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White Roses - Elias Reference by HugaDuck White Roses - Elias Reference by HugaDuck

Full Name:  Father Elias Gavriel McCarthy S.J.
Age:  35 years
D.O.B:  October 19
Height: 6’2’’
Weight: 185 lbs
Religion: Roman Catholic
Storyline: White Roses, (AU)Aevum



--------Concerning Boston ------ Boston, and its surrounding areas, lies in almost complete wreckage. All that’s left of almost all of the skyscrapers are the metal frameworks and several areas are masses of flattened, tangled rubble. The sky is a permanent shade of grey, smothered by heavy fog. Most of New England lies in a similar state, and is cut off from the rest of the country. Populated areas are small pockets on a map, as most regions have become cities of the dead. Those who continue to live and carry on are hardened and able to endure extreme conditions of freezing weather, lack of food, and a poisoned atmosphere. The populated areas range from ruthless barbarity to small, tightly kept ‘governments.’

The rule of Boston belongs to its factions and the city has large boundaries because of the branching off and claiming new territories that happens often. The factions are family based with three to seven main lines commonly making one up. They are called after the family in current control. Being in a faction is essential to survival in Boston as loyalty to one’s is strong and all not affiliated are considered rivals. Though they’re rivals, there’s a level of understanding that the other is needed. Very rarely does it happen that one faction tries to take over the rest, though there are often alliances or merging of factions.  -------------------------------------------------------------

Elias belonged to the Sheenan faction, formerly the McCarthy faction. ((Previously run by one of the McCarthy family until he was challenged for leadership by a Sheenan after a devastating loss of territory.)) The loss of control of the faction by the McCarthy's was a huge blow to family pride and the respect they used to have been given. Elias' father, William McCarthy, constantly sought to re-gain this lost respect, but ultimately just won more contempt from the other faction members, even those of his own family. However, William wanted to make sure his son helped to build up the McCarthy name and started teaching him how to fight at an early age and making sure he fully understood faction structure. Not that learning combat at a young age was a strange practice, as ability to fight was an essential, but William’s methods were especially ruthless, focusing on close combat with brutal blows and certain tricks that were often considered dishonorable.

Elias’ story really begins when his sister, Briana falls ill. The disease was slowly killing her, and there was nothing that could really be done to stop it, only slow it down. Elias had a very close relationship with Briana and was fully prepared to do anything to help her. He eventually had to, at almost 16 when his father was injured badly, to the point he had to drop out of service towards the faction. Elias was expected to take up the role his father had left, which was a soldier position really, helping to settle disputes, protecting borders and supplies… If he didn’t take up the role, there was the possibility of them being ostracized from the faction as his mother was more concerned with taking care of Briana, and now her husband, and there was not much she could do for the faction. They could easily be left to picked on by neighboring factions, because their home was located right near a border. However, the Sheenan faction had been steadily losing power in the area for the past several years, and Elias has realized it wasn’t looking to get too much better, with the surrounding factions only growing stronger. Thus, he made the decision to offer himself to the Doherty faction, the closest neighboring one.

The Doherty faction took him in, given his skill. This caused him to be disowned by his father, and his immediate family, disowned by the Sheenan faction. The family still had the protection of the Doherty faction though, even with Elias’ father not wanting it. However, Briana was getting what she needed, so Elias wasn’t fazed with being kicked out of his house. He was soon adopted into the inner Doherty family and was able to gain their respect and trust. He made a close knit friendship with the faction leader’s son and wound up in an on and off relationship with a girl.

Skipping forward to when Elias was 18, he and a group of friends broke into the Cathedral of St. Peter the Rock. The cathedral had finished construction a few years before the War had begun and had been built as part of a gothic reconstruction project and mimicked the style used for the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. Throughout the many years that the War had gone on, it had managed to stay standing and was used as a refuge by the people in the surrounding area. With the War over it now stood lonely among crumbled buildings, occupied solely by its appointed bishop, Fr. Nathan Scotts and Atticus Greeves, a man suffering from schizophrenia. Greeves was the reason for the boys’ intrusion, as word of a crazed lunatic hiding in the church had been spread around and curious and bored, they’d come to dig out the alleged person.

Upon entering the Cathedral, Elias was struck to the core by the beauty of its architecture and design and was caught off guard when Greeves, armed with a rifle and provoked by the other boys, came running out to confront his ‘attackers.’ He just about shot Elias when Fr. Nathan ran in and stopped him. Elias fled, but was plagued with curiosity until he finally came back. Offering to board up the window he’d broken getting in, and anything else he could help with as a means of apologizing, Elias began to develop a friendship with the bishop and spent the next year helping out and learning about the faith he’d stumbled upon, eventually converting to Catholicism.

However, Elias’ sister’s condition finally killed her, and Elias, with no more reason to remain in Boston with his faction, decided to leave. He’d been told by Fr. Nathan about a university founded by a group of Jesuits to the west where he could go to get the rest of his questions answered. Elias set off in its direction, along the way meeting Jerrod Cory, a younger teen who was headed the same way, interested in joining the seminary there. Jerry’s talk of his plans planted the first seeds in Elias that would later drive him to join the priesthood himself. Upon reaching the university (and I’ll get into its inner workings later, there’s a lot to its construction, purpose and how it functions), they spent almost a year before they could officially take part in anything, which by then, Elias had felt the call to join the seminary.

