletpink: Wordsmiths-Guild's Portraits Mini Contest has begun.
:new::bulletpink: The group, Letters-To-Myself, now has a twitter.
:new::bulletpink: June updates from TheSimulacrum.
:new::bulletpink: TFP Features #22, #23, & #24
:new::bulletpink: WriterSecretSanta's next group chat will be on June 11th.
:new::bulletpink: 52 Week Six Word Story Challenge! - Week 22
:new::bulletpink: A reminder about Inspiring-Words' submission rules and policies.
:new::bulletpink: LITplease posts a"Writing About Writing" Contest Update
:new::bulletpink: The A, B, C's of Emotions - [Edition U]
:new::bulletpink: A bit of an update and reminder of the groups folder submission policies at Writing-My-Soul.
:new::bulletpink: 1st Contest Night results (and an announcement) from TotumDararum.
:new::bulletpink: New updates and  welcomes from the group, WritersOfTheMoon.
:new::bulletpink: writingclub wants their members to help choose their next contest idea.
:new::bulletpink: Some updates and June Wrimo's from WriMo-Writers.
:new::bulletpink: Second-Look would like  a little help.
:new::bulletpink: New Admin, Critiquing, and an Introduction from WritersAreArtistsToo.
:new::bulletpink: AuthorsEscape's LGBTQ Contest (and intro to Summer Write-a-Thon 2) has started.
:new::bulletpink: Tips for Those Going Into Beta Reading
:new::bulletpink: FantasyLiterature and Authors-of-Fantasy's Feedback Pairs - June 2011
:new::bulletpink: Perfect Strangers Writing Contest, hosted by Writers--club has begun.
:new::bulletpink: the-photographicpoet would like you to suggest prose to her. [Please read this journal first.]
:new::bulletpink: Showcasing Your Literature, LitResources' newest feature.
:new::bulletpink: the-haiku-club's June Haikuthon: Open
:new::bulletpink: #SixWordStories: Monthly Showcase
:new::bulletpink: What Would You Like to See Here?, Lit-WIP asks their members for some input.
:new::bulletpink: FocusOnLit's Motivation Workshop Features
:new::bulletpink: Submissions Re-Opened over at TalentedWritersGuild.
:new::bulletpink: transliterations' Prompt 6: The Conclusion
:new::bulletpink: WritersInk's Writer of the Month: June
:new::bulletpink: FocusOnLit wants to know, In General, you are:
:new::bulletpink: Awesome-Lit announces their Contest Winner.
:new::bulletpink: YouAsTheNarrator Lit Prompt Feature 6-1-11
:new::bulletpink: FocusOnLit wants to know Next Group Chat Topic Should Be
:new::bulletpink: Transliterations: Prompt 6 Results
:new::bulletpink: Synthetic-Truth's event Summer of Writing Officially Open
:new::bulletpink: Transgressions Contest, hosted by lacoterie, is now closed.
:new::bulletpink: WritersInk's Weekly Roundup
:new::bulletpink: An important announcement from the group, Awesome-Lit: the group will be closing soon.
:new::bulletpink: The group, WordsLovers asks for all active watchers to comment and would like a bit of feedback.
:new::bulletpink: Contests, Projects and Events, an update from FictionFridays.
:new::bulletpink: the-haiku-club updates their Events Board.
:new::bulletpink: Writers--club's Member of the Month ~ June 2011
:new::bulletpink: The prompts over at TheWritersMeow will be back next week.
:new::bulletpink: YoungPoets updates their FAQ.
:new::bulletpink: DarkWritersUnite posts their Challenge Results.
:new::bulletpink: Tango Wayne - Twelve and counting!
:new::bulletpink: The Reason for Rhyme Workshop (End Notes)
:new::bulletpink: VerandahClub's folder is now closed and submissions will no longer be accepted.
:new::bulletpink: Some news concerning Prompts and a Contest from I-Write-to-Express.
:new::bulletpink: #SixWordStories Showcase: May 16 - May 30
:new::bulletpink: Some new news from YoungPoets.
:bulletpink: hq announces the Fourms Update!
:bulletpink: Literature Community Fundraiser -- RESULTS!
:bulletpink: The Ronin of Words Strikes! [And is looking for allies!]

