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Rewritten OC - Red Riding Hood

( My God.  I’ve worked on this thing for WEEKS!  Actually I finished the picture not too long ago, its all the WRITING that has taken me forever and a day to finish!  This girl has gone through so many changes you wouldn't believe it.  But I’ve finally done it.  And here it is.  Speaking of which, I may have beaten my own record at longest profile story to any character I’ve ever had with this one.  I am so so sorry for the massive wall of text I am about to inflict on you guys.  I condensed it as best I could and it still turned into a mile long novel ^^;  Sorry.   Also, you may notice how I refer to the wolves as Lycans as oppose to “Werewolves” because I just simply refuse to use that term.  I just… no.  Anyways here we go, the Rewritten version of Little Red Riding Hood! 8D )



  In the kingdom of Lore there exists many unique and fantastical creatures that roam freely across the realm.  Most of these creatures exist peacefully amongst the human population of the kingdom… but not all.  Some of the most feared monstrosities Lore has to offer reside just beyond the deepest reaches of the kingdom’s forests, hidden amongst the blanket of shadows.  And one particular group of fearsome beings are those of the Lycan tribes, bloodthirsty shapeshifting humanoids that can transform into monstrous wolf-like counterparts in order to hunt unsuspecting victims and satisfy their hunger for carnage and blood.

  And that is where our story begins.

  While some of the tribes have taken to simply hiding themselves away from humanity altogether, most of the Lycans see humans as their favorite form of prey.  As such, humans and wolves have had a long standing war with each other for as long as anyone can remember.  However, humanity was still at a huge disadvantage against these supernatural beasts.  Even with the proper tools, it was almost impossible for a human to be fully capable of fighting back against these monsters.  But fate has a funny way of changing things.  And all it took was one wrong turn through the forest.  Traveling back from the southern most area of Lore, a nobleman from the Central City was anxious to return home and get out of the dreadful woods.  He had heard the rumors and warnings of the dark forest and till now he thought of them as nothing but tall tales.  But once he was actually amongst the tall looming trees he began to feel like he might be the next unfortunate soul to get swallowed up by the forest’s dark shadows, never to be heard from again.  He had expected to have arrived at the city by now.  Perhaps he should have made a right instead of a left at the last junction.  What he didn’t expect was his cart to suddenly slam to a halt as the wheels ram themselves into something.  Hesitantly the man stepped down from his cart but his blood instantly ran cold at the sight of a body of a white wolf lying motionless behind of his cart.  The legends and myths of these woods quickly fill his mind once again and his immediate thought was to just leave as quickly as he could… but he couldn’t.  The animal was clearly hurt, he couldn’t just leave the thing to suffer.  And expecting closer he could see that the impact had done considerable damage to its hind leg.  But as he continued to look over the creature, his eyes suddenly go wide in shock when the wolf’s form slowly changes to that of a human woman.  He had heard of the Lycans but… he had never seen one in person.  And according to the stories not many have met a Lycan in person and lived to tell the tale.  Every fiber in his being told him to run… but in the back of his mind he just couldn’t shake the argument that even though she was one of the most feared and dangerous creatures in Lore, he couldn’t and wouldn’t  leave an injured woman lying in the middle of the road.  Especially since it was his fault to begin with.  But after having retrieved some medical supplies from his cart to tend to the woman’s wounds the woman woke up from her daze and immediately began growling and snapping at the young man, making it impossible to approach closer without receiving some sort of injury.  Realizing there wasn’t much else he could do until the young woman calmed down the nobleman did the only thing he could think of.  Cautiously walking over to where he was only just a few feet away from her, he slowly sat down on the path and calmly spoke to her.  He started off by apologizing for injuring her and how he just wanted to help her by mending her leg.  No response.  He was sure Lycans could talk, but it seemed like she wasn’t much for talking right now.  Fair enough, he would just have to have the conversation for the both of them then.  And so he did.  It seemed like hours that the young man sat there talking about anything he could possibly think of, hoping eventually she would calm down enough to see he meant her no harm.  All the while the woman just sat there, silent and with no expression on her face.  Eventually the man’s span of topics to discuss began to dwindle and he then grew silent himself.  Deciding to test fate once more, he slowly and ever cautiously approached the young woman again.  This time however, she didn’t growl or snap at him.  She barely even moved.  The only evidence that she was even still alive was that her eyes were fiercely locked onto him, watching intently on every single move he made.  Her intense and silent stare was incredibly unsettling, but the man took it as a sign of permission for him to tend to her leg while at the same time acting as a warning that one false move would result in him being a dead man.  Taking in a deep breath to settle his nerves, the man proceeded.  He cleaned and wrapped up the wound to the best of his abilities and tied off the wrapping.  But as soon as he finished tying the knot, the woman shifted forms and before he could even react he was pinned to the ground and the wolf bared its teeth and growled low at him as she precariously stood over him.  He knew this was it, this was the end.  But the end never came.  The wolf just stood there, growling at him until eventually all she was doing was intensely staring at him once again.  What felt like the longest minute of his life finally came to an end when the wolf simply leapt over him and dashed towards the tree line, giving one last glance back at the man before disappearing amongst the shadow of the trees.  The young man was left there speechless but incredibly grateful to be alive.  So with one of the most harrowing experiences of his lifetime over with, he jumped into his cart and made it back to the Central City.  Vowing that if he ever saw another wolf in his life it would be too soon.  He had no idea just how soon that would be however.  While the young man was set to forget the whole ordeal, the Lycan woman could not easily forget his actions.  She didn’t understand it.  Why would a human willingly help her?  He clearly knew what she was.  So why?  She had heard about humans’ traits of compassion and mercy.  It’s what made them so weak and detestable in the eyes of Lycans.  Even so, why extend such charity towards her kind?  It didn’t make sense.  She wanted answers.  And she was going to get them.