Hot tempered and strange to the people there, who had never dealt with someone from the completely War-torn areas before, Elias was hard to get along with, and often got into fights, violated codes and spent a good deal of time in the Reverend Superior’s office. It was not thought that he would last the 12 years of seminary, but his character gradually shifted from resentful and stand-offish to the more light hearted and caring Elias that he is as an adult.

Ordained at 33 years of age Elias had amassed a great deal of teaching and missionary experience. He spent the next year in personal study and the one after teaching astronomy and sacred art at the Jesuit run high school also located on the grounds. His second year of teaching was interrupted when he was sent on a mission to Baleston to be the chaplain of the relief team stationed there, following the death of the previous. The reason behind the decision was based in Elias’ familiarity with war torn regions. He would better understand the situation, and the people they were helping, as well as be able to defend the others on the team and himself.

In White Roses, Elias plays an important role as one who has a lot of say in what goes on within the group. His opinion is heavily respected, though not always agreed with. He desperately wants action to be taken against Black Widow and the human trafficking system in the city. This puts him on awkward terms with Zane, as the two do not get along, but have similar goals. Elias is very close to Kat Mitchells, his first friend among the team and towards the end of White Roses, is shot in the shoulder when he pushes her out of the way.
Elias’ story, like the rest, extends long past the WR story arch, and I have done (and plan to do more) several short stories with him.


Other Details:

-The S.J. at the back of his name indicates that he is part of the Society of Jesus, AKA, the Jesuits.

-Elias’ main line of decent is Irish.

-Yes, he knows river dance. He’s really stinking good at it too.

-Elias keeps a journal, in which he plans to exchange for one Jerry’s been writing the next time they meet. (BestBros5Evuuuuur)

-During his time in the seminary, Elias earned the nickname, “Augustine,” after the great Catholic saint who was notorious for a reckless and sinful lifestyle before becoming one of the Church’s greatest Doctors.

-He still holds his skills as a fighter, though he only exercises them in self defense when absolutely necessary. He’s killed before, and never wants to again. He’s talented in hand to hand combat, but is best when armed with something. In Boston, his ‘tool of trade’ was a baseball bat studded with nails.

-Elias’ adopted favorite drink is black coffee, but really, when he’s drinking it, he’s thinking about how much he wants a bottle of Irish whiskey.

-He struggles with an attraction to Kat Mitchells, not of lust but of genuine love and respect. However, as a priest, he is vowed to celibacy, and knows in his heart it’s best how it is. He later works to overcome his issue by fully supporting Kat and Koty’s later relationship.

-He has a cat thrust upon him by Koty that he named Judas Iscariot. Upon finding out it was female, he now calls her “Judy.” Elias actually can’t stand cats, but puts up with Judy.

-He is a ‘struck by beauty’ kind of person, who finds God in everything around him, especially in the stars, which he’s completely fascinated by.



Theme Songs Include:

Johnny, I Hardly Knew Yah- Dropkick Murphys
Changing Your Demeanour- The Chieftains
Galaxies- Owl City
Wherever This Goes- The Fray
A Perfect Voice- The Classic Crime
Touch the Sky- Julie Fowlis
I’m Shipping Up to Boston(Instrumental)- Dropkick Murphys
The Dirty Work- The Insyderz
The Run and Go- Twenty One Pilots

Third ref page done!!!

I love McCarthy so much. He’s one of my most developed characters, and was developed faster than any of my other characters. He’s really not that old in comparison to my others. He IS based off one of my IZOCs, (Elias) though it’s almost impossible to tell because of how he’s developed. The main things he pulls from Irken Elias is eye color, being tall, (lol) and nearly dying at the end of the main story line he’s involved in.  He used to have more similarities, but they all kind of…. Withered away. Oh yeah, and I guess another similarity has to do with pants. That’s too much to explain though… maybe some other day.


Concerning his middle name, I’m not sure if that’ll stick with White Roses McCarthy, but for Aevum that is his official middle name.


Random Description feature for :iconcuddlesandhuggles: who did his Irken design that eventually through a long strange turn of events led to this. X’DDD
((Sorry about the notification you’re going to get for me mentioning you, Cudds. You can slap me later.))
(((Gah, I hate the new mention system)))
So ye…. First ever McCarthy, she drew him. WABAM! If you saw the Irken version, you’d all thinking, “How did this even happen?!” I can’t tell you. I swear, look at some of my old IZOCs and their most recent designs. There are really radical character shifts even among them. It’s like I recycle them or something!! \8U
Zane and Zoo though. Same guy through and through. He’ll never change. X’D

Anywhoo, I give my epic-ist of hugs to anyone who actually read all that crap.

Brushes used to do background -…

Elias, Jerry, Nathan, Atticus, White Roses, - :iconpicklejelloz:

ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeeeee *hugs back*

Good grief, I just love McCarthy. He's such an awesome character, and sdghslkdghdfnhdfhdkjtgdrlighndtkh.dn I just can't even begin to describe how amazing he is
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, hugs are okay. Just not glitter. XD
I don't know why I put that in the last one.

I'm so glad. I've invested so much time into this character. Another case of 'side-took-over-my-mains.' Thanks for all your feedback on him and all the others. -u-
ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Fiiiiiiiineeeee, no glitter....

No problem!! My friends' characters tend to be just as important to me as my own >u<
Well, all that you've invested into him has certainly paid off. He is a character with great depth, development, and design <3
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