Literature Links [in other languages!]
:bulletpink: Exercise 24, LiteraturaEspanol's newest exercise. [Spanish]

I am still looking for non-English literature groups, I'd like to keep tabs on them too! :eager:

Inspiration (Workshops, Prompts and Challenges)

:bulletpink: "Positive Changes", TheWritersMeow's newest prompt.
:new::bulletpink: lacoterie's Weekly Poetry and Prose Prompts
:bulletpink: Live-Love-Write's Weekly Writing Prompt: "Lyrics Are A Metaphor For..."
:bulletpink: Literary-Perceptions' Prompt: Trust
:bulletpink: fiftywordfiction's weekly prompts: 'the ends the means' and 'phone booths'
:new::bulletpink: "Path to Your Heart", the current weekly theme for RawEm0tion
:bulletpink: devLIT's Weekly Prompt: “Two Worlds"
:bulletpink: In the Family, the weekly writing prompt for LitResources
:bulletpink: Poetry-Knights's Weekly Writing Prompt: Invisible
:bulletpink: Expound's Weekly Word: Grift
:bulletpink: Writing Prompt #20 from FictionFridays.
:bulletpink: Sunset, RenderWonderland's weekly writing prompt.
:bulletpink: Prompt 1: Button, Prosemonkeys' weekly prompt.
:new::bulletpink: "School's Out" is WritersOfTheMoon’s weekly prompt.

:bulletpink: OnlyPoetry's latest set of prompts.
:bulletpink: Inked-Page's Bi Weekly Prompt
:new::bulletpink: Inspiring-Words' Bi-Weekly Prompts - 27
:bulletpink: Scribblers-Anonymous's prompts: Set 31!
:bulletpink: Xpose-it's Bi-Weekly Writing Prompt: Nature
:new::bulletpink: Letters to... a Fellow Deviant
:bulletpink: theWrittenRevolution's Bi-Weekly Prompt
:bulletpink: dA-lta's Bi-Weekly Prompts
:bulletpink: Things I Wish I Said, YoungPoets' bi-weekly theme.

:new::bulletpink: The June Monthly Theme of WriterSecretSanta.
:bulletpink: WritersOfToday's Monthly Prompt
:bulletpink: simplypoetry's March's Prompts and Submissions
:bulletpink: simplyprose's April's prompts and submissions
:bulletpink: DistinctPoetry's Monthly Prompts
:bulletpink: Statue: Wordspill-Central's April prompt.
:bulletpink: six-words's Issue 22
:bulletpink: devLIT's Monthly Challenge: Luck
:bulletpink: HammeredPoetry's Prompt #4: Etymoetry
[New][Bullet; Pink] Word and Theme Prompts for SixWordStories
[Bullet; Pink] "Green", the monthly prompt at OneWordPrompt.
[Bullet; Pink] WriMo-Writers's Prompt for the Month of May: Deceit

[New][Bullet; Pink] the-haiku-club's June Haikuthon
[New][Bullet; Pink] ScreamPrompt #16, June 2011
[New][Bullet; Pink] Synthetic-Truth's Summer of Writing
[Bullet; Pink] "Random Acts of Kindness", I-Write-to-Express' current prompt.
[Bullet; Pink] Motivation Workshop
[Bullet; Pink] ProjectDFC’s June Challenge [July 1st]
[Bullet; Pink] Fairy-Tale-Fantasy has a Story Challenge going on.
[Bullet; Pink] Mythologue's Dead Letters Prompt
[New][Bullet; Pink] transliterations' Prompt 7: The Beginning
[Bullet; Pink] Pantoum Tag
[Bullet; Pink] OurOwnAdventure's adventure continues.
[Bullet; Pink] theWrittenRevolution's prompts.
[Bullet; Pink] Six Word Story Challenge hosted by the groups: theWrittenRevolution, SixWordStories, Live-Love-Write and Literary-Perceptions
[New][Bullet; Pink] YouAsTheNarrator's Monthly, Bi-weekly, Bi-Weekly Music Prompt, and Crossed Adventures Prompts
[Bullet; Pink] deviantWRITE needs writers and editors for their challenge!
[Bullet; Pink] Be A Hero--Couplets
[New][Bullet; Pink] LITplease's Poetry, Fiction and Non-Fiction Prompts
[Bullet; Pink] Project Nine Lives

Lit Contests Galore!

These include contests that are purely Literature based and those that have other categories as well, but still accept Literature.

Here are the contests ending this week:

[New][Star!]Dreams Contest (June 7th)
[New][Star!]Chinese Brush Theme Contest (June 10th)
[New][Star!]Competition Contest (Round 4--June 10th)
[New][Star!]Me and My 'stache [500 word limit, please see link for details] (June 12th)
[New][Star!]Textures Contest [Poetry only, please see link for details] (June 12th)


Regular Lit News Articles
[Bullet; Pink] LitBits - vol.VII
[Bullet; Pink] The Ladies of Lit: Volume X
[Bullet; Pink] Darkest Corners LIT 11- Scripts and Screenplays
[Bullet; Pink] Fan Art Frenzy - [Volume XVIII]
[Bullet; Pink] Writers' Alert : Issue II
[Bullet; Pink] LitandNews Issue 2
[Bullet; Pink] The Poetry Newsletter - Issue 1
[Bullet; Pink] Useful Writing Blogs #5: Wordplay
[Bullet; Pink] Legends of Literature: Vol IV
[Bullet; Pink] The Lit-Seat: Issue 5
[Bullet; Pink] Writers With a Promise - Issue 6