  She was able to track the path the man traveled through the forest but she stopped short when she saw the city come into view.  The walled perimeter of the Central City barred off any use of dark magic or entities to be able to pass through the gates.  There was no possible way she would be able to enter…. not without a little help that is.  Her mother happened to be a nature shaman that resided within the woods, surely she would have some magical something that could help her get pass the magical barrier.  However, knowing that her venture probably wouldn’t be found favorable by her mother she decided to keep it a secret for now.  So she waited for her mother to leave her home and she snuck inside to rummage through her various magical artifacts.  After several minutes of searching she eventually came across a pure white hooded cloak that would protect the wearer by suppressing the powers of any magical force or entity she were to come in contact with.  That would do.  Deciding to borrow the cloak for now, she threw it on and was able to effortlessly slip through the barrier unscathed.  It didn’t take long for her to pick up the man’s trail again and she was able to find his home within just a matter of minutes.  When the man came home it was understandably the biggest surprise of his life to see the Lycan woman there waiting in his living room.  He could barely even get one word out before the woman started bombarding him with question after question.  Admittedly it made his head spin with all the questions she was unexpectedly throwing at him, but eventually he was able to understand that she was mainly asking about why he had helped her.  When the questions eventually stopped coming the man just went quiet for a few seconds.  Frankly, he wasn’t quite sure how to answer.  With how terrified he was then, he was kind of surprised he had helped her as well.  But clearly something pushed him into assisting her, even risking his own life to do so.  So after a moment of contemplation, he came up with the simplest answer he could think of.  “It was the right thing to do”.  This answer baffled the girl even more.  The right thing to do?  In the eyes of her tribe it would have been the stupidest thing he could have done.  She was raised around the idea of survival of the fittest and self-preservation.  She could have easily had killed him right then and there in the forest.  She thought about it too.  He hadn’t even bothered to try and save his own skin back there.  Instead he just sat there with her and…. and talked.  No, it didn’t make sense.  She once again started questioning him again and the man simply sat down with her like he would any other guest, admittedly kind of amused with the turn of events and happy to give her any answer he could provide.  From then on, the girl would regularly leave the familiarity of the forest and sneak back into the city where they would talk for hours on end.  They talked about anything and everything that was on their minds.  They learned about the traditions of each other’s cultures and upbringing.  Although they differed in many different ways, they were also very similar in others.  With each visit, they began to create a surprising friendship that was considered completely unheard of in Lore.  But as time went on, their friendship grew to be something more.  As much as the nobleman had learned from her, she learned even more from him.  She finally began to understand all the seemingly unnecessary and complex emotions that the humans had, about compassion and mercy.  They weren’t signs of weakness.  But that of incredible strength to be able to show such resistance and grant forgiveness and compassion upon those who may or may not deserve it.  And that’s what she had come to love about him.  In time, the man proposed to her.  In her eyes however, he was asking for much more than just her hand in marriage.  He was asking her to leave her home, the forest, her tribe.  Everything she ever knew.  Could she really live inside the city walls?  And what of her appearance?  Her yellow wolf like eyes common to the Lycan wouldn’t exactly go unnoticed.  And what of their children?  If they were to ever have a family, there was no doubt that she would unfortunately pass on the burden of the wolf’s curse onto them.  She had come to love the man with all her heart… but something of this magnitude…. she needed time to think.  To come to a rational decision.  And so the woman returned to the forest, heading to the one person she trusted to give her the best advice on the situation.  She returned to her mother’s home and wholeheartedly explained everything to her.   How the human had helped her in her time of need, how she had stolen the cloak from her in order to sneak into the city and more importantly how she had come to fall in love with this man and was now faced with the decision to leave the forest for good.  At first the mother was not at all pleased about learning of all the secrecy and deception that had gone on behind her back.  But the way her daughter talked about this human was something she had never witnessed before in her.  There was something special there.  And a Lycan falling in love with a human, well, it wasn’t exactly something she was a stranger to.  So with a sincere smile she simply told her daughter that this wasn’t something that she couldn’t answer for her, if she truly loved him then the answer would come to her.  And if she went through with it, then she had her mother’s blessing.  The woman thought long and hard on the matter, weighing every single pro and con she could come up with.  But with ever con and doubt that would come up in her mind, the single and most undeniable  pro was still ever present and seemed to outweigh any uncertainty plaguing her decision.  She loved him.  With that, she came to her decision.  She would accept the man’s proposal…. but first, she needed her mother’s help with one last thing.  So without even the slightest hesitation on her part, she asked her to take away the wolf’s curse from her.  To make her completely human.  This was something no full blooded Lycan had ever requested or would even consider doing so.  But if she was going to live inside the city walls she would not risk the possibility of losing control over her Lycan form.  And this way she would have peace of mind in knowing she would no longer be in danger of spreading the curse on to any future children.  This was a tall order to ask, but if this was what her daughter truly wanted then she would do it for her.  And so she did.  The young woman was cleansed of her cursed form and she returned to the city where her and the nobleman were happily wedded.  A few years later the couple were then blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  And for the next few years to come they found it best to keep the truth of their family’s history from their daughter, at least until she was old enough to fully understand.  Until then, the family continued to live a peaceful and content life within the safety of the city’s walls.  And they lived happily ever after.


