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Rapunzel - Shh - Cartoon PinUp Sketch

Gentlemen, if you do fall asleep right after, make sure you're hard asleep. Your ladies will appreciate that will full breakfast in the morning :)

I'm riding the wave of blondes these days. Here is one more, one with hair, and not only hair :P, so big and huge you will lost yourself in. It's Rapunzel, with a special guest, the luckiest chameleon - Pascal.

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Made in Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint


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AMAZING RAPS, can you make cassandra From tangled too?? Pliiiis

quirkyplans's avatar

Heh, sexy and gorgeous~

Tho I kinda want to try n' see if that is actually comfortable or not someday.

somari-theadventurer's avatar

jesus these make the category "joke" seem like a joke

Azurllinate's avatar

Mother Gothel ain't going to be happy seeing her in that outfit. Unless she is the Google translated version. :XD:

sam7's avatar

WOW!!! So sexy!

DramaticDuelist05's avatar

Cockblocking frog damn it.

Damn, she got a thicc booty! Lucky lizard. Beautiful work

Schroederluvr's avatar

that’s Aku: EXRTA THICC👌🏻

Daniloolinad's avatar
That's a happy, happy lizard
God DAMN that is amazing!! I adore how you took one of the most slender Princesses and gave her a massive, meaty booty, lol :)
Dbong's avatar
Best ever?? Up there tho
gwahar's avatar
Pascal got the best bed in the palace
rudeboy308's avatar

This version of Rapunzel would make it worth my while trying to climb up a tower by her hair. I hate climbing, never was good at it in gym class! Great work on a bootylicious blonde!

choccymalk's avatar

Yeees love the bottom heavy Rapunzel!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down THAT DUMPTRUCK ASS <3

Atlya's avatar

Funny, just see the Dirk Gently episode where we hear the name Rapunzel. XP

Lovely butt, as usual, sir.

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