General Resources
[New][Bullet; Pink] LadyLincoln's Journal
[Bullet; Pink] lovetodeviate's Resource Central [Now moved to apocathary’s journal]
[Bullet; Pink] mode-de-vie's Community Update Journal
[New][Bullet; Pink] #SixWordStories Community Happenings
[Bullet; Pink] devLIT's Literary Happenings
[Bullet; Pink] WorldWar-Tori's Literature Resources
[Bullet; Pink] A List of Useful Writing Blogs
[Bullet; Pink] #Critique-It's Resources: Writing
[Bullet; Pink] #Mythologue's Literary Resources

Writing Resources
[Bullet; Pink] Guides and Lessons for Effective Writing
[Bullet; Pink] LaMonaca's Writing Guides
[Bullet; Pink] Improving Readability in Prose
[Bullet; Pink] 10 Tips for Novel Writers
[Bullet; Pink] The Hard Work of Poetry
[Bullet; Pink] Tips For Editing Poetry
[Bullet; Pink] Style vs. Voice - A Guide
[Bullet; Pink] Three Act Structure
[Bullet; Pink] Haiku Theory Part 1
[Bullet; Pink] OokamiKasumi's Writing Tips and Tricks

Critiquing and Miscellaneous Resources
[Bullet; Pink] Search Engines for Serious Writers
[Bullet; Pink] The NonVerbal Thesaurus
[Bullet; Pink] How to Write Without Editing
[Bullet; Pink] Critiquing Fiction
[Bullet; Pink] Beta Reading Tutorial
[Bullet; Pink] A Verbose Guide to Critiquing

Publishing Resources
[New][Bullet; Pink] SadisticIceCream's Publishing Resources List
[Bullet; Pink] leoraigarath's Resources on the Side
[Bullet; Pink] Submitting Your Work for Publication
[Bullet; Pink] On-Writing - Getting Published
[Bullet; Pink] Getting Published the Hard Way
[Bullet; Pink]  Tips on Self Publishing
[Bullet; Pink] Writing Exercise-Book Proposal
[Bullet; Pink] How to Get a Literary Agent
[Bullet; Pink] apocathary has created a customised calendar for submissions to Australian journals and competitions. [It can still be useful for others as some listed accept international submissions too.]
[Bullet; Pink] Divertir Publishing is an independent publisher and they also publish short story collections. Check out their dA: DivertirPublishing
[Bullet; Pink] An Idiot's Guide to Publishing

[Bullet; Pink] Sparkbright Magazine
[Bullet; Pink] Harmless [Magazine]
[Bullet; Pink] One Million Pages Index
[Bullet; Pink] The Literati Review
[Bullet; Pink] Mimesis [Magazine]
[Bullet; Pink] The Clearfield Review
[Bullet; Pink] Barrier Islands Review
[Bullet; Pink] Queer.
[Bullet; Pink] Steampunk Tales
[Bullet; Pink] WalkingBlind [Magazine]
[Bullet; Pink] G.W. Review
[Bullet; Pink] Soundzine
[Bullet; Pink] Fuselit
[Bullet; Pink] The Missing Slate
[Bullet; Pink] SapphireTuesday
[Bullet; Pink] Bright Star (E-zine)
[Bullet; Pink] Title Goes Here
[Bullet; Pink] Second Look
[Bullet; Pink] Verandah Literary Journal
[Bullet; Pink] Chameleon Dream
[Bullet; Pink] Machine of Death

:icononemillionpages: :iconspark-bright: :iconreadthismagazine: :iconsoundzine: :icondazine: :iconthealt-lit: :iconthemissingslate: :iconsecond-look: :iconverandahclub: :iconsuturehq: :icondistinctliterature:

Looking to help out the Lit Community?

[New][Point Right] SuperWritersHelp is in need of more poetry critics.

[New][Point Right] Two Admins are wanted over at FictionFridays.

Updated:[Point Right] 2 Afilliates/PR Admins, 3 Pay It Forward Admins, and 4 Critics are open at lacoterie.

Updated[Point Right] Deviant-Mentor needs Literature Mentors!

Updated:[Point Right] GrammarNaziCritiques is looking for prose critics.

[Point Right] 3 Moderator Positions are open at HuesOfReality.

[Point Right] Editors are needed for the group, EditorialSquad.

[Point Right] 3 Folder Managers, 1 Moderator, and Critiquers are needed at FantasyAuthorsGuild.

[Point Right] Scribblers-Anonymous is still looking for a reporter.

