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The Damned: Character Lineup by HugaDuck The Damned: Character Lineup by HugaDuck
Ha, this took me a long friggin' time.

All my kids from TD minus two officers who I need to figure out the ranks off (hence their absence) and I might add Florian's wife, Kerstin later even though she's not suuuuper important, but I felt like I needed to do something about those horrid initial designs in the folder. Augh. Horrid. So I redrew (and drew for the first time) my TD kids. I might use a few of these individually for actual references but for now, this is good.

This is where we start playing the game of find the bad guys.

Or even harder.... Find a good guy. :I
plot twist; there are none

no really, I'm trying to find someone who isn't screwing up in some way or doing something morally questionable and I can't find one. Some are a lot worse than others though, so that gives the moderately questionably characters brownie points.

If it is desired, I can add brief updated descriptions on who they all are and what role they play in the story line, but it no one cares to read all that garbage, I'll just leave as is until I add those two other officers and Kerstin.

*EDIT -- typed up brief descriptions... just need to give the mains official bios tho..

Florian Brandt
Bavaria-borne Florian is the ring leader of a resistance force in Akterdau, Germany. (Fictional city south of Frankfurt am Main) After suffering a head injury in the early conflict years, he was sent home and returned to his life as a mechanic until he was recruited for this even more risky line of work by an old friend, Heinz Karhoff. Acting as a branch of a low key web of rebels, he helps to hide and transport political and racial “undesirables” out of Axis controlled territory.
Florian can be difficult to figure out, displaying a two-faced personality as he juggles friend and foe. He is warm and caring in his general persona, displayed best in setting aside formalities to be a father figure for Lennard, but at the flip of a dime, he can be ruthless and cold, calling shots on who to save and who cannot be saved without undue risks. He uses Chalmar’s trust in their childhood friendship to manipulate him into chasing false leads, struggles with his sense of loyalty to his divorcing wife, and dances around blurred lines as tries to fight the National Socialist party but support his country.

Chalmar Stromann
Albrecht Theodor Chalmar Johannes Stromann is from an upper-middle class Prussian family desperately trying to rise in the social spheres. His family name was disgraced after his father, a PTSD riddled officer, hung himself from grief at the death of his mother to disease. Chalmar now wants nothing more than to bring honor back to his family name and do his father’s memory justice through service to the Reich and to defeat the enemies that crippled their country.
Chalmar has been friends with Florian since they were children, his family temporarily moving to Bayern to be near his father, and unable to return immediately after the war because of his mother’s health. He owes Florian his undivided loyalty after he helped him through darker times in his life, and even after not seeing him for many years, is delighted to find him in Akterdau, completely oblivious to the fact that Florian is in charge of the resistance group he has been sent to dig up and apprehend.
Chalmar, as an Allgemeine officer, reasons that he is fighting a civil war within his country, against groups that seek to topple Germany from the inside. And as he is fighting a civil war, measures of violence and coldness are warranted in his mind. He believes it is his duty however, to protect the innocent and proceeds with matters delicately, often causing him trouble with his higher ups.
Ironically, out of all the characters in TD, Chalmar is the most hung up on his morality. He only acts when he is sure that he is in the moral right, unfortunately, his morality is… questionable.  However, this striving to be morally upright leads to his undoing as more circumstances cause him to begin to doubt his actions.

Niklas Schäffer
Niklas’ favorite color is red. The Communist shade. You wouldn’t know though. Born to a lower-middle class family, Niklas parallels Stromann in an unquenchable drive to overcome his circumstances and rise to his highest potential. He fancies himself as a military officer someday… However, he passed up his chance when after being sent to an elite school, he penned an eloquent, loyalty-driven request that would have put tears in the Führer’s eyes, to return to his home city and fight against the allied bombing raids with his fellow HJ. So, he’s back in Akterdau, training his peers and keeping them in line, helping with incoming children from heavily targeted cities, and keeping his best friend, Lennard, in check. But he’s not satisfied. Niklas’ vision is a fully united Germany, with all who wish to call the country their home, no matter race of origin, religion, gender, ideals, class, etc.. coming together to create a more perfect Germany. Thankfully, he gets picked up by Florian and told to stop talking so much and ‘shut-up-and-join-my-resistance-group-already-before-the-Gestapo-get-you.’ Niklas ends up becoming one of Florian’s most important players, able to get the information Florian needs.
Niklas is kind of great at everything. At least… by the HJ education system that is. He’s a military history nerd, a fantastic writer and speaker, knows how to lead and guide his peers, and is proficient in all things athletic. I’m obviously not hiding anything about the outcomes of this story, and you can go to my “post-The Damned” folder and see what happened to all of that athletic glory.

