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The Strongest

It's been a minute.
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...And Hulk is still the strongest.

The end. Go home, Saitama. XD
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This might take TWO punches...but Hulk still wins. Great work! <3
miknimator's avatar
...and then there was a green flash. No one saw The Hulk again after that.
Darth-Chaltab's avatar
Finally a challenge worthy of One Punch Man!
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ezseek's avatar
ONNEEEEEE puuunnnccchhhh!!!! ÅWESOMENESS!!!™
Lpsalsaman's avatar
Really cool work!
TheAtomicDog's avatar
Your reminder that Hulk is a human, mutated as he might be. Saitama does not kill humans. Just monsters.
Nightmerican's avatar
That is the stupidest semantical argument I've ever. A monster is a monster, mutated human or not. And Saitama has killed mutated humans in the manga. You'd know that if you'd bothered to read it. You're retarded. Kill yourself.
skysoul25's avatar
one punch hulk! :D
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Jose-Ramiro's avatar
And now Hulk will smash him.
Snowman3162's avatar
I hate to break it to you guys, but Hulk's head is about to be blown off.
HughFreeman's avatar
I tend to agree :nod:
thecaptainofstorms's avatar
Uh yeah hulk would DESTROY him, but cool art :)
mewmewspike's avatar
He would, if he learned to dodged.  Because Saitama is known for defeating any villain and monster using one punch.
thecaptainofstorms's avatar
God bless you for thinking that ;)
Nightmerican's avatar
HULK's no ordinary monster though. This is a fight I've been daydreaming about since I started reading one punch man.
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Glad to see your return. Welcome back. :nod:
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gamejutsu's avatar
At least Hulk has the super jump.

If he's smart he'll use that.
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