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Robot design.

I don't remember when or why I drew this but well, here it is. :ahoy:
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This is wicked! Robot design is coolest!
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hehe glad you dig :)
WadeFurlong's avatar
I don't remember seeing this in your gallery. But apparently it's been here since August. Duh me.
Anyway bud. wAdE likes it and shit okay. Take some pride in that or something ey!:)
HughFreeman's avatar
hehe its been in there for a hot minute, I can't even look at that now haha
WadeFurlong's avatar
Yeah, dunno how I missed it. Frick, I need to peruse ALL of your gallery again for some hot inspiration. You're like a pencil ninja or something, OH SNAP!
You putz, you're fine, all of the shit in your gallery is 'worth' looking at*! Even those crappy sketches:slow:
HughFreeman's avatar
I am indeed a ninja with that pencilness >_>
I might have to stop holding back on my uploads, I draw
a crap load of stuff I end up deciding isn't worth looking at twice haha
WadeFurlong's avatar
If you saw all the shit I draw, well... You'd think twice about me:sprint:
notRowan's avatar
mmm I love those arms <3
Calick's avatar
I wonder what was your inspiration, if there is one... Cool design!
JoshawaFrost's avatar
Very sick design! I love it!
NaviSatsujin's avatar
Wow awesowe robot design and colors, I love it =D
HEROBOY's avatar
this is a fun robot design . dg
HughFreeman's avatar
Oh it was fun indeed =D
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Senkora's avatar
Really really cool design. :ahoy:
Senkora's avatar
Har sure thing. C: Your avatar is really wicked by the way. :D =P
scatterblaster's avatar
you know what, he reminds me of the bot in treasure planet. i forgot his name tho. sweet piece.
HughFreeman's avatar
ah yes, that crazy robot, I remember... man I love that movie.
scatterblaster's avatar
Kane79's avatar
Plain outright SICK!!!-T
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