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January 19, 2016
Chris Pratt turns the other cheek when Blue decides to make him the butt of a joke in Clever Girl! by hugohugo.  From the suggester: "Humorous, as well as beautifully painted combination of a beloved franchise and a famous advertisement that is, in every sense of the word, very clever."
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Clever Girl!

putting the ass in Jurassic!
JUST started a fanpage on facebook, go support if you like!

tees and prints (and pillows, why not?)……

this is NUTS! over 11k views over 500 favs?
You guys are awesome, so i made a (hardly) progress video (i tried the best i could with what i had u.u)
go check it out!…

edit2: seriously? 17k views? +600favs? \(*3*)/
please tell me where you came from :) who sent you here?

edit3: DAILY DEVIATION!!??? Thank you so much everyone!!!! <3 <3 <3 
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Yeetusthefeeetus's avatar

nice art but WHAT THE FUCK

RamenExpirado's avatar
Arkhaminside's avatar

VERY clever and well made!

thebiggrin's avatar
oh my gosh 😂 amazing
D1n0-Mann94's avatar

I have no interest in seeing Chris Pratt’s ass, thank you very much.

umber07's avatar

this would be weird but that face is to good

Yamashita4's avatar
Oh my~ Definitely putting the ass in Jurassic!
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Sekmeth14's avatar
This is so funny! XD!
Haerosis's avatar
This is great, that expression is the best!
BAHAHAHAHA, that's great! XD
Dismal-Brony's avatar
This is what I live for
ekber28's avatar
Clever GİRL :D
Vipery-07art's avatar
I really can't imagine what if Owen see this art of him xD
8IsLove8IsLive's avatar
Tehrasha's avatar
I think the best part of this pic, is that given the chance, Chris Pratt would have posed for it himself.  :)
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
That's EXACTLY what I was gonna say! LOL
ceraperduta's avatar
Now that's how you sell a product!
WanderingSketchPad's avatar
Ok this is super cute xD I love the concept!
ViperPitsFilly's avatar
Holy crap! As soon as I saw Blue's face, I could actually hear her purring! XD
UltimateCluckinbell's avatar
This is just to funny :D
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