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Yaz Development by HugaDuck Yaz Development by HugaDuck
WELL, you can tell the picture on the LEFT is one of the FIRST DRAWINGS OF YAZ because IT'S NOT EVEN SCANNED IN!!

~~Plot Importance
:bulletpink: Yaz is my first IZOC. My original fanfic was about her and her SIR, Ritz. Then later, TEW came about, in which she remained the main character for revisions 1 and 2. On the 3rd revision, Krei started becoming more and more important to the plot and she got pushed back a little. I took a break from my IZOCs after a while and came back with a single picture of Krei. From then on, he grew more popular, and Yaz kind of dropped off to the back of all my IZOCs. In TEW now(#4), she's been reduced to a side character. Not even one of the really big side characters either. She still has her moments of importance, but I never draw her anymore, and I doubt people would recognize her if I did draw her. XDD

:bulletpink: eyes are a more darker pink now.
:bulletpink: Antennas/skin color still basically the same
:bulletpink: Still has her little symbol. (when I first made her, everyone called it a swastika)
:bulletpink: Shown in her uniform, but has a few different casual outfits, all red/pink based in color.
:bulletpink: Boot buckles and stripes have managed to survive all the changes with just a shape and color switch.

--ho boy here we go. Bring out the Sue police!!--

:bulletpink: As she was my first IZOC.....
:bulletpink: Began as a- (can you guess?) INVADER  oooooooooh!!! Who'd have thought?? And yes, what-do-you-know, she was on Earth. But oh-hooo no, she wasn't trying to take over it! she was on... VACATION!! *shot several times then corpse burned*
:bulletpink: Is now a weapons designer for the forces fighting the Draxelainians. (part of my huge cannon on the Empire's creation and past)
:bulletpink: First version of her was a snippy sarcastic and no-nonsense type of gal, but now she's a heck of a lot nicer and always looks for alternatives before using violence. (although she's a talented fighter and has really good aim)
:bulletpink: I used to ship her with Snook, but she's not a true defective, and that would have placed her by my standards in the red zone
:bulletpink: while she's not a true, full blown defect, she's against the Invasion plan. Moslty due to her loyalty to her friends, and as many of them are defects and a few of them, vortains, she feels the need to side with them.

Yaz- :iconpicklejelloz:

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January 3, 2014
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