For awhile.

  For nearly ten years they were successful at hiding the truth of their family from everyone within the city.
  But it wasn’t those in the city they should have been concerned about.  The Lycan tribes have unexpected form of sources throughout the land and it wasn’t long until the matter reached one of the tribes’ Alpha leaders.  And he was not pleased with the news, not pleased at all.  This was an outrage, a total and unforgivable disgrace against the Lycans.  And he would not allow this to stand.  If the rogue Lycan would not return back to her tribe by her own free will, then she would die with the worthless humans she had betrayed them for.  Every village within the forest area was then attacked and searched throughly in an attempt to locate the family, marking it as one of the most brutal raids issued by the wolves in the history of Lore.  It wasn’t long till word of the attacks made its way into the city, causing people to wonder what in the world would cause the Lycans to suddenly initiate such an all out assault after so many years.  Though those in the city didn’t have much to worry about as the wolves would never be able to make it past the gates.  But not everyone was so optimistic.  The Lycan woman knew her involvement with the humans would have caused some strife amongst the tribes, but nothing like this.  She knew these raids were initiated in order to hunt down her and her family and it was only a matter of time until they made their way to the city.  And they couldn’t just rely on the city’s walls to keep them safe.  She knew all to well there were ways of getting around the effects of the barrier.  Their family was no longer safe here.  After careful consideration of their situation they decided their only hope was to leave the city and make their way towards the northern mountain range.  No matter how strong their vendetta was against her the Lycans would never travel that far away from the forests.  With their decision made, the family packed their belongings and under the cover of night headed for the mountain range.  Most of the Lycan tribes resided within the southern forests so there should have been no danger of coming across any of them.  At least, that’s what they thought.  Somehow their journey had been made known and it wasn’t far through the northern forest that they suddenly came face to face with a monstrous wolf of impossible size, the Alpha leader of her tribe.  In total there were exactly seven Alpha leaders that were head over seven different tribes.  This leader however, was the most feared and notorious out of all of them.  And the most deadly.  And now he was standing right in front of them, looming over them with the look of absolute murder in his eyes.  They barely even had time to utter a word before the cart they were traveling in was ripped apart.  It seemed like only a few seconds as everything went by in a blur of panicked screams and flashes of red.  Although severally wounded, the man managed to grab a nearby branch and with his last minutes he attempted to distract the monstrous wolf and told his family to run.  With no other option left, the woman scooped her daughter into her arms and fled into the darkness of the forest.  But horribly wounded herself she wasn’t able to make it far before the wolf once again cut off their path.  Swiping his razor like claws against her back the woman collapsed to the ground, dropping her daughter in the process.  The beast then slammed his paw against the woman’s back, pinning her to the ground.  As the claws slowly dug into her body all she could do was look up and plead for her daughter to run and never look back.

  The little girl was petrified and utterly frozen in fear, so much so she could barely even move.  Torn between the emotions of wanting to help some how and wanting to run as far away as she could, she just couldn’t find the strength to do either.  It wasn’t long until the woman’s cries slowly faded into silence that the gigantic wolf then slowly turned his attention onto the little girl.  At that moment she could feel her legs attempt to turn herself around to run, but it was already too late.  All she could do was scream as the wolf’s teeth sunk deep into her shoulder and its claws ripped across her body.  The wolf then opened its mouth wide and his teeth precariously positioned around the girl’s throat as he readied to snap the girl’s neck, finally being able to put the matter to rest…. but it never came.  Instead, the wolf felt the agonizing and sharp pain of a heavy axe being thrusted deep into the back of his own neck, causing him to collapse and release his hold on the girl.  With one quick pull to dislodge his axe out of the wolf’s body, the Woodsman that had responded upon hearing the screams immediately went on checking to see if the little girl was still alive.  Upon first glance at her mauled little form only convinced him that their was no way she could have survived such an attack.  But he was then utterly surprised when the little girl took in a sharp breath of air.  Being in such critical condition the man took no time in scooping her up and running as fast as he could back towards the city, taking only a second to look back at the wolf’s body.  He knew it wasn’t dead, only stunned.  It’s hard enough to kill a regular Lycan, it’s nearly impossible to kill an Alpha.  But an axe to the back of the head would at least ensure that he wouldn’t be getting back up anytime soon.  In any other situation he would have stuck around to make sure the job was finished, but the little girl needed serious medical attention and the healers in the city was his best bet of getting the help she needed.  It didn’t take long for him to reach the city gates.  Almost completely out of breath from the strenuous running, he did his best to to explain to the guards through gasping breaths what had happened.  As he attempted to make his way inside he was shocked when the guards denied him entrance.  If the little girl had been bitten by an Alpha Lycan, he knew all to well what that meant.  She was infected.  It would have been different if it was just a regular wolf, but with the Alpha’s being the only ones capable of passing on the curse through their bite then there was no way they could risk a freshly bitten victim to suddenly go rogue within in the city walls.  And unfortunately she wouldn’t be able to pass through the barrier while cursed anyways.  Not being able to believe that they would just turn a blind eye to the child slowly dying in his arms, he had no choice but to find her help elsewhere.  But not without leaving the guards with a few choice words first.  With time growing shorter and shorter for the girl he realized that the only place close enough he could take her was his own home.  And so that’s where he went.  The journey back was a little harder with him being so out of breath, but he managed the best he could.  Once there, he immediately got to work and attended to her severe wounds.  Hours passed as he mended her to the best of his abilities.  Thankfully, the girl survived.  Although alive, without the professional help she needed she had lost sight in her one eye and her body would be left with several visible scars.  But with the girl now out of harm’s way the woodsman left her to rest and went out to see if he could find her parents or whoever she had been traveling with.  Unfortunately, he found them.  It was painfully clear that the poor child was now an orphan.  So with a heavy heart he gathered up as much of the family’s belongings as he could to take back with him, wondering what he was going to do with the little girl now.  The only things he could find that were still in one piece was a journal, a small pile of the girl’s clothing and a white cloak.  