[Point Right] 10 Critiquers, 5 Lit-Pickers, 2 Afilliate Admins, and 1 Contest Admin are needed at LitResources.

[Point Right] Admin, to help the group run more smoothly are needed over at writingclub.

[Point Right] WritersInk needs an admin to help with various group duties.

[Point Right] Literary-Perceptions is looking for new staff members: commenters and critics.

[Point Right] Literature Moderator positions available over at Realm-of-Fantasy.

[Point Right] YouAsTheNarrator is looking to fill the following positions: 2 Gallery Moderators, 4 Chatroom Moderators, 4 Promotion Moderators, 2 Gallery Contributors, and Comment Contributors.

[Point Right] Contributors, Moderators, and Administrators are needed over at RenderWonderland.

[Point Right] TFP Appraises, Prompt Admins and Admins to help with the Literature Community Portal are needed over at LITplease.

[Point Right] TheWritersMeow has put out a a call for new moderators.

[Point Right] distinctpoetry is looking for one contributor.

[Point Right] Contributors are wanted for the group, FocusOnLit.

[Point Right] Members to host workshops are wanted at Writers-Workshop

[Point Right] A founder is needed to take over the group, SongofthePoets.

[Point Right] Some admins are needed over at Writing-My-Soul

[Point Right] A Co-Founder is needed at Animal-Writers.

[Point Right] Ideological Gallery Moderator, Twitter tech, and Literature and Visual Art gallery moderators are needed at TheControversy.

[Point Right] Various staff is needed to help with Gallery Moderation, Literature interviews, Prompt suggestions and postings, Polls, and Blog posts. over at Literary-Visions.

[Point Right] Prompts and Affiliates Admin positions are open at PennedPaper

[Point Right] Some greeters are needed for the group, RawEm0tion.

[Point Right] TheAlt-Lit has various positions open. [Widget on left-hand side.]

[Point Right] FantasyLiterature is Looking for Contributors!

[Point Right] Writers-Club is looking for "Helpers" to focus on submissions.

[Point Right] 35-prompts-challenge needs someone to take over the group.

[Point Right] simplypoetry needs a Co-Admin, 2 Commenter's/Critiquers, and a News Feature Co-ordinator

[Point Right] Open Positions over at SixWordStories, they need: Language
Moderators, Project Managers, Contest Managers, and a Prompt/Ideas Contributor

[Point Right] A gallery, folder, member, and affiliate admin are needed at TheUnheardVoices [Widget on the right-hand side.]

[Point Right] Adopt-A-Writer is looking for Support Staff and members to adopt others.

[Point Right] A committed journalist, a committed pr representative, a Discussions Manager, and an editor are needed at GuildofWriters

[Point Right] Contributors are needed at Authors-of-Fantasy to help out with “group activities and other miscellaneous going-ons".

[Point Right] distinctprose is looking for staff!

[Point Right] Katsa2009's group, TheUnappreciatedArt needs a co-founder to help out!

This Week's Group Spotlight

My apologies, but no spotlight this week. :( There will be one next week however! [Heart] I'm always welcome to suggestions for groups to feature! [:eager: by darkmoon3636]

If you're looking for some more groups head over to leoraigarath's Literature Groups List or Realm-of-Fantasy's for their list of literature groups[Fantasy, Sci-fi and General], or you could always head over to LITplease's Community Portal to see the small list I've helped compile. Or if you're still not finding a group you like check out the list of all literature groups on dA: Click here!

Literature Community Relations

:iconnycterent: nycterent - nycterent's DD Suggestion Guidelines
:iconhalatia: Halatia - Halatia's DD Suggestion Guidelines
Go on and send your literature DD suggestions to them! [:eager: by darkmoon3636]

#CRLiterature Community Relations Literature Chatroom
[New]Literature CR Update - May 2011
[New]Literature Daily Deviations - May 2011

Literature Forums
Literature Forum
Posting Guidelines - Literature Forum

March in the Literature Forums

[Note] FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
[Note] FAQ #18: Who selects the Daily Deviation and how is it chosen?
[Note] FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

Literature on deviantART [dA’s Literature page!]

Contacting Me

[Bullet; Pink] Want your group to be spotlighted? See something you don't like? That you like? Want changed or removed? Have a suggestion for the next issue? Then please send me a note! The Literature Community is huge, so I'm always going to miss something or make a mistake, don't be afraid to let me know. ♥

Hugs, love and thanks to:
:iconmode-de-vie: for helping out with the interviews, being my residential expert of all things publishing and also being amazing.
:iconsempiterna: for helping keep a lookout for literature groups for me and being fantastic, of course.
:iconatrue: for letting me help run LITplease's Community Portal and spamming her inbox with countless notes, all while being wonderful.
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