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Tobi, You Creep by HugaDuck Tobi, You Creep by HugaDuck
Lennard Mies circa early 1950s. Just doing some doodles.

Lennard doesn't do angry. It is an emotion that is highly unwelcome, and he rarely ever is angry. He gets sad, depressed, miserable.... irritated from time to time, but for the rest, he exists in a state of content. He doesn't let things bug him and everything sort of rolls off his shoulders.
But on rare occasions, if he's vulnerable, he can loose his temper. He absolutely hates being angry though, because when he is, he tends to get hysterical and can't express himself very well. With all that energy he has, it explodes when he's ticked off and he's very prone to saying things, or acting in ways he doesn't mean. After an explosion of anger, he's also always completely drained, emotionally and physically. Part of the reason he and Niklas had to split ways, as he was pretty unstable and constantly being set off, causing him to exist in on and off bouts of anger and exhaustion.... which for Lennard, whose ability to function depends on cheer and energy, that wasn't a state he could realistically live in.

Luckily, outside of those few post-war years with Niklas, Lennard rarely looses his temper. He's unhappy a lot of the time, but that generally just results in energy being built up, which he's good about finding ways to expend it, like boxing and dancing, but he's been managing to keep from getting angry... which is kind of both good and bad as he's not just stirring in anger and driving himself into the ground that way, but he completely blocks off the emotion, which of course, isn't healthy.

Tobias Tuchman circa 1945.

He's a creep. A creep with access to gasoline and matches.
He's also incredibly fun to draw. <3

Lennard, Tobias, Niklas - :iconhugaduck:

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