  Initially the man’s first thought was to take the girl to an orphanage after she healed in order for her to find a proper family that could take care of her.
  But as the weeks went by during her recovery, the trip to the orphanage was gradually put off later and later until he was raising her like she was his own.  The course of the years were not an easy one as the curse was still alive and well within the girl, completely taking over her at times and making her incredibly dangerous during these episodes.  But he felt he was still the best person to handle the situation.  He had been a part of the Huntsmen clan for several years before finally severing all ties with them but he practically knew the ins and outs of nearly every creature and monster of Lore.  Including the Lycans.  So he knew the best ways to help her overcome the curse and settle the monster inside her the best that she could.  But they faced a much bigger problem than that.  Once it was confirmed that the child had lived, it wasn’t long before the Lycans were once again sent back out to hunt the girl down.  Though this time it was different.  They were facing against an ex-Huntsman to get to the child, a person that had been part of the only group of humans strong and knowledgable enough to take on the wolves and live.  But even that wasn’t quite enough.  To keep the girl out of harm’s way they were constantly moving around the kingdom, never calling a place home for too long.  And with the Woodsman getting older throughout the years, their best option was just to keep running.  But that would soon change.

With the Woodsman doing everything in his power to keep her alive and well, the once frightened little girl grew to become an adventurous and fearless young woman while under his care.  At the age of sixteen, they had found a small town to the far west of Lore known as Littleport that they were actually able to settle in for almost a year without any instances.  She loved the town and it was the first place that felt like home in the longest time.  But the peace would not last and it wasn’t long till the Woodsman got wind of the Lycans having found their new location.  Meaning once again having to go on the run, the young woman reluctantly began packing up her things.  But as she came to one box she hesitated for a moment.  This certain box contained the few items the Woodsman had gathered after her family had been attacked.  She never really had the strength to look at the things before and really had forgotten all about them.  But… maybe it was about time she did.  The only things left in the box now were the white hooded cloak and the old tattered journal.  Her mother’s journal.  Completely distracted from continuing her packing, for the first time she read through the journal and was shocked at what she found.  It was everything from the time her mother met her father all the way up to the day they had left the city.  Everything finally made sense.  All the secrecy in the family, why the giant wolf attacked them and why the other wolves continued to hunt her down to this day.  Everything.  Including how her grandmother just might be the answer to finally breaking the curse inflicted upon her.  Though while the contents of the journal should have provided some bit of closure and comfort to her, each passing word she read about how her family was ultimately killed over some meaningless feud only caused her to grow angrier.  After reading the entire journal through she immediately told the Woodsman everything she had found out.  More importantly, she told him how she wasn’t going to leave the town.  She was tired of running.  Instead he could teach her how to fight, how to protect herself.  To teach her how to handle the wolves the Huntsmen way like he does.  Either way, she was going to fight back with or without his help.  A lengthy argument ensued of course, but it wasn’t long until the Woodsman relented.  She was right.  She needed to learn how to protect herself.  He wouldn’t be around forever.  Even so, he could sense the strong vengeful emotions she must have been harboring for so many years and he made her promise that everything he taught her would only be used for self-defense, not genocide.  The Huntsmen mercilessly seek out any and all fantasy creatures of Lore and either strike them down out of spite or for selfish gain.  It took him years to finally see the monster he had become, he would not let her tread down the same regrettable path.  She agreed.  That night, instead of fleeing from the town they went into the forest on the outskirts of the town and waited.  This time though, he asked the girl to wait up in a nearby tree and to have her watch how he handled the wolves.It wasn’t long till a handful of the Lycan scouts showed up.  With them only being scouts, it only took a few minutes until he had the wolves scampering away with their tails between their legs.  After the small scrap the Woodsman leaned against the tree and took a minute to rest.  It was a good thing he was going to teach her how to fight cause he was getting too old for this.  Having paid careful consideration to his technique and fighting style, there was something she noticed rather interesting.  Although the Woodsman’s axe made for a nice deterrent, it still wasn’t enough of a weapon to kill them.  However, that wasn’t the interesting part.  What was interesting was that with every strike he made against the beasts and the blood that inevitably was spread across the area, apparently the scent of it seemed to put them on edge.  They almost acted frightened.  The Woodsman confirmed this by saying that since the Lycans were near indestructible, when someone was actually capable of injuring them enough to draw blood the scent tended to put them off.  Almost like it was a instinctual warning to them that whatever they were trying to mess with they should really have second thoughts about doing so.  This sparked an idea.  Taking a small empty vial the young woman gathered a bit of the Lycans’ blood that was leftover from the fight.  Returning home she then took her mother’s white cloak and dyed it in the Lycan’s blood, turning it a dark shade of red.  It was perfect.  Now if the wolves insisted on continuing to come after her then her hood would provide the initial warning as to just how bad an idea that was.  And she would no longer hold anything back.  She would give the wolves a taste of their own medicine, even if it meant releasing her cursed form on them to do so.  From then on the Woodsman continued to train her on how to fend off the wolves, eventually no longer needing his help in doing so.  She had grown to become a deadly force to be reckoned with.  But only when the situation called for it.  She remembered how her mother talked about compassion and mercy and she would make sure to never lose that side of herself.  And from her mother’s journal there was now a shred of hope to be seen.  If she could locate her grandmother, maybe she could lift the wolf’s curse from her as she did for her mother.  But the journal didn’t give any mention on where she was located, but she would scour all of Lore if she had to.  If only to finally meet her only surviving family member she never knew she had.  Until then, she would make a stand.  Littleport was her home now and she wasn’t going anywhere.  The wolves had taken numerous homes away from her, she wouldn’t let them take this one.  No more running.  No more hiding.  If the Lycans were dead set on hunting her down, then let them come.  She’ll give them something to really be afraid of.


