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Even with all ties to her former employer severed, Miranda still finds some old habits hard to break.
Another companion piece to N7 and LC, and the final one in the series. I ended up spending more time in Photoshop than in SFM with this damn thing. There are some aspects I'm not entirely happy with, but I just didn't want to work on it any more.
Look for the nude version in my Artistic Nudes thread in DigitalEro's gallery section :D
Updated 10/28/13
Many thanks to DemIIsaK for supplying me a fixed bikini model with improved normal maps! I usually don't like modifying completed projects, but the bikini bottoms just looked awful, even after many hours in SFM and PS to try to get it right. Thanks again DemIIsaKLove

Rendered in Source Filmmaker
Miranda by Ganonmaster / Deus ex Nihilo / LordAardvark
Bikini by DemIIsaK
Shepard's Cabin by Evil-Ash
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Haha! Underwear were cut off from her suit? xD
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what's the link to get the model?
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Amazing render - I like Mass Effect!!!! can i ask you where you did the furnitures from. I made my furnitures and szenes by myself. i like tham verry mutch. would you use my furnitures for your pictures? i am interested in trade ressources?
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Thanks for the offer! Your furniture props very nice. They look to be for Daz3D/Poser, and use Source Filmmaker. I don't know the first thing about modelling, so I don't know if they're compatible. Shrug 
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By habits you mean cleaning her weaponry in her undergarments? 
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is there a nude version?
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There was on the steam workshop but the asshat community removed it.
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what do u use to make these? garrysmod?
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All images are rendered in Source Filmmaker.
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I thought so I have NO idea how to use that
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Oh....this is sight is too epic to properly describe, at least accurately! You, HuggyBear742, are a genius and a lord amongst men!

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Garrus: I wonder if something on that bodywork needs a calibration ;)
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-well done -_``~...
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this guy good no doubt about it, but do more, just a fan of your work, i can't even do this shit man, am still learning do it
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This bikini is pretty cool ! I like it !
Just wanted to say impressive work. LOVE the pose, it's sexy as hell! Would there be any chance of you a making a 1080p version of this pic?
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Not sure what you mean by 1080p as it's already 1080x1920. If you wanted a landscape orientation, that wouldn't work as there would be too much negative space on either side.
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in all honesty a thong or simply a bare ass would be better. Your right the bikini bottom did not come out to well.
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Wohoo... Impressive!
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This is superb! Fantastic work!
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