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White Roses - Koty Reference by HugaDuck White Roses - Koty Reference by HugaDuck

Full Name:  Koty Francis Bernard
Age:  33 years
D.O.B:  January 2nd
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 176 lbs
Religion: Roman Catholic



Koty grew up in an independent, isolated town, Garrens. To its far west was Baleston, and to its east, another city like it. However, the two powerhouse cities had left the people of Garrens alone, and they felt no threat from them.

Garrens was the ideal collectivist society. Everyone had a job that contributed to the community and there was no form of currency. People did what they had to do to survive and supported each other. Garrens was based strongly in agriculture, no electricity, and had only a few connections with other towns, only engaging in enough trade to get what they needed. The values were rooted in family and community life, cautious towards outsiders, for fear of something destroying their town. The community consisted predominantly of Christian denominations, Koty himself being a Roman Catholic.

Koty was born to a family of bakers, getting from them a love and skill for cooking. From his aunt and uncle, he learned the trade of healing through herbal means and as a teen, struggled with which path he wanted to peruse. In his free time, he loved helping train young horses, brought all the stray cats home, and learned several folk dances, though it took a lot to work up the courage to actually ask a girl to dance with him at community parties.

An only child, Koty shared a deep connection with his parents, and fully engaged himself to helping around the house. As he never fell in love, he never left his parents home to build a house for himself and his wife, as was tradition. Thus through his teens to his young adult life, he never faltered in devotion to his family, but was notoriously the bachelor of Garrens. The unfortunate thing was, was that Koty was terribly awkward around girls, stammering his way through sentences and becoming a total klutz. Because of this, he was in no hurry to go make a fool of himself in front the girls he secretly wanted to talk to and sat back and watched all of his chances slip away.  Instead he buried himself more deeply into apothecary studies and had more conversations with the stray cats than he did anyone else.

Life was carrying on as such, and he was content with it until the ruling power from the city to the east of them attacked Garrens. To the people, the attack was unprovoked and unexpected; however the attackers had their reasons. Garrens may have been a small community, but the ideals and values they had were beginning to spread due to their trade connections, and in fear of having any of their people tainted by them, the power in the east wanted it rooted out. Garrens’ trade connections were also not with the particular city, but with one near by it, and as it usually goes, they wanted that stopped as well. For this and a few other motivations, Garrens was burned to the ground and the people living there killed or sold into the trafficking system that ruled the region. Every direct member of Koty’s family was killed, leaving him by himself. At 30 years old, he could certainly take care of himself, but he was a person who relied heavily on family.

In an effort to find somewhere to stay, he wound up on the outskirts of Baleston, taking shelter in an abandoned house. He didn’t mean to stay, but during the few times he’d ventured out and around, he’d run into people who were sick or injured. His time studying natural remedies paid off and he was able to be of help to them. Eventually people mentioned him to others and among the outer ring of Baleston, his name became known as someone willing to help a hand. Realizing he could be of greater help, Koty decided to make his new home in Baleston, keeping just outside the limits so not to be bothered by the ruling power, Black Widow, but close enough to help those in need. He did his work in return for whatever could be offered as payment, be it food, supplies, or just the satisfaction of being of help.

This new existence took him a while to get used to, as he Garrens had been so strongly rooted in community and now he was practically living as a monk. He soon adapted to the quiet and solitude, though he also developed recurring nightmares and had trouble falling asleep.

Koty’s new life was later turned upside down when he received a visitor late one night. He’d been jarred out of a light doze by persistent knocking at his door, and when he opened it, came face to face with Zane Hurst, former Black Widow member, holding the emaciated body of an 11 year old boy he’d picked up off the streets. Koty was launched into a panicked state as he put all of his knowledge to the test, trying to keep death at bay, and by the end of the night, was still not sure if the boy would make it or not. As soon as things had calmed down, Zane was headed for the door, but Koty was almost desperate to keep him around, playing every card he knew; attempting to guilt trip the younger man for just leaving him with the boy, offering a night’s shelter from the rain outside, playing off of the possibility that Zane had an inch of concern for the boy, and underneath it all, just tones of flat out begging. He managed to convince Zane to stay for at least a night, but in the morning, when the boy hadn’t died, he once again asked Zane to stick around and give him a hand, to which Zane also reluctantly agreed.

