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White Roses - Zane Reference by HugaDuck White Roses - Zane Reference by HugaDuck

Full Name:  Zane Jonathan Hurst
Age:  26 years
D.O.B:  July 10th
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 152 lbs
Religion: Agnostic



Zane was born into a broken family, with an alcoholic father and a mother who took his abuse without a word against it. He and his older brother later became the subjects of the abuse as well, causing his brother to leave the family behind, heading north where the situation was better. ((White Roses setting is post-war, and takes place several years after it has ended. Much of the southern and eastern parts of the States are in total wreckage.)) A few years later, when Zane had turned 17, he made the decision to follow in his brother’s course of action, only instead of heading north, Zane went father to the east, attracted by the dark and lawless atmosphere of the war-torn regions. He left his home in the middle of the night, with money stolen from his father and the gun his brother had taught him to shoot before he’d left.

Zane spent most of his time at this point in his life moving from place to place, occasionally joining a group of people with the same ideas in mind, then backing out before any commitment could be established. Along the way, he picked up several skills and tools that shaped him into a person able to steal from right under one’s nose and if caught, could wriggle out of difficult situations. He knew well how to take advantage of people, how to manipulate them and get what he wanted. The longest he stayed in any one place was a year spent in a particular town where he’d spent his time learning to play piano at a local bar, taught by a man who’d Zane set out to get the best of, but ended up befriending.  It was there that he first attempted at making an honest living and discovered a more congenial side to himself. However, the road always pulled at him, and Zane was soon back to hopping on and off trains and sneaking through the wrecked streets of once great cities.

Eventually, a cargo train brought him to the city of Baleston, a massive, concrete landscape riddled with half-standing skyscrapers and dilapidated metal and brick structures. Run by a powerful group that called themselves Black Widow, it was one of the main central points for the human trafficking web and a dangerous force for the surrounding to reckon with. Zane spent several days on the outskirts of Baleston before wandering in, feeling the need for human interaction that every-so-often crept into him. There, he became well acquainted with a member of Black Widow, and the two had soon gained each other’s respect. Zane’s new friend did his required duty and invited Zane to join the Black Widow, convinced he would be accepted due to his skill set. Unfortunately for Zane, he was at a point where the prospect of staying put for once sounded like a good idea, and he agreed. This later proved disastrous has he became more and more integrated into the workings of Black Widow.

((I will post more information on Black Widow later))

Zane was pretty well respected among the Black Widow members, as well as the people in Baleston. This allowed him to work at a bar in the town, playing their rickety old piano every evening. Everyone knew he was part of Black Widow, but after about a year of working with the gang, Zane had grown a certain level of distaste for the way they ran things, but not to the point that it bothered him enough to leave. Because of this, he did little to assert his power as a Black Widow member over the people and was practically one of them. One could say he had the best of both worlds until he met Ivory Phelps, a girl who’d wandered into Baleston.

She was like Zane in a sense that she was a wanderer with no real goal except to stay alive. She claimed to be passing through, but for reasons beyond Zane, stayed for a prolonged amount of time, returning week after week to the bar, with a purpose he could only assume was to irritate him. She hated the Black Widow and what they stood for, and she made clear to everyone that she hated Zane and figured the city would be better off with him dead, “Along with all of your sniveling, perverted little friends.” However, several run ins during the day and long nights spent bickering with each other, they gained a sort of respect that later evolved into what they had trouble admitting was love. By the middle of Zane’s third year as a Black Widow member, he had developed a strong revulsion for them, fueled by the persuasive morals Ivory held, and had decided at some point, he and Ivory were going to leave, head north and attempt to start a family. However, this wasn’t easy as the Black Widow held a tight noose around the city, which was even tighter when it came to its members.  With a group so large that held so much power, there was no room for leeway and leaving the gang was out of the question. With it being impossible to leave by train as they were heavily surveillance by Black Widow, Zane decided to use the old underground subway passages to get out of the city’s limits. Years of abandonment had left them crumbled, flooded, and a maze, but Zane knew them like the back of his hand, and he and Ivory made a plan to get out by the end of the year.

However, things became tight when Ivory became pregnant, and the day she informed Zane of it, he made the decision to leave that night. The rushed plans surfaced and in the mess, Ivory was killed, serving as a farewell and a warning to Zane.

Completely crushed the disaster and Ivory’s murder, Zane fled Baleston and spent the following year drowning himself with liquor and allowing his health to wither away. He received his wake up call when he ran into another past member of the Black Widow, whom he had known but never been fully acquainted too. She had slipped up and lost her children to the Black Widow, and her story fired up Zane’s pent up rage and set him on the path for revenge that he had sworn at Ivory’s death before falling into despair. Breaking himself away from his drinking habits and working himself back to his past strength, he sneaked back into Baleston, hanging around the outskirts, learning all he could about the present situation within before entering.

