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Drawing Hellboy [stepbystep]

Hey gang, here with another step by step. If you have any questions please raise your hand, and I'll do my best to answer. First things first this isn't a tutorial in any strict sense, just showing my current drawing method and process.

[A] I start of with a very lose shape, shapes are a great starting point for any drawing. Also a few divisions lines for a sense of where things are gonna go.
[B] Here I start build up the sketch over the previous, again really loose and rough.
[C] I draw in the clean lines.
[D] Some color applied.

Perhaps I'll do one on how I use shapes to create my characters.
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I have two questions, if you don't mind.

1: Do you use shape dynamics/pen pressure in the line-art, manually adjust the brush size, or leave it the same size throughout?

2: Do you always prefer to use a textured brush for line-art?

Thank you in advance!
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[1] Yes I always draw with pen pressure on, it makes for natural looking line art with varying line weights. Depending on what you're drawing, drawing without pen pressure enabled on a continuous line size can make the drawing look a little mechanical but it also depends on the type of illustration. Pen pressure definitely makes it feel more organic.

[2] I tend to like using textured brushes because it makes me feel like I'm using a pencil, it's just a mental thing. But also it depends what I'm drawing.

Hope that answers your questions :)
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gah! yanno Mr. Hughy, I'd be glad to just get my tablet work to point B in this. as always amazing :3
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Broken tablet? That's frustrating >_<
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oh no! it's not broken it's jsut so small, i have the 4"x5" inch one from wacom. NEW and at Xmas deal prices, i brought it $35 about 7 years ago givertake. drawing is very hard for me b/c i'm so used to traditional that i cant really get it to work b/c it's like drawing on a post card. i know it can be done but *sigh* i cant ever seem to get it to work well for me. it always coems out like a "drunken" sketch
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Ah yeah I see, tiny tablets can be frustrating especially when
you're used to traditional drawing. Drawing fluently translating
from tablet to screen definitely takes time, I've only really just
got the hang of it lol
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to make it look decent i have to make everything massive size wise which slows it down. it's not that easy with a smaller tablet.
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