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Zoo Development by HugaDuck Zoo Development by HugaDuck
Ah, Zoo. Another one of my IZOCs who started from the bottom and is now a main XD

~~Plot Importance
:bulletred: Zoo's one of my favorite characters for many reasons, one being that he was originally just a requested sona I did for someone on my track team. I stuck him into I think was my 2nd revision of TEW, and slowly, he just grew on me and I kept giving him more and more importance to the plot. Another big factor to Zoo's development would be the introduction of Snik, another requested sona who was put into TEW. They really played off each other and contributed to each other's character growth, giving them deeper backgrounds and emotions and fleshing them out to be full persons.
The 3rd big factor in Zoo's development would be my creation of my original character, Zane Hurst, who is actually a complete 'rip-off' of Zoo. They even wear the same outfits. Zane and the 'White Roses' story line is largely based off of Zoo's interactions and his side of the story within TEW, just in a different setting. Zane really helped give Zoo more depth, because I paralleled things that happened to him with things that happened to Zoo, and vice versa.

--Zane has actually made a bit of a comeback after a long absence from my gallery. This is actually because I recently watched a movie in which one of the main characters practically screamed 'Zane' in every way. Reminded me of his existence and I ended up doing a little doodle with him, Now I can't stop. So, go give him some luvs if you would XD --

:bulletred: Aside from the totally different outfit, Zoo's looks haven't changed that much. Same basic antenna design, same eye color (though my new style of doing them gives them more of an orange tint) same skin color and he still has the tattoos.
:bulletred: as for Zoo's outfit, granted it's not exactly 'canon-Irken' he's not exactly a 'supporter of the Empire.' The main reason I don't change it is because it just compliments his personality. Plus fedoras are amazing. He also often wears shades, but I didn't add them in here.

FUN FACT: the person whom I made him for originally had named him 'ZhouZhou' (zoo-zoo) but I changed it to Zoo for, 1) easier to pronounce and 2) 'Zoo-Zoo' sounds like a girl's nick name...
:bulletred: Zoo's personality hasn't changed a lot. But he's also one of my 'dynamic' characters and changes through out the story.
--:bulletred: Part 1 of TEW, he's more of a gambler. Doesn't really care about anyone else and is just out for adventure and to cause trouble for everyone.
--:bulletred: By Part 2, he's lost quite a lot and becomes more of an angry man out for revenge. He gets very serious, though he's still not very caring of others around him.
--:bulletred: However, he goes through another change in Part 2 when he rescues O'Keelan. This causes him to soften up quite a bit, work to shut down his drinking problems and fuel his anger and sadness to fight for the good of others instead of his own personal revenge.

Zoo- :iconpicklejelloz:

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jurek1236 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
Much more classy this time~ Again big reformation for me, of course on better, keep it up C:
MaliForger894 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student Filmographer
The new Zoo looks displeased by the old one. X3
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I know I am.
dappeltail Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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