White Roses story line begins there, with Zane having just stepped into the threshold of Black Widow territory. After a secret visit to his old friend at the bar he played at, he stumbles across an 11 year old boy, born into Baleston’s trafficking system and thrown out in the streets as he was on the verge of death. Zane’s pity gets the best of him, and he takes him back to the outskirts of the city, to a man who recently moved in, and was mentioned by his friend at the bar; a back street apothecary who was said to do his work free of charge. His initial plan was to leave the boy there and return to the mission at hand, but the man, Koty, convinces him to stay until he knows for sure whether the boy will live or not. He’s once again held back from leaving when it’s sure the boy will live, his own concern keeping him in place to help, and then again, when he realizes the responsibility he now has to him. Calling him Ian, Zane becomes his adopted father and a huge road block is thrown in his way. His plot for revenge is no longer the most important thing in his life. He stays too long with Koty though, and word of his presence in Baleston gets to Black Widow and they burn down Koty’s home as punishment for housing Zane. The three are forced to leave, and Zane guilty for what happened to Koty, is adamant on helping him find a new place to stay. Koty’s heard word of a government funded relief group stationed on the border of Baleston, and suggests they go there for help. Zane is reluctant, but with Ian under his care, knows he can’t just think about himself anymore, and doesn’t want to leave Koty to seek them out by himself, so he agrees to go. Upon reaching the team is where the main bulk of White Roses begins, and more details will be explained in other bios~~


Other Details:

-Has a piercing in his left ear.

-Tattoo on right shoulder is the Black Widow that all members of the gang have.

-Tattoo on left shoulder is the lines of a rose, which he got when he and Ivory dedicated themselves to each other.

-Zane tends to be rather expressionless with hooded eyes and keeps idle thoughts to himself. When he speaks, it’s usually in a snippy manner, and he doesn’t bother himself with worrying about offending anyone.

-He considers no one a friend, not even Koty. He feels obligated to help Koty in return for what he did for him and Ian, but will not accept being called a friend. The only person who Zane shows his more soft, friendly side to is Ian, and even there, his sarcasm and bluntness seeps through.

-He is deathly afraid of water. It’s an irrational fear that never had a real trigger, but he can’t swim, and refuses to, and doesn’t like the rain.
((Best explanation is that Zoo, whom his character is taken from, was Irken, and his skin burned at contact with rain. :U ))

-Has a high tolerance for alcohol. ((Though if he challenged McCarthy, he wouldn't stand a chance))

-Zane is “Apocalypse Proof.”  His experiences have hardened him to be able to deal with most terrains and temperatures. He also does not get sick easily and powers through pain.

-On my list of “Characters you don’t want to mess with” Zane ranks #3. (1st is Erebus, 2nd is McCarthy.) He’s best with a gun when he can work from long range, but is pretty crafty in hand-to-hand as well, however, he prefers not to get that close. In situations where he feels caught, he’s good at making escapes.

-Zane houses surprising artistic talent, and given a pencil or a paint brush, will willingly create detailed floral designs, either blissful or sinister.

-He can’t read very well at all, and gets frustrated when presented with written material.

-Has no class whatsoever. He is literally the epitome of "no class."

-Even in her death, Zane is completely devoted to Ivory and will never enter a relationship with another woman.  Ian is the only person he will consider family.


Theme Songs Include:

The Cave- Mumford&Sons
Heaven- O.A.R.
You’re Gonna Go Far Kid- The Offspring
Piano Man- Billy Joel
Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men
Needing/Getting – OK Go
River of Dreams- Billy Joel

Wooh! That was a lot to type and that’s just everything before the REAL HELL breaks loose in WR!! XP
I also have Koty’s reference pic finished, but there’s no way I can type up all his info tonight, so maybe tomorrow night, I’ll have that posted. Then whenever I can find time, McCarthy is next on the list. <3

Fun Fact: Zane lost three inches since I last did a bio page for him. Last time he was 5’11’’. What a shorty. *says the person who’s 5’*

So yeah, Zane has color now! Yaaaay! Kind of went back to his first human design with some of his aspects. The most recent Zane design was more heavily taken from Zoo’s B&W outfit. He also lost the suspenders, but that’s okay, because I finally figured out where he can keep his gun! X’D Whoever came up with the shoulder holster was a genius. Leather jacket present AS ALWAYS because if there's no leather jacket, it's NOT Zane. |:I 


If the picture is too dark, let me know. My screen seems to be waaaay different from everyone else’s and I work at max brightness.


((If you read all that, have a whole d@#%* plate of cookies.))

Zane, Ivory, Ian, Koty, Black Widow, White Roses - :iconpicklejelloz:

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