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Haven of Light

There was a place where the arcana flows in abundance..
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Damm... looks super beautiful!! what a view!!

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This is spectacular!!!!!

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Damn that’s amazing

I'm looking for an artist to do the cover of my second espionage roleplaying game book. If interested let me know.

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Beautiful work!

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Excellent! I would imagine this castle or sanctuary would use hydroelectric power coming from generators being turned by the great waterfalls. Unlimited free energy could be achieved. A wonderful image all around. EPIC Scale, pulls in the viewer.

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Simply breathtaking.

Is this even a drawing !!?!?

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I'm seriously impressed. In the tags you list blender.... how was blender used in this? Looks fabulous.

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Thanks :) i used blender to make my architecture design and so nail the perspective :)

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Pretty cool. Pretty cool. I might look into trying something like that. Inspirational really.

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Wonderful work, the composition and colors are impressive :love:

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Reminds me of the Zora domain in BOTW

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"It's nothing more than a little hole in the wall, but it's home."

Hole in the wall, huh?;) Tre bien, mon ami. Well done.

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I mean the painting looks absolutely gorgous and it does seem like a pretty place to be. Until you realize how insanely loud it must be there O.O

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Indeed ;) ! But as this is a fantastic an magical place.. the sound of the falls is calm, soothing, and glittering :D

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Like a light fall of rain on your window. That has got to be one of my favourite magic spells ^^

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