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I just have to say, right away, that contrary to what it may look like, I AM NOT A NAZI! Never have been, never will be. Having a strong "conviction" of Self, or even of Nation, is one thing, but some of the places where THEY took it were just WAY TOO FAR!!! Slaughtering a whole race of people, for WHATEVER REASON is EVIL, no excuses. That said, it is written somewhere that "The winners of wars are the one's who write the history books." An example of this would be whenever Hollywood writers or Comic-book artists or paper-back novelists were looking for a "bad guy" at least, during MY
"impressionable years", they invariably would go with either a "Gangster", or a Nazi. If they wanted to use a villain that was truly evil, though, they'd use a Nazi, and rightfully so. Following that same line of thinking, who better to portray the ultimate Villainess, than a "Nazi Woman"?
I grew up with comic books, used to make sketches while looking at the covers, or inside panels, me and my friend, who had a HUGE collection of mostly "action" comics, with "Super-Heroes" & "Western" & "Sci-Fi & Fantasy" themes and such. But, I was most "drawn" (no pun intended) to the "Army" stuff, in particular "Sgt. Rock & Easy Company" and "Weird War Tales" with "The Unknown Soldier", "Jeb Stuart & The Haunted Tank", and the German pilot "Iron Ace", who I really "got into" when I discovered that my family was German.
My friends & I would play "Army", usually "fighting the Germans" after seeing "War Movies" or "Hogan's Heroes" and also "spurred on" by hearing our Fathers and Uncles talk about THEIR "exploits" during the war.
A couple of things happened so close together around this time, I'm not sure which happened first. One was while we were playing Army, and my older brother had come home to visit, straight from "Haight Ashbury". "Whatcha doing?", he asks. "We're playing Army, fighting." I reply. "Oh." "Who are you fighting?",he asks. "The Germans!", I say. "You know our family is German." He says. "We probably have Uncles & Cousins who fought on that side!", thinking I might see the stupidity of War, the illogic of fighting against one's own relatives. My child-like brain at the time didn't see it the same way. Not long after, I sent $ and a coupon from the back of one of those "Army" comic-books, and got myself a plastic "Stahl-helm" & a fake "Hitler's Youth" knife, had my Dad saw out an "MP-40" out of a piece of ply-wood that I had traced. After that, I was the Nazi that had "defected", so I could still play with my friends. However, I started "gobbling up" information about the Nazis, "glamorizing" some "long-lost" Uncle, or the like. The "other thing" that happened around this same time was discovering, with my best friend, some "Adult Magazines" hidden in his Father's "sock drawer". In there were several "Skin Mags", some "U.F.O." & "Alien" Magazines (Which explains a whole OTHER story!) and a bunch of "Pulp" Magazines.With their covers showing big-breasted Women in tattered Nazi uniforms sporting lugers & machine guns while straddling motorcycles or sitting in "Kubelwagens" or atop tanks, I was "hooked"!Ever since,for me, a strong Woman in uniform, a powerful Woman (but who still retains her femininity) the ultimate Villainess in her most-darkest-of-all Nazi uniform is the pinnacle of the "Femme Fatale"!

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Frida Kahlo, Albrecht Durer.
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To Sleep So As To Dream, Brazil, 12 Monkeys.
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Pink Floyd, Controlled Bleeding, Early S.P.K.
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Robert Anton Wilson.
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Destroy All Humans!
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First Act Drums, Fruity Loops, Photoshop.
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Making Music, Video, Photoshop.

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Thanks for the favorite! :D

My Castle Wolfenstein collection is here:

GothicGamerXIVHobbyist Digital Artist
You're gonna love my 3D portrait of Adelheid:) (Smile)
I really appreciate it, and for the faces and comments!
TimGraysonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice galery's :)
I have to say, coming from you, that means a lot- YOUR work is OUTSTANDING! (I also really dig that you combine so many of my favorite themes: DC/Marvel characters (especially Lady Blackhawk, Wonder Woman, Nick Fury, Sgt. Rock, etc.) WWII themes (Nazis/Hydra, Haunebu,/UFOs, Neu Schwabenland, Pin Ups/“Bombshells”/“Nose-Cone Art”) I could go on & on, but I think that you get the idea. 😉 I’m very curious if you’ve contemplated doing a Graphic Novel along those lines? I (amongst countless others, I’m sure) would LOVE to read it (or at least stare at the AMAZING artwork- You are INCREDIBLE! (Sorry for “gushing”, I just can’t help myself!) Be well, my Friend. Hugh
TimGraysonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Unfortunately, the topic of the Second World War is not very popular ;/
patuljakmaliHobbyist Artist