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Zane Redesign (Again) by HugaDuck Zane Redesign (Again) by HugaDuck
So after trashing White Roses I felt like I needed to revive the characters in some way, shape, or form. The cast for that story line contains some of the oldest characters I have and didn't feel right to just leave them in the dust.
So I started working on a new story line that takes the WR characters and brings them back to personalities and designs closer to their original versions as Invader Zim fancharacters. I'd debated between a futuristic/sci-fi setting to fit more with TEW and this 20s Italian mobsters AU I'd played around with, Sci-fi won, but I'm trying to bring in some 20s/30s feel and elements from the AU.
 I've been doing a lot of development on this story line and once I get some things together, am excited to work more with it. Buuuut at the same time, I'm still doing a lot of development for The Damned and Politically Incorrect so progress is questionable. XD

Oh my goodness.
My poor baby Zane.
I think one of my biggest problems as to why I couldn't do much work developing WR was because he was the main character, and I destroyed the personality he had in my IZ fanfiction, The Enemy Within. In WR, he became grayscale, broody, depressed, antagonistic and altogether dislikable. I mean, towards the end of TEW, Zoo became pretty down trodden as hisgirlfriendgotkilled, but he still retained his light hearted ass-holeness.

--So to bring Zane back to where he began, he's got his old personality back, AND the story starts out similar to TEW, with Ivory(Snik in TEW) alive, but getting killed towards the end which brings out a bit of Zane's darker side. He's once again, a notorious jokester who throws slang around like candy in a parade and doesn't really have too many cares. Think Dodger from Oliver and Company but 3x more obnoxious. 

-- Put red back into his color scheme. It's just not Zane if there's no red.

-- The fedora and suspenders are back!! *cue Ivory driving him insane, snapping his suspenders over and over again*

-- Brought the tattoos that Zoo had and applied them to his human version. I had originally transferred them by just making his eyes really dark, but I figured, whattheheck, let's throw the tattoos back on.

-- Officially the best design for his hair ever. Gave him a man bun because WHY NOT. I can also say, "well, it resembles how Zoo's antennas curled back at the ends," but that was an afterwards realization

-- He's got his motorcycle back. I just need to design it. |8U

--Rather than being just an angsty vagabond with gang history (WR) he's up to trouble again as in (TEW) and his pretty much a "professional larcenist." He'd steal anything for you, as long as you pay him enough...

-- And he's obsessed with Billy Joel songs again. Which makes a lot more sense now that he's actually human. :I

Hopefully will get the gumption to do more work with this story line. I literally developed about 3 months worth in a few weeks, though it was partly because I've been pulling elements from 3 different versions of these kids' story and piecing them back together so it will actually function well.

Zane Hurst - :iconpicklejelloz:
HPNerd-ALS Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016
Great work =D
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! -u-
HPNerd-ALS Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016
np =D
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