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  • Reading: The Idiot - Fyodor Dostoevsky
Oh by the way, I'm back....

Touched down in the states and suddenly OMG COLLEGE STUFF GOTTA PLAN WHOOPSIES!
Good news came first though, because I found out I won't need any federal loans as my scholarships and GI benefits will cover a huge bulk of the costs. So yay. Now I just pray that I don't suddenly change majors. C:
Or you know... decide that I want to get a job as a translator and have to find a college that actually offers German. :I

-But wow. Ireland man. I'm moving to the Ring of Kerry and you can't stop me.
Finally got to see the Book of Kells. yuuuuuuussssssssssssssssss I think I was the only person in the group excited about a super old book. No one appreciates art I swear. >.<
It's not even art.
It's beyond art.
Plus the Trinity College Library. Oooh, there was a near occasion of tears.

-I loved Killarney. And Bath. And Stratford. Basically all the little places.
Dublin? Scary as hell. Edinburgh? Even scarier. London? PackmybagsI'mleavningnopenopenope.
I had no idea just how big London was. I thought ROME was big.... I was not aware until this trip that you can fit Rome, Madrid, and Paris all inside London.
Okay, Dublin was okay after walking around for a good long while. Edinburgh was just depressing because of how many homeless people there were. Bought this one man a sandwich both days we were there. And London was just too damn big. I kind of was getting a hang of the Tube after a while, but akndjdsakjfbhbkjf.
Got to see In the Heights in London though, so that was pretty damn cool. My friend and I also went to the British Museum while everyone else went shopping |:I which was cool... I mean, ancient cultures aren't really my thing, but we did find a tiny section of German art soooo.. totally worth nearly getting lost trying to find the museum in the first place.

-Another point, as a horse owner, I was VERY pleased with how the cart horses were kept over there. In Florence, Italy, I saw some cart horses and they were just droopy, all skin and bones, dirty..... whenever we saw cart horses over in Ireland or the UK, they looked perfectly healthy and clean, so I was one happy horse lover.

-Alright, Ireland must be some hot spot for German tourists because I counted five I think, five different German tour buses in one day over there, and all the stuff in the hotels was written in English and German.

-Stonehenge man. Stonehenge. That's a damn cool pile of rocks. And it does not feel real standing next to them. Nope.

Ooohmygoodness so pretty. And it just goes on forever. It never ends.

-Ireland... what is it with you and knitting sweaters for trees, poles, and fire hydrants? Blarney castle, I'm looking at you....

-I had no idea John Cleese lived in Bath until I was outside the Royal Crescent, watching out tour guide's adorable daughter doing cartwheels. "Oh by the way, John Cleese lives there." PPPFFFFWHAT?! HERE?! IN BATH?! CHRIS, YOU LIVE NEAR JOHN CLEESE?!

-Shakespeare's hoooooouuuussseeeee!!!

-Our tour guide, Chris, is a published author and poet, and I will do a journal to feature his fb page later, because he is a very talented and witty man and is just so dang precious, he deserves your love, or at least to have his stuff checked out.

-I literally bought nothing but books and honey, and then took sugar cubes from our restaurant tables for Dayne. Already gave him two. I am best human.
But there was this bookshop in Bath doing this deal on all of these classics and I got these huge stinking books for 5 pounds total. I was so pleased.

-I was also blown away by people in my age group. Our 20 something group was paired up with 20 something from California and 8 or so from Oregon. The group from California, plus three of our own, were the reason American tourists get such a bad name. I could not believe that anyone would pay so much money to come over, get drunk, do drugs, flirt with guys, and just be an altogether disrespectful bunch of loud mouthed teens. I'm going to guess they didn't save up and pay for it themselves, the way they were acting.
Oh well. Their loss I guess, but it did make the trip pretty miserable for the people that actually cared about the places we were going...

-Anyways, lots of castles, lots of gardens, hell of a lot of sheep, and lots of stone fences.
Loved it. Wish it hadn't been in such a big group, but I did love it, and am determined to get back to the Kerry mountains somehow..... Untitled by HugaDuck

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~~ Kyra
Grimmijaggers Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016  Student General Artist
My school is literally half an hour or less from Bath :'D 
KnightsofColumbus18 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016  Student Artist
Welcome back and nice pictures! :)
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