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The Damned-Mitzi Chrismier by HugaDuck The Damned-Mitzi Chrismier by HugaDuck
Finished the first half of the character designs for The Damned. Wanted to get all my mains figures out in my head. A few of these guys will probably get full blown reference pages later in the future as some come back in Politically Incorrect to wreak more havoc. For now, just some sketchy pages of me trying to figure out how the hell to draw them all.... >.> Also, brief descriptions with few details as I am actively writing this one and don't want to give too much away.


Mitzi Chrismier
(mit-zee kris-meer)

Mitzi first shows up in the Prologue and becomes more important later in the story. Her husband has been out of country at war for the past four years and she and her daughter Tanja have been struggling to support themselves by means of their family owned Café that was never supposed to be their only source of income.
Mitzi gets to hear all sorts of odd bits and ends about what's going on in Akterdau and the country in general from all the people who come into the Caf
é, but she is terrified of getting into trouble and losing everything, so she does her best to keep her nose out of things and stay neutral on everything going on around her, and when need be, leaning towards the National Socialist party just to be safe. However, she's close with Florian, so inevitably, she is eventually sucked into the mess going on around her and is forced to choose a side.

Story, characters - :iconpicklejelloz:
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December 5, 2015
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