Name: Arriana
Nicknames: “Red” by mere acquaintances and those in her town, “Ari” by close friends
Age: 23
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 135


Agile Fighter - Having been trained for years by the Woodsman, Arriana has learned nearly every tactic and method that the Huntsmen themselves use in fighting, making her an incredibly dangerous individual if one were to push her to that point. 
 In a fight, she initially only uses her staff to just try and deter her opponent from even continuing with the fight.  If that is merely met with more hostility, she won’t hesitate to use harsher tactics and pull out some of her deadlier weapons.  She is extremely fast on her feet and her fighting style is just at quick and unexpected, her skills rivaled only by the professionally trained soldiers and warriors of Lore.

Wolf-like Senses - Since she is currently unable to rid herself of the curse upon her, she has decided to momentarily embrace it. 
 Without having to fully succumb to the curse Arriana is able to initiate smaller forms of her abilities ranging from superhuman reflexes and hearing, a heightened sense of smell and increased eyesight especially at night.

Lycan Form - This is usually only used as a last resort.  She can choose to succumb to the curse but trying to return to her human form becomes increasingly more difficult.  Though half the time since she hasn’t fully found a way to control her cursed form it will just take over on its own.  While in this state, she becomes a sadistic, bloodthirsty monster.  One upside to using this form is that its nearly impossible to truly harm her while in this form as all Lycan share a form of regenerative healing.  Though, if she can help it, the only times she ever chooses to use this form is against the other Lycans or a seriously dangerous opponent that just won’t stay down.  While Lycan’s typically have a complete wolf form, the only things that have ever changed on her are the appearance of her eyes and her hands turning into sharp claws.  She’s never turned into a full wolf before, but she’s afraid if she ever does she just might not be able to come out of it.


- One thing that her and all Lycan’s share is that of their weakness to silver. 
 It is one of the only materials in Lore capable of killing them just by using the tiniest fraction of it.  A weapon embedded with silver can immediately shut down their regenerative healing and can even cause them to revert back to their humanoid form.  Which is why all of Arriana’s weapons, except for her staff, are lined with silver.  On the same note, with having the same deadly reaction to silver she has to be highly cautious when even using her own weapons as they could inflict massive burns if her skin even touches the metal.

- While she does her best to try and keep her cursed form under control, there are some instances that can end up inevitably drawing her inner demon out.  One of which being her temper.  A Lycan is generally a beast of uncontrollable wrath and bloodlust so if her emotions get the better of her she can unintentionally throw herself into her cursed form.  Even just fighting in general is just another risk of transforming if she gets too carried away.  Another trigger can be that of the smell of blood.  More importantly human blood.  This one is definitely difficult to keep in check as even the smallest bit of blood can draw out her inner Lycan.  So while on the occasional instances she finds herself protecting her little town from the occasional thief or bandit, one well aimed punch can turn into an all out slaughter if she doesn’t keep herself in line.


Arriana is definitely a mixed bag personality wise, mainly due to her divided upbringing.  She was raised at a young age in a noble's household and expected to act like a little lady while on the other hand she then grew up under the care and guidance of a gruff old woodsman.  So her personality can be very split at times.  Most of the time she will conduct herself as a proper lady.  Up until the point she initiates a bar fight in the tavern and just has to punch somebody in the face.  But that's just for fun.  Her manner is normally often cool and very level headed, it usually takes a lot to get her worked up over anything.  She is generally very witty in her speaking and enjoys a good bit of banter and sarcasm.  In fact, whenever she is completely serious and devoid of all humor is when she is considered at her most dangerous.  Except for some of the people her and the Woodsman constantly associate with in the local tavern of Littleport she generally likes to keep to herself, finding it better not to make strong ties with anyone as they could just be another person she could potentially lose.  And she is highly protective and defensive about keeping the nature of her curse a secret as best she can, never divulging it to anyone unless she has come to wholeheartedly trust them.

Extra Info

-  While she does wear the same magical hooded cloak her mother once wore, the cloak's effects are still there but the magical properties have definitely diluted over time and are no longer near as strong as they once were.  Meaning she could probably sneak back into the Central City if she really wanted to.  But frankly, she doesn't feel like there's really anything worth going back to.

