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The Damned-Ulrich Lachner by HugaDuck The Damned-Ulrich Lachner by HugaDuck
Finished the first half of the character designs for The Damned. Wanted to get all my mains figures out in my head. A few of these guys will probably get full blown reference pages later in the future as some come back in Politically Incorrect to wreak more havoc. For now, just some sketchy pages of me trying to figure out how the hell to draw them all.... >.> Also, brief descriptions with few details as I am actively writing this one and don't want to give too much away.


Ulrich Lachner

((I love that name so much))

True antagonist of TD. Bad guy #1. The guy you want dead. Ulrich is a plainclothes-gestapo that is put into place in Akterdau when Chalmar is unable to make adequate progress on his mission. Ulrich has a nasty criminal record that was wiped clean by a simple oath of loyalty to the Führer and the party. He's ruthless and will use any means to get the job done. Chalmar and Ulrich cannot stand each other and are bitter enemies throughout the story. 
Ulrich isn't as sharp as Chalmar, but unlike him, is not so easy to trust and is thus able to see through Florian and gets to the bottom of things long before Chalmar has a chance.

Just a real nasty SOB. >.>

Story, characters- :iconpicklejelloz:

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December 5, 2015
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