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Please please please can we get this on another release for tee-shirts? My girlfriend is desperate for one and I'd love to get it for her birthday! x
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Well, this movie was definitely a box office bust, so... she wasn't wrong.
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I'd really love to get this on a shirt! Will it be available any time soon?
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Hi, I'd really like to print this out as a poster for my girlfriend! Only with permission of course. Really dig your other work. I'd be willing to donate via paypal or something for the right to print this. Do you have a copy in a higher resolution? I'd like to print it on 2ft x 3ft paper without it being blurry. If not. I'll just print smaller. Thanks!
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Loved the movie and love this piece.
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Someone's stolen your art and poorly recolored it:…
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I'll look into it
thank you
Hiya Hugo :) I was just wondering if I could have your permission to get this drawing tattooed??? 
thank you :3

- Emily
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hell yeah! you gotta show me when done :)
Hiya again Hugo!! I had the tattoo done yesterday! is there a form of social media i can send a picture of it to you?? I LOVE IT! thank you so much!
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This is completely wonderful. I'm a flailing wreck just looking at it. The idea is inspired and you executed it so beautifully - I adore the colours and her HAIR and, asfdshjhgklkhklljkl;l. Thank you.
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I didn't like the movie, but I like your art and like the Jillian Holtzmann character.
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I'm in love with this design! I can't wait to order a shirt!

I also saw it on redbubble and wanted to let you know, looks like they photoshopped out the signature:…
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I really love this design! I ordered the shirt from Shirtpunch when they had the bundle up a few weeks ago. Now I'm just waiting for it to arrive.

I have loved Kate McKinnon for over 9 years now, and it's nice to see her getting some recognition. I think she did an amazing job as Holtzmann. Of course, I may be a bit biased. :D
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I absolutely love Kate McKinnon and her portrayal of Jillian Holtzmann. Would love to get this as a tattoo, but only with your permission of course.
Excellent work and loving your gallery too :) Your take on strong, cinematic women is fantastic :)
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Awesome! Love the color scheme (and the character)! :D
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Very well done!! Holtzmann is my fav character from the new movie! :D 
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She's awesome! Thx!
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