-  Even though she is highly skilled in using most weapons, ranged weapons are something she has trouble handling.  Being blind in one eye has drastically changed her depth perception so she generally likes to stick to close combat type weapons.

- Besides her arsenal of impressive weapons another thing the Woodsman has lent her is a small book known as a Huntsmen Guide, a complete encyclopedia of nearly ever creature in Lore ranging from their characteristics down to their individual weaknesses.  It's something she's found very useful when coming across some unfamiliar creatures in her detailed search of Lore while trying to locate her Grandmother.  She is often seen quietly scribbling away in her little book as she makes additional notes and sketches of some of the creatures she's come across.

(So. Much. Writing.  I think I covered everything I wanted to.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.  My hands are tired and my eyes are officially starting to cross.  I’m going to bed.

And RPs are definitely open. )

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She reminds me of Raven from the good Teen Titans
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Red's really pretty
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Why would you refuse to say "werewolf"? That's what they are!
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I really just mean that more in a joking way.  It’s just whenever I hear “werewolf” anymore it makes me think to the version the Twilight series made them out to be :/  Just a bunch of angsty teens runnin’ around XD  And I just like the sound of “Lycan” better too, the term is so rarely used nowadays and yet it sounds so neat. ^^
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Might I suggest "Homo lycanthropus" then?
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That sounds pretty cool too!  Little bit long though to try and remember, for me at least ^^;
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Anyway, she's pretty
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((Oh I like her background story awesome job on that, plus she looks like a bad-ass plus a wild one maybe because she has some Lycan blood running through those veins of her lol.  You don't like the term werewolves it's because of the Twlight or whatever you call it? Yeah I remember when that start coming out....ugh! XD )) 

When the sky above Littleport started to turn into dusk; which was the finally stage of the end of the day for now, until the next sun rise that’s. Soon afterwards the town-folks swiftly gathered their children, who presently were playing on the cobblestone street, once they set the youngsters to bed. They soon retired to their somewhat comfortable beds for the nigh. But not everyone in Littleport was not sounds asleep unlike the others, and that lead toward a building that had candle lights illuminating the dark slightly. Yet inside it was still brighter comparing outside’s.  The building was other than the town very own local Tavern  that was full of life at the time being.  However it wasn’t your usual consumers; there were your different types of uncharitable groups of people here like:  Got your cut-throats, sell-swords and any other sort of thief or thug...…All willing to make some gold through violence means, or any other uncivil work.

At a table that wasn’t too far-away from the bar, there sat two male sell-swords, one was a lot older maybe around his late-ish  50’s while the other one who was sitting across the table looked to be around his mid-way twenties. At first the two men were having a small conversation about how was their day went so far, before having a discuss about anything else. It also shows you they have some history between the two.  “Hey, Berryn” The mid-way twenty old  soldier of fortune merely said before stopping for a moment; when trying to remember what was it that, to tell his companion about. Which his friend just annoyed him anyway, until the young one did something to get the senior attention.  Immediately making the old money-oriented man grumble toward his young companion “What, did you said.” The old man said while looking at him still. “Did you heard there been recent attacks out young children around her, they say something had drain their blood from them; while they’re sleeping.  Andy said in a whisper, that is when his companion shouts out what loudly “Oh that is wonderful, we have Lycans and now we have a damn blood-suck around now!” The old man said while crossing his arms over his chest. “Hey keep it down you old goat, *signing* anyway at least those mutts have been quiet and not bugging us that much anymore…..But again that does concern me so.” The young lad in a reply while rubbing the back of his neck. “But, the families of these children. Hired a hunter up where the Steampunk city is; that’s what I heard that’s.”

Meanwhile when Andy the young soldier of fortune was talking to him, Berryn was nursing himself with nice Ale from his wooded tankard while listening to him. It wasn’t long until he places the tankard down against the table. “Great a hunter is coming now, just wonderful like we need them anyway…..” He huff before looking around the place. “Y-yeah, yeah sure…..Anyway they said the hunter should been here by now…”   All that the young sell-sword got a reply to him was a grunt, before the old man wants back drinking of his warm Ale.

Just outside of Littleport’s entrance the hunter from the Steampunk city had already arrive to the town. He had stopped his horse in the middle on the gate-way; so he can looked at the letter that was sent by one of the families along the map of Lore afterwards. “Mmm, this must be the correct location that the family member had mentioned.” Lucas said before putting the map and letter back to his saddle-bags. After placing those items away, he slightly give his steed a gently kick in the side. In a way to make the horse started too walked again. Once the horse’s hooves began to hit against the cobblestone it began to make a sound of clip-clops from the horse-shoes.
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(Thank you very much! ^u^  And yeah, Twilight kind of ruined the term werewolf for me forever ^^;  Though to be fair they kind of ruined the Vampire name as well :/ )