Koty’s fear of being left with a child, (who they now called Ian)  that he had no idea with what to do with was dispelled as Zane grew more attached to him. It was later decided that whenever Ian no longer needed Koty’s help in recovery, Zane would take him with him. The plan was destroyed, however, when Koty’s home was burned to the ground by Black Widow, upon learning that Zane was staying with him.

Once again forced out by fire, Koty found himself needing to start anew. With both him and Zane on Black Widow’s kill list, and Ian needing somewhere stable to recover, Koty suggested seeking out a government funded relief team that was stationed just outside of the city. Zane agrees, and thus proceeds the main bulk of the White Roses story~~


Other Details:


-Koty is a stammering, tongue tied klutz who has great ideas and deep thoughts but is never able to express them through words. The fact that he spent so long in solitude when he came to Baleston does not help him as he tries to readjust to conversation later in White Roses.

-When Koty’s nervous, he has a tendency to pull on his scarf or bite his lower lip.

-Family is super important to Koty. All he wants is to be able to settle down and start one. This desire in him is especially strong as he’s lost all of his own.

-Koty is a lucid dreamer, as well as plagued with night terrors that keep him up all night or wear him out. Because of his, he’s permanently over tired.

-He is a strangely sensitive man, who tends to not have much of a backbone. However, if put in a situation where it is necessary for him to take charge, he can usually step up to the plate.

-Koty has a lot of mass behind him, but he’s an awful fighter and his best chance is to dodge and run. He does tend to accidentally hurt people though.

-Loves tea. He knows how to brew all kinds of herbal remedies and his favorite tea is chamomile.

-Koty possesses a talent for cooking and baking, though if presented with the opportunity, he may be a little rusty, given how long it’s been since he’s been able to use his skills.

-He is a cat person….Like, the kind of cat person who head bops kittens, takes in all the strays, and has cat hair permanently woven into his clothes.

-The scarf is one of the only things he has left from his family and he’s always wearing it.

-Koty hates fire. HATES IT. He only lights candles when it’s absolutely necessary and keeps all flames under close surveillance.

- Ends up falling in love with Kat Mitchells, a member of the relief team.

-Kyra tends to dreamily imagine him dancing with Kat to Why Don’t We Just Dance by Josh Turner when she’s in her strange fluff moods. <3  


Theme Songs Include:

Death to My Hometown- Bruce Springsteen
Be Calm- fun.
Little Ghost- The White Stripes
Would You Go With Me?- Josh Turner
Hopeless Wanderer- Mumford&Sons
Soldier- Gavin DeGraw
Every Man Should Know- Harry Connick Jr
I am a Man of Constant Sorrow- The Soggy Bottom Boys
Thistles and Weeds- Mumford&Sons



One more reff page down…. A whole bunch more to go… XP

 Once again, if it's too dark let me know. I know the work I do on my laptop looks totally different on desktops, but I'm still trying to figure out what's too dark on desktops. XP

Changes to Koty’s design? Well, he’s appropriately a lot rattier looking now. I also lowered the saturation of his coat, which I think works a lot better than the blue shade it used to be. His bag is now leather instead of cloth. Uuuuhh. Finally decided to give him the gloves. I used to use them on and off for Krei. Lol, now all that’s left to be transferred over from Krei is the hat. X3


Glitter parties for all willing to read all of that gibberish. XD
Next will be McCarthy whenever I get  the time. Yaaaaaaay.


Koty, Zane, Ian, Kat, Garrens, Baleston, BlackWidow, White Roses - :iconpicklejelloz:

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ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I also really love what you've done with his design. I think you've really captured his character very well, and the detail is amazing.
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, thank you! Yes, I LOOOOVE detail. It's why I can't be a comic strip cartoonist like people keep telling me. I just love little details too much!! Glad to have his "wife's" approval though! X'DDD
ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I know what you mean. I think that's one reason why I can't ever carry a manga through, there's just too much detail I want to do and not enough skill with backgrounds, not to mention the fact that I can't write a story through because I have issues writing fillers.....
ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist


hessuchanawkwarddorkilovekotysoverymuchhhhh <3 <3 <3
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I will murder you if you show up to my house with glitter. >8C

Your love of Koty almost terrifies me. XD
ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

Pfffff hey, I've toned down some..... But he's just.... I dunno, I just love Koty X3
well there are lots of reasons why but still
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