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The Twins but Bigger!

The bigger version of the ending breast expansion scene to Dude Where's my Car.
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The is a morphed version of the breast expansion scene at the end of the movie Dude Where's my Car. If you are looking for the name of the characters or actresses, you can find them on the movie's IMDB page.

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Hey buddy can you please get back to me i love your work and i really want a enormous breasts Billie eilish with cleavage and blonde hair because if you can do this then Billie eilish would be amazing thanks my freind

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Omfg i love dude wheres my car this is one of my favorite breasts expansion scenes they are just massive Jennifer garner with enormous breasts so hot amazing work can you please do Billie eilish enormous breasts with blonde hair from her new album she's my favorite with cleavage i love your work thanks my freind please get back to me

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Thank you, I'm sending you a message in chat.

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Now do the Super Hot Giant Alien

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I may have to. A few people have been asking that. ;P

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This was the thing that got me into BE so it's great to see it redone with so much better results!

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Thank you! I guess bigger is better ;P This scene was my introduction to the world of BE as well.

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This is how this movie should have been done! :D

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"Dude! Sweet!" 😀

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One of my fave move that pretty much had all my fetishes giantess, vore, be. Should do a breast expansion version of the super hot giant alien. ;)

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