It was a rather lively scene in the tavern this peaceful Littleport evening.  The men were boisterous and hardy as they recounted exaggerated tales of their daring adventures over cool mugs of the house ale, the bar maids were as hospitable as ever as they made their rounds to pass out each of the customers' respective drinks, and the modest sized band of musicians filled the vast hall with joyous and catchy tunes.  While everyone continued to mingle with one another and just generally enjoy themselves in the festive atmosphere, one young woman sat quietly at the bar away from all of the excitement and was apparently just keeping to herself for the evening.  And she wasn't exactly hard to spot in that bright red cloak she was wearing.  She merely sat at the far end of the bar's counter and quietly nursed her glass of ale.  It had been a long day and Arriana was more than happy spending her evening with a tall glass of her favorite drink.  She'd spent most of the day trying to track down any sight of possible Lycan activity, only to turn up nothing.  Which was exactly what she had received yesterday.  And the day before that.  And the day before that.  It wasn't like she wanted the Lycans around of course, but not seeing any sort of sign of them in the area was reason enough for concern.  It seemed like they were avoiding the area as of late.  But why?  Unfortunately she didn't have an answer for that, which is why she felt the need for a drink.  Perhaps relaxing a bit might turn up an idea of some sort.  If not, well, a few drinks wouldn't hurt either way.  Having been there already for a good hour or so, her attention is then suddenly drawn towards the loud grumblings of an older man sitting with a younger lad just a few tables away.  She had tuned out most of the conversations going on around her, but as soon as she heard the word Lycan her attention was certainly peaked.  Using her sensitive hearing, Arriana casually begins to eavesdrop on the two men's conversation.  Draining the blood from young children.... well that was certainly alarming.  And that just might explain why the wolves' were choosing to steer clear of the little village as of late.  And the talk about a Hunter coming to help eradicate this little problem was rather interesting indeed.  A Hunter huh?  With her focus being on the Lycans as of late, she hadn't seen nor heard about the presence of a "blood sucker" in the town until just now.  But if this problem was in need of actual professional assistance then perhaps the situation in the town was more dire than she thought.  Once the gentlemen finished with their conversation, Arriana focused back onto her drink and took a quiet sip.  Well, she didn't have anything else to do this evening, so she decided to stick around and see just what a real professional blood sucker Hunter looked like.  And perhaps also see whether or not this so called Hunter truly looked capable of protecting her town*
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((You’re very much welcome, oh also Um would be alright if I draw Red? Once I’m not busy lol you’re not alone in that, there’re maybe a lot of people who think that as well. Which it sucks if you ask me lol))


The sound of heavy pair of horse hooves could be heard throughout the empty streets of Littleport. As Lucas was looking all around the area for any sight of life that’s awake at this late at night; he soon let out a small tied sign seeing her was basically riding toward Littleport all day.  In a few hours it wasn’t long until the hunter saw some light in the midst of darkness, plus he could also hear the sound music and people talking alongside with some laugher in the mixes. “Ah, that’s what I was looking for….” The hunter said to himself, afterward he made his steed moved closer toward the Tavern. Once he was close enough to the Tavern, Lucas soon dismount his sold black steed. Before going inside first, he wanted to get his weapons, mostly his Longsword. That was been held from the saddle thinks to it sheath and the strap…

Meanwhile inside of the Tavern, the very same sell-swords from before turned their heads toward the door, once hearing four pairs of heavy horse hooves coming closer toward the building. Thanks to the windows being slightly opened, pretty much made someone more aware there was a rider outside the building. “Humph, that must be him or whatever….That hunter you were talking about” The older man said toward the lad, which the lad simply was shrugging his shoulder in a reply gesture. “I don’t know, until the person comes in….Then we’ll know if it’s that hunter or not….”  The lad finally spoken after his gesture.  “Ugh, who else could it be in this time of night...?” The senior solider was showing he was getting a little irritated from his companion stupidity right now. “Jeez, someone needs more Ale...” The lad said with any small chuckle before ordering themselves some more drinks.

In that very same moment, the front door of the tavern soon swings open and along with a person behind it standing there for a bit, couldn’t really tell what this stranger looks like since the dark was hiding their appearance from the folks inside. But that’s until they started too walked in more inside to show who this person really looks like: The person was definitely male who was standing about 6’2 tall, with long jet black hair, a nice thin looking beard along with a long scar on it as well. Wearing a long hat that is slightly tilting downward that was hiding any strange looking eye-patch; while the other eye was blue showing he has blue eyes. The clothing he is wear is any black a bit rip up teach coat, along with black and what tie, with a vest on that has any watch chain going across it. On Lucas waist and legs he was wearing black trousers with a straps that going across his hips showing he maybe have fire-arms. Along on his back people eyes could see he has a Longsword may be made of silver and with a rifle as well.

A few minutes more Lucas was looking around the place noticing a young woman wearing a bright red cloak that seem to be out of place around these people. But he also did notice that people were staring at him as well for a couple of seconds before going back to what they were doing...Lucas quietly walked toward the bar and taking a seat that’s a couple seats away from the young woman in the bright red cloak. Once the hunter took a seat, he orders a mug of Ale. Before asking questions from the bartender.

