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Pinkie Pie - Summertime Thiccness - Commission

By HugoTendaz
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Like in dat song by Lana Del Rack :D

It's a commission for basic-account who asked for Pinkie Pie. We ended up with her in the Summertime, with tan lines, playing with her big balls :) Kinda symbolic, because of the start of the World Cup. Also check out Pinkie in burlesque and Ice cream workout

If you are interested in a sketch commission like this you can find COMMISSION INFO HERE. Previous commissions from this sketch offer can be seen here:
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Made in Manga Studio

You can find me on these places also: TWITTER  TUMBLR  NEWGROUNDS  YOUTUBE  PICARTO  TWITCH

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This is a continual highlight of scrolling through my favourites! I mostly keep it there just in case anyone ever asks me if I have a type. Obviously, I'm 33 and work in an office, so no-one will ever ask me that again, but PINKIE STAYS DAMMIT!
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Good song tho
Don't worry about it your gorgeous
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BEAUTIFUL ! Pinkie looks EXTRA THICC !  Horny! 
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From now on, this is what I'll hear every time that song plays XD
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Only the description suggested me this is Pinkie Pie......
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NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO...nobody can outdo this :no: (great post)
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That will get ya laid
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Mmm, love me some curvy human Pinkie ;)
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Ooh, the way it's posed makes it look like she's got a big, round belly. I like that :). Very soft and curvy!
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So many woofs. You never cease to make an amazing piece. Open for commissions soon?
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gorgeous. thick is my go to pleasure
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She got dem interesting tan lines, too! ;)
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Like the ones I see around my resort!

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I can relate to her, I have that summer time thickness too!
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You really outdid yourself. :)
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The best thiccness ever
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Oh diggity ding dang DAYUM!!!
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Dat summer thicc!
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