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Do You Still BRAWL ?



Frickin F#ckin Hell Yeah!

Took me about 100 hours (2h+ for each of the characters), span through a week, and over 670 layers (yeah, I'm a Layer Freak, deal with it) to get this done T_T
Check out the WIP shots gif: [link]

But I'm reeeeeeeeeally pleased, actually flabbergasted (he, I love this word) with the result!
I tried to put as many details as possible. Actually, scratch that. I've put every detail of the characters in their SSBB looks.

It was a quite great experience. I've dealt with lots of different materials (from DK's fur and Power Suit's metal, to Wolf glove's rubber and Bowser's shell and spikes). Learned a lot with this piece.

I also used many special effects here and there that weren't at the actual sketch. Yeah, I like to show off.

And last but not least, can someone tell Toon Link that Falco is not a Cucco?...

EDITS: Fixed pikachu's head and overall proportions. Increased his eyes a bit.
Fixed the line on the sky that was right above squirtle's head.
Changed a bit Peach's expression and did the same to samusl, as was suggested by some critiquers

Update 2:
Okay, this one was bigger than the last. Edited the positioning of all the guys on the top, which means I had to re-color Ganondorf, since I flipped him.
Edited Charizard's jaw, Squirtle's eyes, and the pokemons (including Jigglypuff) and ROB's proportion (according to the rest of the characters on the back).
Also changed Pikachu's head a bit more (Thanks God for making the liquify function) and it finally pleases me.
AND... There he is! Ness is finaly facing forward!
Hope ya all like the changes
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