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Adventure time..

By HughFreeman
A quick piece done a few days ago, figured I share. I enjoy these characters. Based my version on *Kweli's iteration of them [link]
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I don't watch Adventure Time, but this makes me want to. This style is what I so desperately want to emulate.
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awesome fan art !
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Don't listen to mini, borrowed or not, it still kicks ass. Haters gun hate.
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Man, I didn't even know about this artwork that I apparently ripped off. It's a little upsetting.
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Meh, it's not ripped off. Tin Tin was/is a classic. Many ppl find inspiration from that. I know u didn't rip it off. I love your work. It is very unique. As I said, Haters gun Hate.
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It is definitely Lame that you copied the idea from Pac [link] makes people doubt about the ''inspiration'' on the rest of your pieces. Sad
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In any case, the idea is extremely simple: I'm a huge Tin Tin fan, I even said so in reply to the first person that made the observation. A boy and his sidekick dog, it's not a hard connection to make. Pac is a great artist and he cosigns my work, with that said, great minds think alike; it can't be helped that we eventually come to the same creative conclusions. You have a nice gallery, shame you seem a little narrow minded and very tactless.
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Not narrow minded or haters at all, just that we are not hypocrites.
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Please, explain how I am a hypocrite.
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We never said that, but nevermind.
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Huh? I didn't even know that piece existed. =/
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Bahahaha, yes.
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Damn this is so legit! Doing an adventure time poser as soon as I get holidays in 2 weeks. bloody awesome interp bro!
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Yeah! I love it!
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I was gonna say this is ver tin-Tin-esque, but it has already been mentioned :P Real nice work, man!
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I've never watched Adventure Time and I don't like the bits and pieces that I've seen... but this picture is all kinds of awesome :D
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This is amazing.
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Appreciate the shout out homeboyo!
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This is up on my wall. Next to GAMEBOT.
Haha! Love it! <3
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tumblr famous in 3....2...1...aaannnd GO!
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