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March 19, 2012
Skyrim - Alduin by ~hughebdy
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Skyrim - Alduin



I rarely play computer/consol games at all; but my brother was playing Skryim and I had a small go of it - it's good fun; except for the fact that I noticed the AI of the people in the game wasn't very human! Although I have to say the game is very impressive in itself. Anyway, I enjoyed looking more at the artistic side of the game; and annoyed my brother by using up my go running around the landscape as opposed to what I presume he wanted me to do which was complete quests etc.

This was 'inspired' when I saw him battle that big evil dragon character because I needed something to paint (I was bored at the time) and so painted the moment before the battle...

My first proper try at 'realistic' fantasy - I haven't had much practice at all really; so I tend to jump in skill from the last painting. I will be travelling for around 6 Months from 7th Feb (I'm on my gap-year) and so consider this a little taster of what might be in store come July should you choose to watch me.

Enjoy (:

And I'm sorry I can't reply to everyone's comments; but I have read and appreciate them all! (:

Thank you very much for the DD! (:

Please reblog on tumblr etc!

Wallpaper pack can be found here:

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My favourite piece of Skyrim art ever. I'm very committed to using this as my lock screen, and since I just upgraded to a 2k monitor, I got your wallpaper pack. Thanks!