HuggableRogue's avatar
(Sure, if you'd like to draw Red then you are more than welcome too :3)

*After about ten minutes more on waiting for this Hunter to show up, Arriana finally hits the bottom of her drink and now seriously contemplates giving up on this little stakeout and just going home.  But no sooner had she set down her empty mug when the front door to the Tavern swings open and suddenly all of the patrons grow quiet.  Judging from the deafening silence that had suddenly fallen over the previously lively hall, Arriana guesses that the long awaited stranger has finally shown up.  And when she turns her head slightly to glance over in the direction of the door, her previous guess is definitely confirmed.  Standing in the doorway was definitely someone who hadn't traveled through their town before.  And from the way he was suited up head to toe with weapons it was clear he wasn't simply here for a drink and a good time.  When he starts to approach the bar, Arriana turns her gaze down to the countertop, not wanting to make it obvious that she was watching him.  Though he was probably already getting that vibe from nearly everyone else in the Tavern as their gazes followed his every step as he walked up to the counter.  But once he takes a seat everyone begins going about their business again, with the exception of a few hushed tones most likely gossiping over the mysterious stranger that had just walked through the door.  As the man begins throwing out questions to the bartender, Arriana dares to glance over in his direction again and begins to notice a couple of more things about him.  Mainly the silver longsword in his possession.  The sight of it was enough to send an immediate small chill down her spine.  Thankfully though, this hunter wasn't here for her so she could breath a sigh of relief for once.  Checking out the rest of his gear, she could tell that he had definitely come prepared for this mission of his.  He certainly didn't seem like a mere amateur, but she knew that all those weapons weren't going to mean squat if he didn't have the skill to back it up with.  Especially against some blood sucker running rampant in their streets.  Either way, it seemed like the normally sleepy Littleport was going to be seeing some action tonight.  Whether it be the daring slaying of a murderous creature wrecking havoc on their town or the ultimate demise of the random stranger come to town.  But one thing was for sure, Arriana wanted to be sure to get a front row seat for the "show".  Which ever way things ended up panning out, things were about to get very interesting around here.*
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(Oh! Sweet. I'm thinking of something to draw her lol which I maybe have some ideas around ^^) 

Once the mysterious huntsman sat down at the bar a few stools away from the young lady who’s wearing the bright blood-colored cloak. Lucas was waiting very patiently for that single large-sized tankard that was filled with nice icy Ale; that he had ordered before sitting down. At that same moment the middle-aged barkeep behind the bar only give the stranger a single nod, then shortly began to make his drink for him. While the hunter kept waiting, he didn’t notice that the young woman was glance over to him. But that’s when his eye-patch started to give out any small dull light making the bizarre looking writing on it to only glow slightly; what this was actually doing was studying the woman who had glances over to his direction. However has soon it quickly begins, it immediate vanishes. Before anyone else notice it or have a quick glaze of it or they didn’t even know what that was at first….

It wasn’t that long of waiting for the barkeep to come back with huntsman drink, which made Lucas face full of content once seeing the sight of the cold alcoholic beverage that was laying on the counter-top, buuut before he takes a drink or even a small slip of his refreshment despite being thirsty from the long-distance journey from the Steampunk city to this little old town, Littleport. Lucas wanted to give the barkeep some few questions, mostly are about where to find this family house since they didn’t really write it down only said they lived at Littleport. And how can he find them, so he thought it was a perfect place to ask. Before the middle-aged bartender could even turn around and walked around, the huntsman stopped by asking him if he could spare some more of his time to look at the letter he brought with him.

“Um, sure. Could you hand me that letter that you mentioned? And maybe I can be more helpfully Mr. Hunter…” The barkeep asked the hunter, and glaze was looking upon toward the hunter, once he spoken to the mysterious stranger. Which the only respond that was given to him was any simple nod and with a narrowed eye, before handing the middle-aged mans the letter; that was sent to him by a courier from the worrisome family of Littleport. He didn’t have to wait long until the barkeep shows him where the house was on the map, which he brought out before these spoken words had started. As the two men talked in a mumble talk, “Ah, this be the Gibbs house. I could tell by the hand writing there, in that letter of yours.” The middle age man from behind the bar spoken instant but to his normal tone; in the finally statement. At very same-time the barkeeper was pointing out the direction and marking it on the map for the huntsman to follow;  at the same time Lucas moved his black coat slightly enough to reveal one of his revolvers; that was probability armed with
coated silver bullets. Which can only see where the young woman wearing the red cloak. Of course he didn’t do it as a gesture of any terrorizes or any indicates in that type of nature; it was merely a movement to placing his hands against his hips…. All at once Lucas was nodding, looking and listening to what the man in-front of him was saying.  “Oh, now I can see it, think you for the help….sir” He said with a bow to the head toward him, before pulling the map back in his pouch belt that’s perhaps made of wolf-skin or even deer/elk-skin. Shortly afterward the huntsman then quickly as possible drinks his mug of Ale, and places it on the counter-top but not without causing an audible “Thud” sound. Before started to walk back to the front door of the tavern, Lucas did notice the lovely gentleman patrons were looking back at him; until he left the place.  Now outside the hunter looking up toward the sky and sigh a bit, afterward the stranger began to walk upward. But awhile he was walking there was a black hound rights next his dark steed watching him carefully. 


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Awesome lady, girl. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Thank you very much! :meow:
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Would you like to see my drawings in my gallery?
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wooooooooooooooow. awesome
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Ironic. I actually have my own take on this particular fable myself. Mine's about Red Riding Hood growing up into a badass hunter of werewolves ten years after she lost her beloved grandmother to one. 😀
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Yeah it seems kind of par for the course for people to turn little Red into a wolf hunter of sorts.  But that's because she makes for a really awesome wolf hunter >u>
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I know, right? They did it with Hansel and Gretel, they did it with Jack and the Beanstalk (kinda), so why not give other fairy tales their own little modern twist? Heck, make the Pied Piper run a pest control business. That'd be badass, wouldn't it? 😀
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Pied Piper's Pest Control.  I like it XD
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