Lennard Mies
Lenni-boi is the bourgeoisie to Niklas’ proletariat. Dragged into the resistance by Niklas, Lennard doesn’t really have any higher moral or political opinions on the state of his country. He just knows life kind of sucks and he doesn’t like it, so why not be an anarchist. It’s all a bit of a game to him at first, but he gradually becomes more and more unsettled with things as he gets deeper into the work of the resistance group.
Though he LOOKS like a poster boy for the Aryan model, Lennard…. Well he’s not the brightest. Or the toughest, or the most physically strong. Lennard completely fails in the HJ education system. He just doesn’t see the point to what he’s learning, and doesn’t feel the drive to excel in what’s expected of him. He’s able to get into boxing and swimming, and that’s about it. What he really is passionate about is girls and swing music. Cab Calloway is his personal hero…. Granted he has to illegally acquire his records. >.> Lenni is a walking dictionary of American slang and is exceedingly good at swing dancing. He’s also developing a damn gorgeous singing voice.
Lennard is also very, very sensitive, and unfortunately, he takes a lot of verbal abuse from his parents for not holding up their expectations, and just friendly mocking gone-too-far from his friends. He ends up seeking heavy solace in Florian and comes to view him as more of a father to him than his biological one. The effects of years of verbal abuse really only come into play in his story after TD, though. As a young adult, he fights a lot with self esteem issues.

Tobias Tuchman
Having been hidden by his brother when his family was moved from their ghetto, Tobias has been eking out life all on his own for several years, learning how to survive and stay hidden, all while causing as much chaos as possible where he goes. Tobias is the first of the three teens to be “adopted” by Florian and though he’s a valuable asset to have, he tends to cause more trouble than good, wanting to do things his own way and often disregarding orders. He lives in Florian’s house, but given how often he leaves to slink around the city and bring down chaos where he can, he is the cause of more than half of Florian’s gray hairs.
Tobias is a legitimate pyromaniac. He showed signs of possibly being sociopathic as a child and his older brother, Solomon, did what he could to mold his conscious, but with the absence of Solomon and the surrounding circumstances of his life, not only has he been left uncontrolled, but his sociopathic personality was fueled. He has an obsession with fire and literally wants to watch the world burn. He always has a box of matches with him and if it wasn’t for Florian’s controlling hand, he would be actively trying to set everything ablaze.
Tobias has his moments of humanity, generally when he’s emotionally vulnerable but lacks the energy to be angry. His favorite song is Funiculì, Funiculà and he really just wants to see his brother again, though he believes he’s dead.
NOTE:  His name is pronounced “Toh-bee-us” not “Toh-bye-us.” And it’s “Tobi” not “Toby.”

Rebekka Mandler
---Rebekka is in the works and I’m still not sure what to say about her. She’s on Fler’s team though and she’s a crafty little kid who’s seen some shit. Like her mom being shot in front of her… Thanks Stromann.---

Fr. Andrea Sessa
Fr. Sessa is a Vatican priest who’s in charge of finding places for all these refugees to go. He’s Roman through and through, but has mastered a German accent and with the help of Karhoff’s people who know how to fake a few good documents, is able to get around pretty well. Akterdau is his main resting place, being a smaller town, where he hides out when he’s not running around and getting nearly caught and all that jazz.
Fr. Andrea is rarely seen in priestly attire and generally just goes by “Andrea” to reduce risks of being caught. The last thing he wants to do is upset Vatican neutrality, as it’s all the Church has to keep the Nazis out, but even though the efforts of Vatican clergy to aid refugees were very effective, Fr. Andrea has a revolutionary spirit and a reputation for brashness. He doesn’t like his box, and refuses to work in it, despite all the boundaries he’s breaking. He’s helped in Italian uprisings, French resistance, and now is in Germany. His philosophy is, he’s already in trouble, how much deeper can he dig the hole as long as he’s doing good?
Note: The aviators were a gift from an RAF pilot he aided. He wears those things everywhere now, despite them not being popular for civilian use at the time.

