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Directly To Heaven

By Hugo-H2P

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There are several great business men, thousands of excelling programmers and numerous passionate gamers. However, there are only a handful of individuals that manage to reunite all these traits in a single soul. There are very few people that can be truly considered an icon.‪#‎Iwata‬ was, or rather, is and will ever be one of them.
A CEO that didn't mind being laughed at, as he nonsensically stared at bananas during a livestream. A CEO that wasn't afraid of getting his hands dirty and doing some coding himself as well as a programmer that managed to straighten the bonds between a first party and the company he worked in.
Ever since Iwata became a prominent figure within Nintendo, I always saw him as a part of a Triforce. The group of Iwata, Miyamoto and Reggie clearly represented to me Courage, Wisdom and Power. Hopefully, in the years dot come, the balance of this triforce will be restored and someone, with as much vision as him and, mainly, courage to pursue such vision, will maintain his legacy. Rest in piece, Satoru Iwata. Thanks for Playing.

‪#‎RIPIwata‬ ‪#‎Thanksforplaying‬ ‪#‎directlytoheaven‬ ‪#‎directlytoYou‬‪#‎PleaseUnderstand‬ ‪#‎IcantUnderstand‬ ‪#‎LetsTakeALook‬ ‪#‎Nintendo‬


Existem vários bons empresários, milhares de excelentes programadores e uma infinidade de gamers apaixonados por seus jogos. Pouquissimas pessoas têm a capacidade de juntar todas essas facetas em uma só. Poucas pessoas podem realmente ser consideradas um ícone.‪#‎SatoruIwata‬ foi, ou melhor, é e sempre será uma delas. 
Um CEO que pagava mico com gosto, ao encarar bananas sem um motivo aparente durante uma de suas transmissões. Um CEO que arregaçava as mangas e programava quando necessário tal qual um programador que estreitava laços entre uma First Party e a parceira na qual trabalhava. 
Desde que Iwata se tornou uma figura proeminente na Nintendo, eu encarei ele como parte de uma Triforce. O trio Iwata, Miyamoto e Reggie representavam, para mim, claramente a Coragem, Sabedoria e Poder. Tomara que nos anos vindouros o equilibrio se restabeleça e que alguém, com tanta visão quanto ele e, principalmente, coragem para colocar tal visão em prática, continue o seu legado. Descanse em paz, Iwata. Thanks for Playing.

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What a coincidence! I titled my tribute to Iwata "Directly to Heaven" as well (inspired by Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven"), but I personally see your piece as a more rightfully sentimental tribute combining heartwarming heavenly colours with nostalgic gaming humour.

I especially like how you decided to convey Iwata ascending directly to Heaven as a Balloon Fighter. To me, that's far more bittersweet than just a Golden Mushroom with angel wings and a halo. I also like how you included the Wispy Woods tree as it could perfectly substitute for either the Tree of Life or Yggdrasil.

All in all, I see this as a heartwarming tribute to the late Satoru Iwata conveying nostalgia both bittersweet and humorous. I'm positive that the higher-ups of Nintendo would concur.
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I am glad to see that you and most of the people were able to catch the symbolism behind some of the objects I decided to include in the scene, including it's title as well. I appreciate your critique and happy to know you think it was a good tribute to Iwata-san
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Wait, the title reference was intentional too? The coincidences keep stacking up! >_<
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I recently heard about Mr. Iwata's death two days ago when a friend of mine, on Steam told me about this. I was legitimately crying when I found out that he was gone. It was a very depressing time for us Nintendo fans indeed. But anyways, This pic is amazing. Especially since you also included Gunpei Yokoi, and Horoshi Yamauchi in there. You have made this wonderful for every fan in the world who loved the Big N. I just hope we can continue honoring Mr. Iwata for all that he has done in this world. Thank you very much. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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This is just beautiful... ;3;
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Thank you for the critique and for appreciating this tribute to Iwata-san
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No problem. I've also made a screenshot honoring Mr. Iwata himself. And I might make a video doing the same as well.
who these two are? That old man a familiar-looking, whether it is Hiroshi Yamauchi. It is! But there was an old man when he died at age 85 of pneumonia, he was resistant to deterioration (November 7, 1927 - September 19, 2013). He was a billionaire, and has three children, well to his children got his money, it was a testament. Although I am an atheist, thought that Satoru Iwata will also meet there the heavenly Takeshi Shudo (August 18, 1949 – October 29, 2010) and Fusajiro Yamauchi (November 22, 1859 – January 1940), Nintendo's founder, who is related to Hiroshi. Another guy is the Game Boy's developer Gunpei Yoko (September 10, 1941 – October 4, 1997), who died in a car crash.
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. . .Thanks for playing Iwata sensei
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Iwata, may your spirit fly high and bring awe-inspiring dreams into the hearts your fellow gamers for as long as Heaven hangs in the sky.
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God with all of this fanart I'm going to die in a puddle of my tears.
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Gunpei?! and Yamauchi???!

