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Jessie - Stuffing - Cartoon Pinup Commission

Massagee-Haw! :)

Commission for TGTrinity of Jessie, the adult toy :) They also can enjoy a Summer, some a bit more then others. To Infinity and Beyond!:P

Commissions are opened. Check the info HERE if you are interested in one. Till the end of this Summer you'll get a free tan line version with your commission.


Made in Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint


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With that Buzz Lightyear became a Toy Man

Great use of line, here!

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This one is exceptional. Excellent work!

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You should make one of Bo Peep like this to match lol
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Bo Is porcelain, it wouldn't work

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Well im not so sure..especially now with TS4 they gave her some hips! Lmao!!

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Jessie - Stuffing - Cartoon Pinup Commission by HugoTendaz   No keep it where it is
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Jessie's a toy, filled with stuffing.
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Went to a great place. To infinity and beyond 😃💞
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Disregard my precious comment. Misclicked. Sorry
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Jessie's a toy, they're stuffed.
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She's a doll with an Action Figure!Green Brz  Military Service  Ba-dum, CHING 
WOW!! One of your hottest recent pics! I love how rounded and delicious she looks :).
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Jessie is Totally THICC!
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I need to commit game end myself.
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omfg i love toy story and jessie is so hot with that adult body her breasts are huge and her ass and hips and thighs omg jessie is a sex toy please do a bo beep but with massive breasts and a massive ass topless if you can and could you do this one topless excellentwork
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To infinity, and beyond! 
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Thats no children's toy.
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What a toy!? :)

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This is why you don't go lookin' through your dad's toy box. :3
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