Ingrid Dockweiler
Ingrid married a Waffen SS officer who was pursuing her relentlessly after her Jewish fiancé was arrested. She’s not a fan of her husband despite how insanely in love he is with her. She mainly did it for protection. With her husband off fighting, she’s left to her own devices and is one of Florian’s first allies in Akterdau. However, she’s not just Florian’s ally, rather the two are involved in affair.
Ingrid is one of the main information gatherers. Her husband had friends in the Allgemeine who tend to be loose-lipped around their buddy’s wife. A regular ball attendee, she picks up anything from useful gossip to details on planned raids and police movements. Tobias tends to make snide comments to Florian about how “purely informational meetings” between the two of them tend to last a lot longer than one would expect such a meeting to last…. Florian tells Tobi to mind his own business.

Heinz Karhoff
Basically just the head of the organization. He’s not around a lot, living in Munich and only showing up occasionally to check up on his Bavarian friend, Florian. A veteran of The Great War, Heinz is a pacifist who thinks continuing the conflict was a huge mistake and also dabbles in resistance groups that seek to bring an end to the war. He advocates the idea of assassinating the Führer and surrendering to the West before the Soviet Union overruns Germany and destroys them. He doesn’t see eye to eye with Florian in that respect, but Florian turns a blind eye to his other antics and only focuses on aiding refugees.

Mitzi Chrismier
Mitzi is the owner of a café that Florian typically hangs out in. She knows he’s up to something fishy, but given all the help he’s given her since her husband left to fight, she’s willing to return favors as long as she doesn’t have to know what he’s up to. She’s reliable to get him any supplies he needs, patch up a wound without asking, and let him have his coffee for free every other time he comes in.

Tanja Chrismier
Tanja is Mitzi’s daughter who is relentlessly chased by Lennard. After falling for his charms, she gets pulled into the mess towards the end, despite the obvious disapproval of Niklas and Tobias. A minor character in TD, she’s more important to the post-war stories.

Ulrich Lachner
This freaking sick minded bastard is the other sociopathic sadist of the story. A plainclothes Gestapo who hates Stromann’s caution and prefers to come in and get things done as quickly as possible, Lachner is constantly trying to undermine Stromann’s authority and uses Amsel’s displeasure with Stromann’s lack of progress sot weasel his way to the power he wants.
Lachner takes a certain amount of pleasure out of causing others pain, a truly nasty individual who has no real excuse, rhyme, or reason for the way he acts. He doesn’t hold back and will even go to lengths such as waterboarding 17 year old kids I’msorryLennard.
I didn’t give him a peaceful ending.

Leon Amsel
Stromann’s boss. It would just make Amsel’s day if Stromann could give him a clean report, but Stromann just can’t seem to do it. It was his decision to send Stromann to clean up the mess, so he feels the pressure pretty heavily. But, as time passes, Amsel begins to realize that his initial dislike of “do-gooders” like Stromann should have been an indicator to assign someone else to the job.
If I ever kick my ass into writing this thing, it’ll be primarily so that I can write the little angry, mocking speech he gives to a morally conflicted Stromann at the end of the story.

Alise Zimmer
Alise married very young but her first husband died in early conflict. Several years later however, she runs into Chalmar Stromann, who never had time for romance, but after he impresses her with his courage and determination, she chases him down until he finally stops for a moment to think about intimate relationships. They even make it to being engaged. But then, Stromann is moved to Frankfurt. Postponing the wedding, he puts work as his top priority again, and even after she follows him, he becomes so wrapped up in the pressures of his work that she eventually leaves him, realizing that he’s put her off to the side.

all characters- :iconhugaduck:
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Nevareck Featured By Owner Edited Jul 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh I am so happy you did this! I really want to be able to know all these characters.
...if you wanted to give brief descriptions I would read it...

(also I think i'm in love with Tobias's floofy pants??? Tobias himself???)
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Augh cool!! :'U  //I just need to start freaking writing despite that I have no idea where to begin aahahaha//
Smol descriptions are added.

(Tobi's pants are way too much fun for me to draw. :U Glad you like him! He was my favorite design when I first started playing with character concepts.)
ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
My love for that umbrella-wielding dork increases all the time... what a dork

These look great! It's nice to see them colored!
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Umbrella-wielding dork is the dorkiest of all dorks.

Thanks! Some of the colors need edits now that I see them all together, but.... I'm lazy and moody and don't want to open this on PS again because my laptop doesn't like that many pixels on a canvas.
ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes he is. I love him.

AUGH, I totally get that feeling.
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