That was unexpected!...

Good on you including them in this memorial!

Man...That was fast with Iwata! And even faster with Yokoi!

I wonder how the Metroid and Wario games would have turned out if he was still around.....!

Now I wonder how Kirby, Pokemon, Earthbound, and smash games wi be like without him.....

It cannot be the same without his presence!

May you all find the narrow gates of paradise itself!
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Yokoi was about the same age when he died, interestingly enough! Yep, it's an even more massive blow considering Yokoi's departure and subsequent death. I suppose Yamauchi too, but at least he lived a full life.
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At least Iwata's sudden death was a result of an internal detrimental cause rather than the external car accident that Yokoi somehow wasn't able to avoid in time!...

He survived to the first impact but not the secondary crash/whiplash after that....How does that happen?

Welll shiz!

Nintendo Direct is officially dead cause he made it what it was!

Also he's the only CEO and President I know of that bit the hard times of business himself (he took a 50% pay cut) rather than laying off a third of the workforce instead!

I challenge all CEO's and president's around the world to achieve that kind of noble excellence, but alas I think that will not happen as that's against corrupted human nature!
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Call me crass if you must, but this picture makes me think of the joke I told myself the day he died to make myself feel better.

Yamauchi: Well you're certainly early.

Yokoi: Well it's a good thing you're here anyway. Ralph Bear and I made a new console, and we we're making a game for it, but we just can't get all of Shakespeare, Disney, and Gygax's ideas to fit in the code. There's just too much!

Yamauchi: Not to mention how Iwerks and Tezuka keep arguing about character designs.

Yokoi: And then Robin Williams showed up, and it just got crazy from there.

Iwata: (laughs) I'll see what I can do. Whose doing music anyway?

Yokoi and Yamauchi: Biggie.
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Satoru Iwata, a V.I.P (Very Important Player) will be greatly missed... May your ride on the Rainbow Road be enjoyable and may Lady Palutena treat you well in Skyworld... Thank you for giving us the joy and childhood of video gaming throughout the long years... Rest in peace and Palutena bless your gaming heart :pray: remake
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I actually did thought of these 2 a moment ago. I even did thought of Sakurai meeting them up in the heavens...  I'm tearing up right now upon thinking of that.
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Wow, this is a really good job! You did a great job with the painting here, love the bright coloring and the shading ^^
Also love that you included Gunpei Yokoi and Hiroshi Yamauchi as well, paying tribute to not only Mr. Iwata, but also them as well
Mr. Iwata had a big love for gaming and it definitely showed with how passionate about it he was, I hope that he, as well as Mr. Yokoi and Mr. Yamauchi, can rest in peace
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Thanks, I decided to go for something cheerful because, although it is a sad news, Iwata has provided so many great memories and I don't think he would like us to depict neither him nor his creations in any other manner than happy or fun.
And yeah, we can't forget that Nintendo's Legacy has survived other strong blows in the past, so that is why I decided to include those other figures. As well as a reminder that Iwata won't be alone up there
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You're welcome ^^
Ah, I see! I think that's a very thoughtful way of looking at it, though I don't mind the more melancholy pictures that some people have made (a lot of them are very sweet :))
That is indeed true and a very nice reminder, really glad you decided to put it in ^^
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This is so beautiful :')

Thanks for everything, Mr. Iwata <3
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