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NOTE - Programs needed for this skin are CoreTemp and MSI Afterburner. CoreTemp is needed for CPU specs and temperature, Afterburner for all graphics related stuff. CoreTemp can be downloaded here: (make sure to opt out of all the ad programs when installing) and Afterburner here:…. Also, make sure to set them up to start with Windows.

Config - settings for all the different changeable variables used in the skin.
CPU info
CPU usage (AMD) - Uses CoreTemp as MSI Afterburner does not support AMD CPUs.
CPU usage (Intel) - Uses MSI Afterburner. CoreTemp is still required if you use the CPU Info module.
RAM usage
Swap usage
GPU info - 4-way SLI/Crossfire supported.
GPU usage - 4-way SLI/Crossfire supported.
GPU VRAM - due to the strange way Afterburner detects VRAM usage in multi-GPU, only one module is required. Read the Config help section for more info.
Drive usage
Network - see the relevant Config help section for setting up.
Spacers - they provide small gaps in order to group modules together (e.g. between Swap and HDD 1 in the image above).
Sidebars - auto-adjusts height to the screen resolution of the monitor it is active on.
Vertical spacers - in case you use more than one sidebar. It is a transparent, 10 pixel wide column with two accent lines at either side, as can be seen in the preview above in (between the sidebars).

*Some parts may not function correctly as I do not have the hardware to test them. Also, some hardware may not support the functionality in the first place, such as CPU voltage and GPU voltage/fan rpm.

- ‘mepu’, author of the HUD.Vision skin on the website. I was a big fan of the look of his skin but some things just weren't to my preference so I started building System.Monitor.HUD to fit my own taste while keeping a similar look.
- 'jsmorley', moderator/developer on the Rainmeter Forums.  For the help he's given me and other authors when we have trouble figuring stuff out with our skins.

LICENCE - do whatever you want with my RM skin, you're welcome to. All I ask is that if you share/upload it somewhere, just put a mention of my name and/or link to this page. 

© 2012 - 2021 Huggi9
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Hi, awesome work! I do have a question however,

- Is it possible to remove the volt/fan from the GPU info? I use a custom loop so the fans are not installed so it's useless information, same for the voltage. Is there a possible way to edit and remove these 2 options?
- Is there a way to make a black/red look or are we stuck to default colours?
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I've been using this skin for a loooong time, but suddenly coretemp started to freeze my entire PC due to insane memory leaks, so I had to uninstall it.

Without it the cpu temps on the skin reported a sad 0c.

I realized MSI Afterburner supports cpu temp reading.
I downloaded the plugin for rainmeter and (without any prior rainmeter "coding" experience) after an hour of trying to figure out how to edit the config files so they read the temp from Afterburner instead, I finally made it.

I copied the entire "graphs" section from "cpu" in "metermeasure" into each cpu config file and added "[Measure.CPU_Temp]" by slightly tweaking the code from the GPU section, so it reads the cpu instead.

It's ghetto as hell, but it works.

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Could you give me some more info on how to do this so i can do the same. I don't know how to do this with the info you are now giving. I get the idea, but don't know how to do it for myself. The issue with CoreTemp i am having is that it will no longer run on my Windows 10 Pro. I need some settings to be what they are to run how i need to, those same settings prevent running CoreTemp. It's a known CoreTemp issue for like a year now and i don't see a solution coming anytime soon. So i would love to see those CPU temps again.
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The Intel CPU modules are already using Afterburner readouts though? Last time I updated the skin, AB didn't support AMD CPUs which is why I split them into the two groups.
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In Windows 10 upload and download speeds don't work anymore. They both just stay a 0 KB/s. Internal and external IP do work so the module is working. Does anyone know a fix ?
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It works fine for me in Windows 10 though? Maybe check the network interface numbers again since upgrading OS may have changed the indexing...
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Thank you for your reply. I had this issue after a fresh Win 10 installation. I checked the network interface number and that was set at 4. Changed it to 1 and this fixed the issue. Thanks :)
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I was wondering if there is a way to change the unit display from metric 2 Fahrenheit on the CPU readings?
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Both Afterburner (for Intel CPU) and CoreTemp (for AMD CPU) can report temps in Fahrenheit. You'd then need to edit one file to change the display from °C to °F.

Afterburner -  open "Settings" > "User Interface" tab > change "Temperature Format" to Fahrenheit.
CoreTemp - open "Settings" > "Display" tab > tick "Display temperatures in Fahrenheit".
Now, open "Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\System.Monitor.HUD\Resources\MeterMeasure\" in Notepad then edit the very last line (change the C to a F). Save, exit, and refresh Rainmeter.
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this skin is perfectly written, nice code did you hand write every line?
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In it's current form, yes. It did originally start off as a modified version of another skin but I eventually rewrote the entire code to include extra features and also simplify it (the ability to share the same code between multiple modules by using "@ include" is very handy).
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How can i change the font? I was able to change the font for CPU info but not GPU info. Thanks
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Open up "Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\System.Monitor.HUD\@ Resources\MeterMeasure\" with a text editor and the settings are there. If you want to change the font for everything at once, then just open up "Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\System.Monitor.HUD\@ Resources\" and change the font setting there ("Font" is the main one, "Font2" is used for the text in the Notes config). You might have to tweak the sizes though if you change the entire font.

For future reference, if you see an "@ include" line in a config, then it points towards the "@ Resources" folder in your Rainmeter skins directory. For example, my GPU Info config has the line "@include2=#@#MeterMeasure\" which points to "@ Resources\MeterMeasure\" and then it copies everything in that file into the current file. It's quite handy for sharing code between multiple configs.
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whoa man, fantastic, best system meter around :D ty!!
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Thanks for thisss! After a long search, your skin is the one I use. It has all I wanted to see. I modified it a little and I´ll post a screenshot of my desktop linking to your work. Thanks again mate! :D
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Thanks! I'll probably be doing a complete overhaul once my uni exams are finished though. 
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I'm unable to get GPU readings from Afterburner as well.
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Which readings? All of them or just some?
Have you downloaded the .dll plugin from here: [link]? The plugin isn't natively included in Rainmeter so you have to download it.
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Thanx i really love it, great work. Finally something clean and simple. Just modified some values here and there. If only i knew how to add some transparent background it wood be perfect :no:. Waiting for your next version, maybe i can get the background out :D
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I've been thinking about adding a background too. I didn't realise it at first since I use a pure black background with no image... I'll add it into my next update (still having issues trying to understand how to make a options edit screen like Kaelri did in Enigma which is why it's being delayed).
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